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  1. More and more likely Troisi's coming here..
  2. Saw this on Twitter. Never heard of the bloke.. or the page where its come from..
  3. The Age reported Victory think they'll lose Troisi since contracts have stalled.. have read us, Wanderers and Adelaide are favourites
  4. Renewed today and got 3 mates to sign up as well!
  5. Again, not sure how true
  6. Congratulations mate!
  7. Don't know how true..
  8. Was said by English media (sky) if I remember correctly, now he resigned.. just connecting the dots
  9. David Moyes.
  10. Chris Herd just got released, thoughts if he came here?
  11. Dino Djulbic has just left Perth, would be happy if we offered him a contract. Thoughts?
  12. Bouzanis Franjic - Tongyik - Jakobsen - Rose Kilkenny - Malik Kamau - Cahill - Colazo Fornaroli Subs: Sorensen, Arzani, Brattan, Fitzgerald, Caceres.
  13. John Terry has announced he's leaving Chelsea at the end of the season. I know there's no hope, but as a Chelsea fan I'd love to see him here.
  14. Commentators said in the match he's off to Scotland.
  15. JVS new head coach of PEC Zwolle