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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Ersan Gulum said that he wants to move to Melbourne next season. What would people think about it? Personally I'd be happy with him here.
  2. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Starting XI Bouzanis Atkinson - Bart - Jako - Jamo Bozanic Vidosic - Brattan Arzani - Budzinski - Fitzy Bench: Galekovic, Delbridge, Kamau, Fornaroli, Lesiotis
  3. Dario Vidosic

  4. Happy new year!

    Happy new year everyone!
  5. Rd 13 vs WSW(away) New Years Day 7.50

    This might have been asked about other games, just wondering if people know any places that will be showing the game? Greatly appreciated.
  6. Dario Vidosic

    Really happy with this signing. Talented player!
  7. Fernando Brandán

    In a Facebook group someone close with Fernando has said he's going back to Argentina this week (Wednesday), so maybe expect an announcement by the club this week.
  8. Rd 11: Sydney FC v Melbourne City, Friday 15 Dec 7.50pm

    Always watch the Alex Jones show every night it's on.
  9. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Also being said that Valkanis is gone.
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Not too sure where to post it.
  11. Feel sorry for Bart, only player that seems to give it all on the pitch. Was sad to see him drop to the ground in tears after the game, but then he still went to the fans after the match for photos. Quality individual.
  12. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    We're going 5 at the back, Brattan dropped with Jamieson in. No Brattan or Kilkenny in the squad.
  13. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Victory at full strength. Milligan, Troisi and Barbarouses in.