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  1. How I'd like to see the starting lineup. Would like to see Genreau next to Brillante as a box to box mid. Bench can change anytime, also wouldn't mind seeing Metcalfe next to Brillante.
  2. Adrian Luna has apparently signed with the club. Waiting to travel to Australia now. Tansfermarkt lists him as a right sided winger, but I've also read that he is an attacking midfielder. Tansfermarkt's value of him is also more than double that of Cabrera, so I'd assume he is a marquee.
  3. Javier Carbrera apparently signing for City. Uruguayan winger.
  4. Not him. He was talking about another guy from the Polish league. Radoslaw Majewski is being reported to be the player.
  5. Strong feeling Bart's going to be/has been re-signed. Reckon it'll be announced in the coming days.
  6. I'd be happy with him as long as he isn't a marquee. International level he might not do heaps, but think he'd be alright in the A-League. Would provide more than Florin did on the wing.
  7. My email to the club after reading he's most likely getting an extension. Yes I may not have written it great, and may have missed a few things, but I hope it gets the point across. To whom it may concern, I've supported this club since I can just about remember, throughout the Melbourne Heart days until now. I've been a member for years, not missing one game as this club became something I loved, but as of right now, I don't think I'll be able to say the same thing come this time next year. This was a club I was proud to be a part of, and at no point I ever thought it would get to this part where I write an email about my dissatisfaction with the club. I know this club will not comment on media speculation regarding managers, but all us supporters can do is read it and talk among each other about it. - Yes, this speculation I refer to is that current manager Warren Joyce will be offered a new contract for next season. I among many, will more than likely not be renewing our memberships if Warren Joyce is retained. We all love this club, but besides a couple of aspects, it doesn't seem that the club feels the same way about us fans. There are many aspects as to why I won't be renewing, such as the negative, 'anti-football' play style. I agree that we need a strong defense, just about every supporter will agree with that. But this season, we aren't even getting results with this game style. So far off the mark from the top 3, and not too far away from clubs outside of the top 6. Another reason is regarding youth players. Yes, granted we will lose some because of competition/better players in their place. But how many do we have to lose? Especially when some are better than their competition/ready to play and don't get any opportunities. The main reason though, is the players that are arguably the best in the league for their position being exiled. For example, crowd favourite Bruno Fornaroli was exiled from the club which led to the manager playing players that aren't strikers in that position. Also Neil Kilkenny was exiled, not given a shot, and he has been just about the best central midfielder this season. There are many more reasons I could give, but this email is already long enough, and it probably won't even be read. The supporters of this club are voting with their feet, many are not showing up, and many more won't next season, including myself, if Warren Joyce's contract is extended. It's time for City to show if their fans mean anything to them. From an unsatisfied Melbourne City member.
  8. As much as I'd prefer Malik as a defensive midfielder, maybe Joyce thinks Malik and La Rocca can fight it our for the spot next to Bart?
  9. Was replying "nope" to people asking about Adelaide and WSW. Make of it what you will.
  10. Apparently Honda is in Melbourne, most likely for a medical with Victory.
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