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  1. Rd 13 vs WSW(away) New Years Day 7.50

    you've listed 4/5 of our better players this season but missed the biggest disappointment of them all Budders.
  2. National Youth League 2017/18

  3. Victorian NPL & State Leagues

    http://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=0-10178-0-478257-0&pool=1 2018 season fixture announced
  4. Talking City Fan Channel

    We've definitely made a conscious choice to limit the swearing as a lot of people listen with kids in the car which makes it hard but I'm sure once we come back from our chrissy/new year break there will be a few choice words to be had about our performances.
  5. Tim Cahill

    i'm pretty sure he is living in Byron ATM
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Just signed on to a new club in the J league after leaving FC Tokyo.
  7. The VAR

    The idea is good but the current execution is a joke. No accountability in the ref ranks as they can be as bad they want each and every week but they are still selected for games the next weekend. We don't have enough experienced and quality refs to cover the whole league let alone adding another one to act as a VAR.
  8. You would play muscat on the wing?
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Good shout with Kim Little, she is the third best player to ever play for us IMO.
  10. Talking City Fan Channel

    https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=160636 Another new ep for y'all
  11. Was sitting where the subs were warming up and they were told with about 10 to go that they wouldn't be getting on at all. Ruon and Budders were definitely sounded surprised and disappointed about it. Ruon was trying to encourage Atkinson to stay on the ground.
  12. Melbourne Heart and Melbourne City attendances

    7,170 was the offical attendance last night.
  13. National Youth League 2017/18

    Last I heard he was injured.
  14. Talking City Fan Channel

  15. Talking City Fan Channel

    Came from someone in the NPL system that they at least tried to implement it at the very start of NPL.