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  1. So pumped for that.
  2. Fuck, you are the man for finding bargains!
  3. I left yesterday at 4;30ish and there was 2 jackets left but everything on the wall was still there.
  4. Cheers for the tip mate! great stuff left to pick up!
  5. did they have many fat guy sizes?
  6. Froth that. Wish Bundoora wasn't so far away! Is there anything else there that is decent?
  7. Officially better than Kamau's finishing tonight
  8. Again its Maliks man who scores
  9. Theres a difference between missing/not taking a shot as Kamau has done all night and Fitzy putting nearly 100% of his shots on target only for them to be saved.
  10. Fitzy has had 2 thunderbolts that have been tapped over the bar. Already having a better night in front of the net.
  11. Why do we even bother with these cunts? Not a single player out there is showing any passion for the shirt and yet prices to watch this shit go up every single year. Fucking joke
  12. How much improvement are you expecting in under 10 days? Hodgson won't be here next season either so your logic is pretty flawed
  13. Surely you're taking the piss? Hodgson has been here for what? A week? What do you expect him to have done?
  14. why won't bruce shoot? Surely thats day one of playing in an advanced role. shoot whenever you've got the chance