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  1. Don't want him at all
  2. Roberto Mancini? Has CFG connections and currently without a club
  3. Every one come, let's try and get our biggest non-derby home attendance of the season to celebrate the lack of JVS
  4. I have a bad feeling about this one...
  5. Crowd of 18,751 is decent
  6. Offical crowd was 8,076 which is disappointing but understandable.
  7. So what crowd are we realistically expecting given the weather
  8. My highlight: making Berisha cry
  9. Bring back Tando
  10. Only other a-league clubs he's been at have been Sydney and WSW
  11. Fully blame Rose
  12. Oh fuck
  13. Would like one more before HT to capitalise on this dominance
  14. Will be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it