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  1. Wish we had white socks on the home
  2. Had a mate at the game, he said Fitzy played great, Malik was decent and he was impressed by Eaugene. Good signs.
  3. That's how i interpret it
  4. Home is full sky (city) blue Away is red & white stripes
  5. halfway there
  6. I'm shit at photoshop but
  7. Unexciting to say the least
  8. yeah the more i think about it the more i agree, i guess i'm still stubborn about heart. i should get over it at this point - heart is dead.
  9. It's pretty much guaranteed we'll never see red on a home kit again but here's a greek team (Panionios) who has light blue and red. Think it kinda works.
  10. Oh ok I hadn't seen. Sorry.
  11. Heard we're looking at Andreas Ludwig, German midfielder/winger playing for Utrtecht atm. Doubt any signing will be made until new manager is sorted out tho.
  12. You're right, were wearing the regular home kit then
  13. Rugby team Waratahs have a similar colour combo to what many want for us on their away kit, looks pretty average imo