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  1. Another We've got McGee Riley mcgree I just dont think u understand He kicked us up the ass But now he's one of us We've go riley McGree
  2. Tune. Mr peter rabbit Who the fuck are melbourne victree Who the fuck are melbourne victree Who the fuck are melbourne victree The tards all dressed in blue
  3. Rpatty3

    la roca chant??

    we should make a chant for La roca. To the tune of > (Los Lobos - La Bamba Lyrics.) Lalalala La Roca Lalalala La Roca From Italy he's our number 25 or (he plays left back) La La Roca La La Roca
  4. True. but yeh I don't rate him so far this year our depth is good enough all I'm waiting on is Bruno to come back
  5. oath cheers seya round 1
  6. Rpatty3

    new chant?

    IDK bout this but tune to My Girl Well I guess you'd sayWhat can make me feel this way?Melbourne (melbourne , melbourne )Talkin' 'bout melbourne (melbourne oohhhhhhhhh) yes or no??
  7. someone actually print these off they look grouse need some meaner looking stickers and the OG on tour ones need to be made for sure
  8. Rpatty3

    Bort Banner

    what was the tifo of what was it like?
  9. Rpatty3

    Bort Banner

    someone make a banner that says besarts a gypsie and hold it up derby day ill buy em a slab and a packet of kettle chips.
  10. Dusty Martin or Bonti for Brownlow?????????
  11. so whats actually happening on friday? are we gonna show up to the terrace or have march whats the plan??
  12. Rpatty3

    New chant idk

    From the lyrics we are Australian "we won't run" "no we won't hide" "we will stand our ground and all will fight" "well sing all night" "and chant for ever" "I am you are we are melburnians" lalala lalala lala ohhhhh melburnians
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