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  1. My collection had reached a couple thousand so I thought I would share. Atm this won't include very offensive images as I don't want to test the mods. Ill begin with a few.
  2. Where have you heard this? Eitherway the club should know how long he will be out for, and for the love of god, sign a visa injury replacement!
  3. @Dylan I agree Cahill has offered alot and won us our first trophy. I'm not sure if he can last 90 minutes with effective output but I also don't want him on the pitch if hes in shit form (same with any player)
  4. Currently the team seems to look like this BENCH: Bouzanis, Cahill, Kamau, Tongyik, Brattan RES: Youth GK, Malik, Muscat, Genreau, Pierias, Roberts Additional Points: Assuming Troisi has signed as our 2nd marquee (but who knows with this guy) Assuming Brattan has signed Unfortunately I think that La Rocca and Tonyik will fight to be the 2nd starting CB, we will not get another VISA CB. As RB is now our most vacant position I believe our last VISA will be signed for this position. (I would like Pierias given a chance) Brattan and Caceras to fight for a starting spot Kamau and Fitzy to fight for a starting spot
  5. Lucy Zelic to Melbourne City confirmed? #LucyIsRGB3399FF
  6. Happens every season. Just a usual part of the A-League.
  7. Please lock or merge if there's a similar thread already
  8. I'm sure he was a good bloke when recording the pre-made message
  9. If it has any red on it, I'll cream
  10. Pay my royalties in BitCoin thanks
  11. Chapman in the South Korea team of the week. I think it's his third time selected.
  12. "Write to my lawyer" was his reply.
  13. I'll send him a message.
  14. Get him on a Talking City ep