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  1. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Hes the new RB
  2. W-League 2017/18 Squad

    Hoping the Women do well again this year, if the Men crash and burn I can always put 100% support into the W-League.
  3. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM: First time being sick in 6 months and have a job interview in 2 days.... get in me druggies
  4. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    My collection had reached a couple thousand so I thought I would share. Atm this won't include very offensive images as I don't want to test the mods. Ill begin with a few.
  5. Memberships

    Just count the scars on your wrist
  6. Memberships

    Wish we could have personalised the packaging like the Cards....
  7. Memberships

    Its depressing, had a nice couple of pins but havnt had a membership for last season and this season (due to location reasons) so now im missing out. It hurts
  8. Ha+ Valkanis was the hook-up while the girl was sad and had no-one to turn to. The 9/10 girl was originally a 3/10 but after puberty and making a fair amount of money shes now a 9/10. But is still a bit awkard and not as confident as other 9/10s
  9. Welcome Ross McCormack

    If hes put in the Eureka Tower then he might have Lift "problems"
  10. Yea I agree with both these points. Its one of those problems that the coach has to solve "do we give this young player a chance? or should we play it safe and play the more experienced player (Muscat)". Either option could turn out bad or good.
  11. Ah I understand. I do hope though he gets more chances to see if hes actually good, might turn out to be another ArchieBalls though Didnt Walker play 10+ games?
  12. Of course Waz could turn out to be shit, im waiting till R3 to make my decision. Idk what deal was offered to Valkanis but why did he stay? Its like breaking up with your ex but staying with her while she gets fucked by another man, hes a cuck. Waz might turn out to be a better root or not, time will tell.
  13. What a fuck head, if you have a criticism dont winge about it on twitter. Go talk to someone, you're not 1st in charge, you had your chance and you blew it twice!
  14. How can we label someone a Walker when hes only played 1 games and is 17? Give him some more games, if hes shit throw him on the rubbish tip
  15. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    FML was going to post this one tomorrow.
  16. Why are we looking for a RB when we have Pierias??
  17. CCM still too in experienced imo, but will push for the top 6
  18. You forgot Aloisi is coach. I still think A.United will be 2nd.
  19. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Just showing off our strongest squad, probably doesn't mean it would play as our strongest.
  20. Welcome Ross McCormack

    To the FFA's discretion.... if he scored 15 goals in 10 games and considering we are the "Teacher's Pets" of the FFA, then why wouldn't they allow it? Dont know what woul be better, that scenario ^ or the reaction of Sydney and Victory if he is accepted as a guest loan
  21. Welcome Ross McCormack

    IF(!) we keep him somehow when Fornaroli is back and everyone is fit...... Just need to improve RB and we have a good team (dont know why people think we will finish outside the top 6) OR
  22. Melbourne City Family Day

    Yea I saw your tweet, but you know how the club is.... a 1 week injury easily turns into a Germano
  23. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Man hopefully CFG pull off some accounting Magic and he stays for the whole season (MLS season ends in early November and begins again in early March). Any chance that if he bangs in say 15 goals in 10 matches, FFA will accept him as guest marquee?