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  1. Hitler's Eagle Nest (Open image for best view)
  2. I'll upload 3 a day
  3. TTIM: Not being born into royalty TTDIM: Hitler's vacation taste for location
  4. For not providing 3-course meals to officials ha+. The Thailand side got fined the same amount for having rusty goal posts slicing open Youngs arm ha+++
  5. Signed Baro from Victory
  6. Knowing CFG we won't hear anything until end of June
  7. Little Tony after we choke again in next years Preliminary Final
  8. My collection had reached a couple thousand so I thought I would share. Atm this won't include very offensive images as I don't want to test the mods. Ill begin with a few.
  9. The only way I can see this working with Bruno is if we have a competent CAM which IMO we currently do not.
  10. If this is true (which I agree with hakz7 is very unlikely) I can see a situation similar to Colazo. He will have the skills, make the right runs etc. But the players around him wont been good enough to see the runs he makes or the balls he plays.
  11. Transfermarkt: Jonathan Calleri is currently listed on as a centre forward and secondary forward with a latest value of 8 million Euro. https://www.transfermarkt.com/jonathan-calleri/profil/spieler/284727 FIFA Stats: Best stat he has is heading and jumping Highlights:
  12. Seeing the Transfers Thread "hot" makes me moist