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  1. For once I agree. If Caceras does leave, we have seriously gone backwards in the last 3 days. Hopefully the club has something up their sleeve
  2. We still have two VISA spots, one being Marquee
  3. Get ready for a shit Marquee signed in a rush by the club now.
  4. Seriously fuck this guy. He wouldn't even know what he wants for breakfast each morning.
  5. True. would love to see Arzani get an extended run, he has the most potential.
  6. Sorry but you cant take back what he did. If he did that in any other league he would be slaughtered if he tried to return. Also wasn't he meant to sign for Victory? He obviously is just looking for gametime.... I expect another fallout about halfway through the season.
  7. Mauk for Brandan until he returns, or you think Kamau will take Brandans spot?
  8. We have two Visa signings (and maybe a VISA injury replacement) available... surely we have enough depth in the front third so hopefully we will get a VISA CB and and a VISA RB.
  9. Can everyone get on the club's back to provide a live stream?