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  1. Can someone post the team? I dont have access at work
  2. David Squires Appreciation Thread

    Is there anything this man cant do?
  3. One day one day, when the sun rises and the breeze is gentle, my true love will return and embrace me i forever wait that day, until then my heart will always be with you, Tiprat <3
  4. I wonder...

    Actually smart. It would have to be attached to the body of the sub somehow. If not then as soon as it hits the surface it pings out the location at that point. Knowing Argentina though they probaly didnt even have life vests or basics on board
  5. haha I had dodgy internet probaly caused by the illuminati and Wazza working together #STAYWOKE
  6. No wonder I couldn't find tin foil at Woolies today.
  7. Would be more 3 cbs with 2 attacking wing backs. But yea your point is valid
  8. Fernando Brandán

    If your source is twitter, please rethink your life
  9. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Harambe never died!
  10. 5atb maybe? dont know how it would work though