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  1. I went to bed at half time..... Just woke up and saw the score. Some things never change🍌🌷🌷
  2. Imagine how much better we would be if we had a competent footballer in the place of Wales
  3. Good to see Atkinson starting. Hopefully he puts in a shift and displaces Jamieson
  4. We've got the ACL spot since Nix are ineligible, but 2 points from the final two games would guarantee us 2nd
  5. ...... Just wait till the competition is cancelled
  6. haz

    Dean Bouzanis

    Couldn't even get a League 2 gig, they mustn't hold kicking ability in such high regard...
  7. I am happy we have changed the "Fuckis" of the title
  8. We are the team on the left (light blue)
  9. Wait what is this? What a great initiative from the club, the production quality is amazing Talking City Boys, why didn't you guys get the call? 🤔
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