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  1. Not in his current Form. But he did trial with us under Joyce.
  2. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Jess Fishlock won the champions league with Lyon.
  3. Other: Jess Fishlock Goatlock
  4. Macarthur Bullshits

    Too bad their logo couldn't have been the coat of arms
  5. Brad Rowse CEO

    Inb4 he was Strider
  6. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Might end of being a good thing, since there would need to be some difference between the two strips.
  7. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Change blue to red. K thanks
  8. Mboopie, Hafard, De Kea, Pessi, Sergio Gamos
  9. Tomorrow Bouzanis will be back it seems
  10. Scott Galloway

    *Petrillo lays back in his chair and breathes a sigh of relief, he pours himself a glass of bourbon and wonders why his job is so hard*
  11. Macarthur Bullshits

    No need for a stupid thread title. Wait till they fuck up first
  12. I'd take him (better than Brattan Imo). But not for $2.2m over 3 seasons. Maybe $250k first season, if he meets KPIs then I can move up to $400k
  13. Nah just needed to play against teenage defenders.
  14. Brad Rowse CEO

    If he brings back the Sausage Stand then he has my tick of approval
  15. One whole team of Fernandos. Each with a mullet dirtier than the other