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  1. I think you two would make good mates.
  2. I wonder...

    I would have though most grad laywers work in-house? Anyway I cant wait to go from being a poor student to that sweet juicy grad money
  3. I wonder...

    How is graduate laywer pay?
  4. The Glory Hole (Perth Thread)

    I like the idea of a grey kit, but wtf have they done with the shorts/sock colour combination?
  5. Change thread name to Asian Cup 2019 pls Looks like we have some blockbuster games coming up.... Panama, Ecuador and Lebanon. Arnold obviously not wanting to be embarrassed
  6. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Looking forward to Mr Row Z back in the league.
  7. Melbourne City FC pre season 2018

    When you live in a shit hole, I think anything from outside of it would make you happy
  8. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I'm worried we won't see him again, but hey, who cares about what I want. Can't wait till most of the national team are full of city products
  9. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Nice finish, Hannover were playing a decent line-up too
  10. Melbourne City FC pre season 2018

    I got a VPN so I can watch from anywhere
  11. Melbourne City FC pre season 2018

    So anyone know how we can watch the Indian games?
  12. Memberships

    Just like killing a hooker

    I just want a pattern of some sort; stripes, hoops, checkers anything!