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  1. The road to the 2018 WC

    Fold the Socceroos
  2. Eugene Galekovic

    Previous mismanagement. (The 20% is my eternal hope that the new coach will get it right and next year will finally be our year.)
  3. Eugene Galekovic

    I'm like 80% sure he's been signed as 2nd keeper.
  4. Matchday(s) 16/17

    This, golden goal was supposed to encourage attacking play but teams preferred not to cop the goal, rather than score one themselves, so in practice golden goal was even more defensive. Personally I like penalties. It's a pure battle of wills, who will hold their nerve, who will blink first? (To be fair it probably helps that I'm a goalkeeper and get all the glory if I save even one, and none of the criticism if I don't get to any.)
  5. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Exonerates JVS too much but otherwise bang on.
  6. Thomas Sorensen

    Press F to pay your respects to Thomas Sorensen, who has now retired. Last season voted Goalkeeper of the Season, this season lost his spot in round one due to someone else's mistake and was thereafter kept out of the side by a bloke who couldn't save a word document. Tommy, you didn't deserve this.
  7. Reddy is doing diving save drills. Bouzanis is doing distribution drills.
  8. I'm being generous in interpreting it that way. The fact is everything he's said is wrong on so many levels it's not going to make a lot of sense.
  9. My reading of the first part is him criticising Australian football media/culture, the "we" being Australians in general, where the expectation is, presumably, to defend well, remain structured, have an idea of what you're doing from game to game, win the league (ok I added the winning part). The second part is him admitting we are not that kind of team.
  10. That part was misquoted, he actually said the score could have been 12-5. And I could have played for Australia but that didn't fucking happen either. The more I read the more horrified I get. The excuses. I know journos take things out of context but I can't even imagine a context in which these quotes aren't fucked in the head.
  11. Defend this shit. Pro tip: you can't. What the actual fuck.
  12. MOTM Vs Sydney

    Fuck i accidentally voted for Bouzanis. I actually didnt want to vote at all
  13. We mathematically cannot miss finals now, which is a shame because the misery will be dragged out for at least another week.
  14. Friday 24th March. Melbourne City vs WSW. KO:7:50

    They stuck with Sorensen. I was actually getting ready to unlike the page and throw all my toys out of the pram if they didn't.