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  1. SPL

    It would be nice if Ally would play players in their proper positions, and didn't add more over the hill players and hacks to the club on substantial wages.
  2. Domestic Politics

    I did a voxpop with some of the protesters at the one in March for my Uni radio, and the responses I was given at the time were hilarious. One guy referred to Abbott as a kin to Stalin. This one was no different, most of them could not even understand the difference between debt and deficit.
  3. Melbourne Derby XII - 7:45pm 1st March AAMI Park

    The most perplexing thing to take away from this derby is how Ian Ramsay gets paid to be a professional footballer.
  4. The NBA Thread

    Williams, Johnson, Pierce, Garnett and Lopez
  5. Domestic Politics

  6. Domestic Politics

    Rudd agrees to Gillards terms. I guess I was wrong.
  7. The NBA Thread

    The coach is the least of your problems, your list is overpaid and overrated, I just don't know what you can do with that list. Kidd's a smart guy but you should've gone for a more experienced coach. Another first round exit coming for you guys. Our list/salary is a situation in which we can do nothing about. I also reject the premise that our list is overrated, it's definitely an overpaid list but not an overrated one. There are a couple of things that need to be worked on, such as working out the Williams/Johnson combo. It is definitely a combo that can work as they are both completely different players and can play different roles in the Guard role. The P&R is obviously Williams favoured play, while Johnson is a bit more physical and can bruise his way to the rim or be a nuisance for the opposing team from the 3 point line. His mid range shot is generally good as well. What I think the problem is that both of them want to be the commanding player and play against each other rather than working together. Kidd will excel here for obvious reasons. If Gerald Wallace can add the perimeter shot to his repertoire this adds a lot to not only the team on game day, but his worth to the team as more than just a bundle of energy. If Lopez can stay healthy and hit a few more boards he will just be about the best Centre in the league. Not really down to Kidd but it would need to be emphasized that he needs to hit a few more boards. These are just a couple of things a HC would need to work on, there is a lot to be worked on in such a small amount of time. Instant success is the only thing that interests Prokhorov and he wont have a lot of patience if the team is performing badly, but patience is what a coach with no experience would need.
  8. The NBA Thread

    Jason Kidd hired as HC. I don't even know how to feel about this one. Brian Shaw was clearly the standout candidate.
  9. Domestic Politics

    Abbott will not appear on Q&A. He has stated this before. Kevin Rudd is not running for Prime Minister, it is completely a media run story to further tarnish labors credibility before the election.
  10. Literature Thread

    I know some of the frequent posters in this thread don't particularly like him, but Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens is a book I cannot recommend enough.
  11. The NBA Thread

    Nets beat the Magic by 20, but the next game we have is against the Heat. let's see if we are contenders or not.
  12. The NBA Thread

    It's pretty even actually, Chandler is doing slightly better in somethings and Lopez is doing slightly better than Chandler in other things. The only distinct difference would be that Chandler's per is a bit better but Lopez is scoring 8 more points per game meaning he is contributing more. Lopez > Chandler > Garnett
  13. The NBA Thread

    Nice logo, shit name. Also Chandler over Lopez. Wut.
  14. The NBA Thread

    2-2. Eat shit Woody.
  15. The Aus/NZ Hip Hop Thread

    Jumping on the Fozzey & VanC bandwagon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJakYDsuMD4 Not usually the sort of music I am into but for some reason I can't help but like it.