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  1. We were interested in signing Meredith 2 seasons ago but he said the a-league was a shit standard and would consider playing here when he was 35
  2. 3 players out with ACL's this season, ridiculous
  3. For me it's not that Bruno has gotten any worse it's that the players around him this season are rubbish. Our playing style has gone to shit if a good coach is appointed and we sign a proper #10 he'll be back to how he was last season
  4. But no player is bigger than the club...except for Mooy
  5. what the hell has happened to us? with all the quality we have in the squad we are not creating any chances and most of our goals are coming from penalties lately. It's ridiculous and painful to watch.
  6. Concerning if chapman does leave and we don't replace him
  7. What's happening with lampard
  8. lol @ those who said this guy was gonna be better than Mooy
  9. we've been playing shit the last couple of matches, hardly created any chances. Im still trying to figure out where that intensity has gone that I saw in the first 2 games
  10. No thanks for McGowan, prefer Tongyik over him.
  11. Worst coaching performance I've seen from him
  12. Now we're finished without Jakobson.
  13. I wouldn't blame him. Doesn't help when oppositions are specifically trying to get him out of the game. I think we need Cahill playing as well to take some of the attention off him a give him some space. Plus the service we've given Bruno in the last two matches has been hopeless.
  14. Pretty sure we tried to sign him last season
  15. Hope Bruno scores a hat trick