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  1. I really hope you all aren't falling for this crap being spurted out by the msm and government daily... Or are you?
  2. Let's just assume yes... It's going to be a very lloonnnggggg preseason 🙄
  3. Probably coming back due to leagues grinding to a halt and Australia about to shut down it's international borders... He will not be back for us.
  4. And to top it off they missed the midnight cut off for international quarantine. 14 days self isolation for them now. This is certainly a season they will be happy to forget...
  5. This is a fair point you make here. But people don't like paying for nothing too...
  6. This is line of the week!! 😂🤣 I am not trying to discredit our win, just stating what the situation is if they were to both win that game in hand. The ball is back in our court which is exactly where we want to be this time of the season! Huge statement win today, now to not blow it next week!!
  7. 6 points clear temporarily ahead of Perth, however if they win their game in hand they will only be 3 points behind. Wellington only 3 points behind too and if they win their game in hand they'll be equal second but ahead on goal difference!!

    I wonder...

    I wonder...if this is a more sinister "virus" given how conveniently it affects a certain country's main international rivals....
  9. Media freaking out about coronavirus isn't helping either as people are starting to freak too. Watch crowds tumble now as the fear sets in...
  10. Noone has been a huge let down this season and Markels is following in his footsteps...
  11. So many people were doing lame shit with their flash lights on the phones or watching bloody TV shows during the game...
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