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  1. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    "It's criminal! It's criminal ref! Red card ref! Send him off that's criminal!" (In whiny little bitch voice)
  2. Wazza Out

    We should have just signed Amor when we had the chance...
  3. Wazza Out

    Ok Warren. So you're a goal down away from home. You take off the only proper striker in McCormack and replace him with an unproven kid in Arzani. You have some kind of allergy to use your subs. Or do you just lack serious ambition as a coach and happy to let games slip week in week out? So sick of this 💩
  4. Wazza Out

    Would it kill you to make a fu#%ing sub Warren!?!?
  5. done his back he has... (yoda giggle)
  6. Spud of the Match - Rd 9 vs Jets

    Spudinski by a country mile!
  7. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Yeah wtf is with his max 2 subs!?!
  8. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Spudinski with the assist... Fucking useless twat!
  9. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Try number 1 on the remote...
  10. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Hope you are visiting Venezuela, I've heard good things....
  11. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    What couldn't you find?
  12. Looking like our/competitions best visa pick up this season already...
  13. Memberships

    From Adelaide, so what do you expect?
  14. 2017/18 Predictions

    I think he's played about as many as you have...