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  1. Building 7 enough said...
  2. Please explain?
  3. I don't even want to begin to imagine what the two of you will get upto this week...
  4. Remember the Dr recommended taking those pills once a day...
  5. Maybe JB HIFI
  6. This is why we'll be 3rd at best this season
  7. Australia has a culture ??
  8. He should be given a few more starts "if you know what I mean"
  9. They are basically the same person... how about we refer to them as Rohn?
  10. We have played Newcastle and Adelaide which were both 2-1 wins. don't play the mariners until nye away...
  11. Download "Ultimate A League" app. Disgraceful attendance given what has transpired this week!!
  12. Does the PAX NO on the ticket give a rough indication of the expected attendance? Its 11403 on my mates ticket...
  13. You make it sound like we've had half a dozen managers. It's not hard to be "our most successful manager" when he's only competition was Lossoisi... I think with the squad we have this season any coach could win the cup let alone the league.