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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    If Jakobsen is fit, I'm playing him but I'm playing Malik over Bozanic. Reason being is everything that's good for Newcastle comes through the middle and petratos or Vargas. We need to play a proper defensive midfielder against them, just to break up their play. Odonovan is a good player but relies on service, doesn't exactly make goals himself Bozanic will be stiff to miss out but that's the way I'd go
  2. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    I've always thought Malik is a reasonable CB when he has someone next to him who can lead. He was good at Adelaide when partner with boogard. His best few games as a CB with us was with Kisnorbo or Jakobsen. Last year his really poor performances were mainly when he was partnered with tongyik In saying that I believe he is a much better in midfield, but definitely can go back when needed
  3. Brisbane don't worry me at all, beat them twice and the one game we lost was when larocca and galekovic went full retard Their best player this season has been Jamie young, which means they have a good keeper but also means they give up alot of chances. We take our chances we win, I'll back us in to create more than them Also their CB pairing of Pepper and O'Toole doesn't exactly strike fear into me either Overall they are easily the weakest team left and we should have no problems
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    If we get Gulum I don't think we need the VISA CB, Bart and Gulum would be a bloody good combo, leaves as options to get more attacking players with visa spots
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    So from where I see it, we lose Jakobsen and gain Gulum. And I can't see how we keep budzinski again So we have 3 VISA spots to fill, one should be an Asian player I'd like to see them used as a defensive mid, an attacking mid and a winger, with my preference for the marquee to be a number 10 with some real credentials (like Mierzejewski)
  6. MOTM vs Wellington

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  7. OK now we know that, this is team I'm playing Bouzanis Muscat Schenkeveld Delbridge Jamieson Malik Brattan Budzinski Fitzgerald Fornaroli Vidosic Galekovic Jakobsen Mauk Arzani Bozanic I think it's super important to give our bench players some serious minutes before finals, as we may need them next week for an injury etc Malik plays 45 and then Bozanic plays 45 Arzani and Atkinson get week off as they are still super young
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Definitely would not take bonevacia, can't stand him as a player and we could get much much better as a visa player
  9. I agree there needs to be a balance, bit I'd also be looking at getting some minutes into budzinski, fitzy and delbridge cause we never know we may need them the week after Obviously this all matters on what happens Friday
  10. We will play the Friday night elimination final, mv have a acl midweek game next week Now if results go our way and we have finished third before we play, I'm playing a different team. Give Atkinson, Arzani, mauk, Jakobsen and anyone else sore or who has had a big workload a week off before finals
  11. It was a win, that's all we needed. Last year we would have lost 5-4 Boring as fuck game, but didn't ever feel like they were going to score
  12. MOTM vs CCM

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  13. It's not just us, every club brings in people from outside the named squad. Last year Adelaide listed Carrusca as an out and then he played anyway It's a complete waste of time these squads, only thing I use it for is if someone is back from injury like malik
  14. Osama is back, I imagine he replaces Muscat on the bench apart from that no changes