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  1. If true, it's the biggest sign of intent we have shown since been taken over To go get our biggest rivals best playmaker is huge. I love this signing on both a victory butthurt level but also on a football level A quality number 10 that we are sure is at the level required
  2. Although overall he will be remembered as largely disappointing, it's worth remembering the heart issues he had only 12 months ago All the best Ivan
  3. The only Australian guys who played a league last season at right back and with no club is Tratt and Aryn Williams Tratt looked like a solid player at Wellington, but why did he leave? Williams is ok, but would be more a back up then a regular starter Could we use a visa at right back, and back in the 4 CB we have to do job there?
  4. Bring back iain Ramsay and try him at right back
  5. That seems a bloody odd choice by him, anyone know the strength of the Israel league?
  6. I'm assuming it's the 19 year old Mexican, we may not be allowed to even if we wanted to. There was a rule about under 21 visa players not bring allowed. Dont know if it still exists
  7. Carrusca has just become an Australian citizen, no longer taking up a visa spot. Would he be worth looking at?
  8. This is someone who needs to swallow a bit of pride and return to the a league and accept that's their level. Someone would take him I understood the move to Korea to further his career, but 2 games and then a move to Qatar for 10 games now to India. Probably the Tajikistan Premier League next
  9. Gamiero has signed at Brisbane roar
  10. Fantastic signing, someone who we know is aleague standard playing at left back. Cahill will also enjoy having someone who is able to cross a ball
  11. Same amount as last year as the club has renewed everyone membership by looks of things
  12. I pay mine in full in one payment, always have and never had it automatically come out. Not super happy that $270 has been taken out of my account without me saying yes do it or knowing about it.
  13. Has anyone else just had their membership cost taken out of their account? Never had it happen before
  14. The right decision was made on gamiero unfortunately, with Brandan out we couldn't afford to have him and kuzi both on knee injuries as well Has undoubted talent and it's really unfortunate
  15. Nope, definitely Queensland. From redcliffe