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  1. Memberships

    Got mine as well I feel like I'm going to be alone here but I don't like the scarf, much preferred last year's. Especially the material
  2. I don't know alot about the French guy to be honest, he has an impressive resume that's for sure. So I can't comment on him. He could be a star People whinge about our pre season, it's been alot better than theirs 12 goals conceded in 4 games against Aleague opposition I don't think we will be fantastic this year, but a home game against Brisbane is winnable definitely
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    It won't be whyte, he only just went there about a month ago
  4. I couldn't disagree more, I think that Brisbane will be rubbish this year They lost maclaren, oar, borrello and broich and replaced with a 38 year old, a 22 year old with no senior games, khalfallah and the French dude (who I'm not 100% sure is even here yet) And people think that we have old players, they have some ridiculous number of over 30s who best football is behind them I think it's a very winnable game especially at home
  5. Welcome Ross McCormack

    This will be a brilliant pick up, even if it is only for 3 months Hopefully he settles in quickly
  6. Less than 2 weeks until we kick off the season Quick overview of each team pre season CITY Vs Oakleigh 10-0 Vs Bentleigh 2-0 Vs Peninsula Power (FFA) 2-0 Vs CCM 3-2 Vs Newcastle 1-3 Vs Hakoah (FFA) 3-2 Vs Adelaide 1-2 Vs Sydney (FFA) 0-2 Vs WSW 1-0 Games Played - 9 Goals scored - 23 Goals conceded - 11 Leading scorers - Fornaroli 7 Fitzgerald 6 ROAR Vs Queenland Lions 2-0 Vs Peninsula Power 4-2 Vs Melb Victory (FFA) 1-5 Vs WSW 0-4 Vs China u22 2-1 Vs Melb Victory 1-3 Vs Olympia FC 3-0 Vs Sydney 2-0 Games Played - 8 Goals scored - 15 goals conceded - 15 leading scorers - Skapetis 6 Maccarone 4
  7. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    FFS why don't we play a proper striker. Give Crowley 90 minutes and see what he can do
  8. Player Contracts

    Adding to this, brandan was wearing 10 at the photo shoot couple days back
  9. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Still goes down for me as one of the strangest series of moves from a city player I understood the move to south Korea, but the move to Qatar second division followed by a move to India for someone who could easily just come back to Aleague is all very strange I think
  10. Memberships

    The club called me last week about something and then told me memberships would be sent out the end of this week
  11. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    I can't imagine this will show us anything as WSW won't play much of a side with them playing Wednesday night
  12. I'm personally hoping that carrusca takes over set piece duties, brattan has never looked like he has the consistent quality
  13. I don't want to be too negative but we have massive problems Seriously how many players can you slot into a starting spot and be confident they will play in that position against Brisbane? I've got 2 (Jakobsen at CB, Kilkenny at DM), the rest is up in the air. I imagine mauk, bart and fitzy start but dunno where It's ridiculous that we are 4 weeks out from season and we still have no idea what formation to play let alone who is going to play. You could name the Sydney squad now, and most of victory, WSW and Perth's These new players are needed 6 weeks ago not on the eve of season
  14. Milusenic has a hat trick