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  1. Spud of the Match - RD 7 vs Roar

    I blame both for 1.5 goals, but Eugene gets my vote as the third goal was the worst by far
  2. Get in We look much better now
  3. La Rocca off, Brattan on And move jakobsen back into defence And I wouldn't be against putting Crowley on, so we have a real striker
  4. Oh great, what a start 🙄
  5. There is not a chance we will lose to them, at full strength they are poor. And as a weakened team they are worse 2-0 solid performance like in round 1.
  6. Well as soon as Bruno comes back he is their problem again
  7. Spud of the Match - Rd 6 vs WSW

    Malik gave away one goal, but won the penalty. So he went back to even Mccormack missed about 5 chances, and scored 1 from a penalty. So he is at negative 4 Easy decision this week
  8. And Mccormack misses another easy one
  9. Malik made a clear mistake, but FFS what is Mccormack doing, there is no way this guy was brought for 20 million. It must be a different Ross Mccormack
  10. Mccormack has scored 3 Can't wait for Bruno to be back