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  1. Newcastle played well against Adelaide I just don’t see this as a easy match
  2. Better football to watch at 2:00 am in the morning maybe but other leagues function we probably just need smaller stadiums as everyone is saying and be happy with crowds of 10k
  3. Like to see us go for aaron Lennon as a marquee player
  4. Sorry mate had to trade you out from my fantasy team
  5. Like to see us play manchester city or New York City In the office season at aami Park
  6. Why not they gave tickets away with McDonald’s last year
  7. Hard to tell if we don’t get it then free tickets isn’t the answer
  8. The club has been giving out free tickets To members encouraging them to bring a mate!
  9. Thanks mate I deleted Facebook using twitter instead
  10. I’m out of the loop a bit. Do we still meet at imperial near parliament for a drink on match day?
  11. 11k members hopefully they turn up Friday night
  12. Bruno is a club legend for me
  13. The Perth match will be interesting Friday night and Bruno will be there
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