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  1. Thanks mate hoping we host the final again and get to pick up our crowds this season
  2. Yeah I agree with you 100% I’m thinking of complaining to aami Park it’s gone on for ages and a bit over it tbh
  3. Does anyone remember how are crowds were after we won the ffa cup?
  4. Well his my favourite player for this year came out of nowhere to join the team has improved so much he could be one of the best defenders in the league this year
  5. Looks generau will struggle to break into the team. But depth and competition for places is important
  6. Bloody hell it makes us look all look stupid with these bloody pests gathering around doubt the players like them either
  7. I enjoyed tonight good win only two things ruined it we were up 2-0 and the crowd was dull we need a Loud active area. The seagulls need to go!
  8. Hopefully we get a win and a good turnout tonight would be a greasy boost to the season
  9. citypool

    TV Series

    Club de cuervos on Netflix is amazing it’s in English subtitles though
  10. These fucking assholes best get it right because if they fail the whole league fails
  11. Yeah hopefully the membership pack comes on time I also signed up to the $30 western United one so it’ll be a bit of a race.
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