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  1. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Noticed New York City are sixth on their ladder don’t seem to be doing any better then us
  2. Luke Brattan

    Please stay at city Luke
  3. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    How’d he go last night?
  4. Memberships/Season Tickets

    I got ten percent off and they are really pushing to sign up as a family with younger kids. Good to see some ambition there
  5. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Also noticed city blue is selling very well on the wing which is great. I’m worried about active area still plenty of seats left
  6. Javier Cabrera

  7. Memberships/Season Tickets

    I’m going to call up today and ask for a discount
  8. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Looks like all the membership are selling ok at this time if the year. Active is very worrying though
  9. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Anyone know discount codes for membership?
  10. Erick Mombaerts Thread

    I thought sack Eric was funny for a few days but part of telling a joke is to know when to end it
  11. Pre-season 2019-20

    Also if they want to attract new members in this area with these friendlies can someone tell them to advertise! Put a flyer in Coles, have players go to Bentleigh schools have some presence for once please
  12. Pre-season 2019-20

    First preseason match for me looking forward to it
  13. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    I still don’t understand why we don’t play Manchester city in Melbourne. It’s a missed opportunity every year
  14. Erick Mombaerts Thread

    Ok it’s not a kpi. The club most likely has a expectation he plays attacking football and will judge him on his ability to produce attractive football
  15. This is a unpopular opinion but I’d like to see him stay in the a league. The league is dying and players like Bart bring more credibility to the league