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  1. Painful to watch. But iam glad i stayed home so i can drink my sorrows away at cheap prices.
  2. The JvS thread

    Thanks. Im glad to be back. Jvs was a shit coach and deserved to go but i wish him and his father well. I do think there's more to this story though. Goodluck in your endeavors jvs but please dont come back to the aleague unless you go coach victory.
  3. The JvS thread

    Thats it for me. Have no more time for this club. Will watch from the couch and wont go to a game until this coach is sacked. To the melbourne city fc players , I feel for you all having to deal with this shit coach and the management that allows it. Go melbourne city fc.
  4. the active supporters sound great. keep it up
  5. The JvS thread

    And your stuck on it for life
  6. The JvS thread

    Worst coach ever.
  7. The road to the 2018 WC

    Sainsbury is having a shocker and looks like he doesn't even care that he is having one.
  8. http://row21.justfirstrowsportal.com/melbourne-city-vs-western-sydney-v-342867-t-live
  9. thank fuck i found this link. otherwise it would of been the bachelorette tonight
  10. thanks jeffplz. might have to do. i can find blacktown vs sydney live stream but not melbourne city. why oh why.