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  1. VFA Thread.

    Oh god no.
  2. VFA Thread.

    Fantastic day out at Vic Park with a great crowd. See you lot next week
  3. NRL

    Fucking Warriors. Every fucking time.
  4. VFA Thread.

    Pretty sure it'll be a first week exit, but exciting none the less considering the make up of the team.
  5. VFA Thread.

    Finals for the only the second time since the streak for the Zebs. Great result down in Shitsville today especially pleasing due to the local non listed players doing a majority of the work.
  6. Stadium Porn

    Charlie George ever the trendsetter in his Red Hummel boots. Also Alan Ball's white boots were a revolutionary design where the studs ran on a rotating wheel like an old phone dial pad. I think it was during a knee injury layoff period when he conjured up the idea.
  7. VFA Thread.

    That last quarter was a let down, but to be competitive against the benchmark in their style of game for 3/4 will do for me atm.
  8. 2012-13 Football Kits

    As a Rams fan i'll definitely be copping the L/S form of our new kit. Very, Very 70's West German.
  9. VFA Thread.

    Just as well. I'm 50/50 as i'll be dogshit on Saturday arvo after Friday night.
  10. AFL 2014 Season

    Not sure why I bothered commenting as it's not my place to say, but calling his old man a fuckwit gave me the shits.
  11. AFL 2014 Season

    The only person who is a bigger fuckwit that this guy is his father who thinks the shit he does is perfectly sane... Couldn't be further from the truth.
  12. VFA Thread.

    Bring your wallet. The tins are on you
  13. AFL 2014 Season

    You do it every second week with Port you stooge.
  14. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    There called bewb sunnies pal 'Speed dealers' is some Byron bay wannabe Melbourne shit taken too far and has taken the humour/appeal out of it. Too many faggots who wear speed dealers don't even do speed aswell. Fuck