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  1. Marcin Budzinski

    That'd be great. I've been Grimacing at some of the signings for too long
  2. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    That was all from Malik losing posession
  3. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Oh what the fuck
  4. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    SHould've been Malik or Kamau to come off IMO.
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    How about some Budzi smugglers? City Blue® of course
  6. The "Where are they now?" thread

  7. City tactics 2016-17

    Nando can play CAM well too, in my opinion
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I think there's a lot of merit to playing Bruno with another forward partner. He was absolutely destructive when there was Novillo to also take the defensive heat and they were both scoring for fun. I'm not sure how that would work structurally though. Especially when we've heard that the formation is going to be 433. I'd love to see Cahill given a chance to play alongside him at some point though, as opposed to the role he was given just behind Bruno last season. I wouldn't wanna line up like that every week, due to Timmy's age. But maybe something like this would be worth a try for a game or half....? Galekovic Muscat Schenk Jakobsen Jamieson Killer Fitzy Brattan/Marquee Nando Timmy Bruno I also think that Brandan could be used well as a CAM more than he was last season, and maybe a left-sided forward would make a good marquee.
  9. Your favourite Heart/City moment at AAMI Park

    Easily my favourite moment in the stands at AAMI. It happened right in front of my end and I was just the right level of drunk. Just perfect.
  10. Fernando Brandán

    Basically, semantics is to do with the meaning of words. The difference between hola/ola and hello/hullo/hallo is more orthographical, and has more to do with spelling than grammar (although there could be a bit of a phonological difference between a couple).Either way, the meaning doesn't change from variation to variation and so the semantics of each is the same.
  11. Fernando Brandán

    The pedant in me wants to inform you that isn't semantics
  12. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Best places in the city to watch the game tonight? Keen to watch the remainder after I knock off tonight
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Yeah, $300k
  14. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Considering who our owners are, it'd be nice if we could have no need for at least the Host Plus logo on the back.