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  1. Mauk is an immense upgrade on Caceres. Bring him back!
  2. I don't think it's obvious which part is body and which is sleeves. I think it could very easily be red sleeves with red and white striped body
  3. edit. lol link didn't work and got beat to it
  4. Tongyik, Kamau and Arzani are still away with the Olyroos
  5. The Iniesta rumour was more believable than Shelvey to Melbourne City is ffs
  6. I am not an idiot and the reason I posted my "pathetic and untrue" comment is because I'm absolutely perplexed as how Anthony Caceres has gained popularity within this forum on the back of doing absolutely in two seasons of football. Caceres was one of the only players, alongside Malik, who I noticed not doing a thing in that first half. Even Muscat got plenty of time on the ball and looked like a technical genius against the opposition. Really, it was the type of opposition against which Caceres' technicality should have shined and made him look like Messi. Yes I know he was played out of position on the left wing, but everyone else looked great and had a lot more posession and space. My opinion of Caceres won't change until he does something. Anything. The reason I didn't stay second half is obvious. I saw the full strength side go out in the first half and get a decent run. I didn't think there was much to gain from staying and watching our kids play against their kids. Plus it was cold and I was on my own and live in Heathcote.
  7. Bruno should be listed as marquee, no?
  8. I only stayed for the first half, but everyone's new favourite player, Caceres, didn't seem to do a whole lot while I was there.
  9. Any tips on parking tonight?
  10. How can you confirm this?
  11. Not a totally unbelievable rumour. He does play for Yokohama F Marinos after all, who CFG have that stake in.
  12. Have they given any indication that they won't, though? I don't remember having seen anything from the FFA to say whether or not the rule would continue past last season. Wouldn't it be a more fair assumption that it would, if they haven't said anything about it?
  13. Dunno when Caceres became everyone's favourite player, but for me he still hasn't displayed enough to get too excited about. Of course, I hope he has a cracking season and thrives with a bit more regular play time, but I won't be surprised if he keeps putting in quiet performances. Can someone link me to some of his good points of last season? I went to nearly every home game and can't think of too much he did.
  14. Just not the national side