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  1. Agreed. my son told me again last night he doesn't like City now so doesn't want to go to matches from now on (he told me this for the first time on Saturday, giving the reasoning 'they're not fun like Victory'. I've told my wife to look into adoption options.), which made me think about it and I'm sadly at the point where I don't think I actually even like the 'club' anymore. Between the way this dogs breakfast has been handled, the 'return on investment' attitude towards player recruitment, our terrible playing style and the closed shop mentality displayed by those in charge it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my enthusiasm for supporting this organisation as I can't see what the point is. First time I've ever had this attitude towards a club I support - and I follow Port Adelaide in the AFL and Newcastle in the EPL so that's saying something. Will miss Bruno, happy I got to see his last appearance & goal for the club, he's provided a lot of great moments at AAMI park and I honestly believe we won't see someone who brought what he did on the pitch for us for some time. Now looking forward to the inevitable moment at AAMI Park next season when Kilkenny puts Bruno through in the 83rd minute to seal his hat trick and give Glory their third win over us in the season....
  2. Absolutely this, said the same thing last night to anyone who’d listen. if the aim of the club is to win it certainly won’t help with that as you can’t win if you don’t even look like scoring , if they want to sell kids it won’t help as too much is being asked if many of them (if not all) for the stages they’re at in their careers which doesn’t make them look great, and if they want to build support it certainly will have the opposite effect as we are boring to watch and many people have sided with Bruno in this given his status in the eyes of fans. All in all a baffling state of affairs.
  3. The World Game today make brief mention that Bruno has reached an agreement with the club for him to leave, and also says we’re looking at Maclaren on loan only. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/maclaren-s-focus-on-asian-cup-amid-melbourne-city-talk
  4. Not sure about Friday, but at the Jets game it was an electronic version only. I only found out on twitter on the day of the match.
  5. Showed this to my wife, who knows sweet FA about City and the A-League in general... she just laughed and said ‘that dark blue and the v’s look like that team you hate, that seems bit dumb!’ Couldn’t argue with that.
  6. Yeah reckon this might be the beginning of the end for Bruno at our club, surely two weeks in a row means there's a bit more than 'skin folds' going on here. Sad if so, but just as well we recruited so well up front in the offsea oh that's right
  7. Just the vibe I'm getting from the forum at the moment.. I'll show myself out
  8. Haven’t been this angry about a City performance since.. the Sydney game... I used to worry about us keeping clean sheets in our matches, but it was ok as at least we tried to score- now, not only are we pissweak at the back despite picking up several players and a more defensive minded boss, but we also look useless in the final third. I have absolutely no confidence in us ever scoring, and celebrating goals at AAMI Park is now sadly more a result of surprise than joy. The Bruno decision is baffling. He’s out of form, yes, but he’s the only true striker we have at the club. Dropping him and not even including him on the bench (if fit) is absolutely ridiculous, and it showed tonight as we looked toothless going forward the whole game and we really could have used him as a sub chasing the game late. If this was a disciplinary thing by Joyce then it shows how woefully unprepared he is as a senior manager - dropping players to make an example may work with the kids, but I don’t think senior players will react well to it, and if track record is anything to go by may actually have a significant negative impact (*cough* Cahill *cough*)
  9. Can anyone remember the CFG exec who made the comment about their focus with us as ‘getting a return on the investment’ last year? Or even better point to the article? (Or am I just imagining the whole thing??). I ask because for me it seems to sum up our overlords opinion of us and explain how are in the state we are at the moment. As far as I can tell, all we exist for at the moment is to sell kids for CFG and get this ‘return’ they’re after. They can’t dominate the league and get exposure into Asia through their usual modus operandi (buying the league), so instead they’re all about cutting their losses and getting money on transfer fees - at least until they get their way with an independent a-league that suits their model better. They’ve brought in a manager with experience with youth at a high level to facilitate their development (surely can’t have been for his record as a senior manager), we pick up as much of the best young talent we can without investing in the senior team as much as we surely could, and there is an almost baffling lack of serious response to continual sub-par performance and weak attendances as that’s not their concern. Ive been loathe to say it but I seriously doubt we’ll ever win anything until either the league changes (even that’s debatable) or CFG leave
  10. 100% this. The reason we’re lumped with Joyce is so he can develop kids for CFG to sell, that’s it.
  11. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, or the 'Wazza Out' thread... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/29/daniel-arzani-towers-over-his-melbourne-city-team-mates Daniel Arzani towers over his Melbourne City team-mates Ante Jukic Sun 28 Jan 2018 City coach Warren Joyce seems to not fully appreciate what a talent he has in Arzani As the ball helplessly rolled out of bounds, Melbourne City’s Warren Joyce barked from the touchline, “That’s fuckin’ schoolboy stuff!” After his attempted dummy in City’s 5-0 win over Adelaide United, Daniel Arzani felt the wrath of his nearby coach, who then demanded the young attacker win possession back. It could seem small amid countless isolated moments over the course of a football match, but in context of City’s season, this moment was far from insignificant. Principally, Ryan Strain’s close defensive attention prior to the dummy showed just how much the 19-year-old is affecting his side’s ability to threaten the opposition. It is conceptually parallel to what is known as gravity in the NBA. In this era of pace-and-space basketball, reliable three-point shooters can stretch the floor and opposition defences in turn for their team-mates to capitalise upon. Though hard to quantify, it is an increasingly pivotal aspect of collective fluidity. In football, those who can consistently beat their defender in one-on-one scenarios create this gravity and it was evident in last December’s Clásico in Spain, when Mateo Kovačić stayed with Lionel Messi, seemingly preferring Ivan Rakitić to dribble up the pitch before Luis Suárez’s opening goal. It is no comparison in an individual sense, but the theory is the same – getting past his primary defender is Arzani’s strongest attribute, forcing the opposition to weigh their attention towards him and thus creating space for others. This fundamental facet in modern attack is what City have otherwise lacked under Joyce and where Arzani differs even further. He can beat his defender and distribute the ball from a standing start. Aside from his coolly taken penalty in a 2-2 draw with Newcastle on Thursday, Arzani’s dribbling ability was critical in City’s goals against Wellington, Adelaide and Perth. Left on an island for the opening 60 minutes, it also led to Ivan Vujica’s early substitution for the Jets. Despite the smaller sample size, the diminutive attacker is towering over his team-mates from a statistical standpoint. Having only played 335 out of an available 1,620 minutes, Arzani already leads City in successful dribbles (31), accounting for 17.3% of the team’s total of 179. The gulf when calculating per 90 minutes is gargantuan. Arzani’s successful dribble rate is 8.33 while the injured Nathaniel Atkinson is next best at 2.02. For key passes – passes directly leading to a shot – Arzani also leads the team at 2.15 with Luke Brattan second (1.64). Yet, the failed dummy attempt against Adelaide is important for another reason. With Strain aggressively applying pressure to Arzani, space had opened for Atkinson to overlap into and run towards goal unattended. Atkinson was on his heels however, and City lost possession. Although Arzani’s fluid response to Strain’s coverage was the right play in principle, he was condemned for “schoolboy stuff” due to the outcome. Joyce’s focus on outcomes is based on conservatism and defensive shape, meaning he started the season with Michael Jakobsen and Osama Malik – players who are arguably more natural at centre-back – in central midfield. Although City were able to dictate tempo without the ball against Sydney in December, their lack of penetration was exposed during respective four and three-game winless streaks, when they had to chase the result in the second half. Iacopo La Rocca’s injury, along with suspensions to Bart Schenkeveld and Malik, forced Brattan to return to central midfield from initially advanced positions, with Arzani only receiving minutes out of necessity. Ultimately, considering City’s personnel, he has been good enough to start throughout this season. For some, Arzani’s part in Newcastle’s opening goal on Thursday night could be seen as an affirmation of tactical naivety, or lack of game sense as Joyce put it. Still, his positives far outweigh the negatives in context of collective impact for City. Although the teenager is far from the finished article, when does a primary focus on what he can’t do – as opposed to what he can – become stifling? For Joyce, this question of balance could determine whether City have a legitimate chance for the ultimate outcome of silverware, or not. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/29/daniel-arzani-towers-over-his-melbourne-city-team-mates
  12. Yeah I reckon that was the reason I got the same thing in the post the other day, I remember them sending an email asking for my address for exactly that reason after the chat I did - however after about three weeks of waiting and nothing turning up I thought there was no chance of anything coming The gear they sent is good given all it cost is a half hour or so of my time - but the bucket hat they sent is big enough to fit that drawing of Mooys head from that Tifo last year
  13. Oh dear. Looks like Sorensen may get another game or two this year then....
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