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  1. This thread needs some love, hell of a game tonight. Lions with one of the all time great test trys but all blacks just too good
  2. You've been on fire lately, keep doing what you're doing
  3. Tbh this is a widely held opinion. I used to do some work for one of the three MPs so I'm bias in this instance. I see it as a freedom of speech issue more than anything else
  4. Dude sharing your own tweet doesn't make it any more credible
  5. our listen count can confirm this.
  6. Do I get a green line @Dylan?
  7. Well played on the Finland one, popular opinion around here.
  8. Or you know, any sports team during an off-season?
  9. When necessary
  10. I will reserve my full judgement on this until we have a full squad, but I am leaning towards ACL qualification.
  11. Fixed that for both of you
  12. Been smashing a heap of the cure lately.
  13. TTIM people at the gym who don't put their weights on in order. Anything asemetrical for that matter
  14. Apparently hypothermia is a good way to go because your body goes into a state of euphoria
  15. I made a personal rule I'd only like if I laughed out loud, hasn't failed yet