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  1. Little ruffian like you would have been right in the thick of it. What your thoughts?
  2. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    Interesting seeing the spread of votes. Certainly hard to pick a stand out. Went with Mauk on the basis he scored.
  3. Good to see brisbane were keen for a belly trickling, did they even have a shot? Onto the jets!
  4. His new secret account is @Paul Heyman if you are interested
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Why I didn't bother responding
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    you could change your user name to Missing_Moy_and_Bart
  7. Talking City Fan Channel

    It's just you.
  8. Talking City Fan Channel

    Based on your post history I think you are missing an in joke, see Germano, J.
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great interview with Bart. Whoever told him that our medical set up was good told the greatest lie in our clubs history
  10. Domestic Politics

    Got a good feeling the dirt will be out before the election
  11. Round 27 vs Wellington Phoenix - Sat April 14th in Auckland

    Fixed that for you.
  12. Round 27 vs Wellington Phoenix - Sat April 14th in Auckland

    Nice up here on the goldie 😎
  13. BT50's Dad Joke Thread

    I don't tell dad jokes often. But when I do he laughs.
  14. Domestic Politics

    He's a bleeding heart lefty.
  15. Domestic Politics

    I've been accused by some in our fan base who don't use this forum of the same for not holding those views. Just because I think brown people are great doesn't make me a lefty.