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  1. New active members - Chants

    DM @Embee or @Hackett they run the Melburnians
  2. R3 vs Wellington Phoenix AAMI Park Saturday 21/10 5:35pm

    When has any side in this league. It's a nice problem to have
  3. R3 vs Wellington Phoenix AAMI Park Saturday 21/10 5:35pm

    Based on form Mauk has to keep his spot, which leaves the rest to fight over the other two. I'd drop Malik to the bench, shift Bort right and Jako in the middle of defense. Then if Malik is fully fit he should be rewarded with a start. Brattan would then be my option besides him, gives us some creativity as I feel we will be doing more of the attacking.
  4. Talking City Fan Channel

    Just a three track 12"
  5. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    New ep https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=148297
  7. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    VAR didn't have the balls to make a tough call. Simples
  8. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

  9. City tactics 2017-18

    Great article. Do you have a link to the Op, this bloke deserves a few clicks.
  10. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    No it is just you, they're keeping the lights on for just one kid in Melbourne. I think you are missing the reality that most, if not all of us, are using it for work where we don't have a choice in what program to use.
  11. Running

    Never great to see, in Berlin I saw one lady go down about 10m infront of me. My housemate did it today. He told me he had a lady in front who had a bit of a toilet case too.
  12. Running

    Still a really good effort. How was the sun? Looked like there was no cloud cover at all
  13. The find a job thread

    @elieanid will get ya a job at coles
  14. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I'd like to hear @cadete's thoughts on the matter
  15. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    I get the feeling that wazza isn't the type to balls up Wellington at home. Big game next week, we have to keep this momentum going