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  1. Yea here is a link. Should be in the normal places shortly https://stitcher.acast.com/livestitches/3aa9f285-8303-4f88-8e2a-00208f284054/6d8652d847a45f724684177ded27d1d2.mp3?aid=3aa9f285-8303-4f88-8e2a-00208f284054&chid=d0daafda-8c88-49ee-8249-6bb053e3e060&ci=811f91ce-3fca-41d2-9f5e-c63609c7e1c4&pf=rss&uid=0552e0e035ebff76d4d563b60b953b9a&Expires=1584010939&Signature=N3uJEK~nVQhtOIGFIwXkYvHEKa2hiVSZ6nnxb1BrsowoojcswStlVfjZlVkyiSbWNxm3OZK6E5u1~S7yTbdBcX2UFIFp092PrhkdzCcV4hUjg-VujM23fjFzwU-oe8q8py~Qjnau2Pd38Z~m3emPCt4Bb17YuvU54T0HR55bZKP2EToM8mrD8GJWE7xQm6OMDcvKw3fBqtBJfx1eAECv-0fOfSbjU8kgnMh82prqCGjLC9OC~RHvBW4Kxjmqngo5hgq-~nyz1n~3Q1N4rnWJBXdTP9Iu9xjvijE5v7hy80r6gkMtIGATh6oLi4aACGYzbl5Uft0841CaAai4F-hhfQ__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJXAFARUOTJQ3BLOQ
  2. Yea this one is pretty irredeemable. Fuck me if they renew Joyce too I might pack it in
  3. You wouldn't believe how hard its been to drag myself to some recordings this year, glad we can make it worth it for some people! We cop it a bit for being too negative but when the going is good we can be positive, right now the going is far from good.
  4. I admire you're ability to turn our mad ramblings into such a succinct summary
  5. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=341020 New ep
  6. Hahaha astute. I was trying to be clever
  7. Seeing as they couldn't organise a piss up in a brothel, I wouldn't get involved with them
  8. My 2 cents. Get ready for politics and in fighting.
  9. So over all this shit. Our clubs a joke and they have no care for fans. Run as many events as ya like it doesn't paper over the 4 years of contempt for us (I paid for my parma btw after being told the food would be post interviews) Dunno why I bother. On another note I'm taking my nephew to his first game Sunday night looking forward to spreading this misery.
  10. Can anyone see us missing finals? Sadly I can if we keep this up. Tbh though we are miles behind victory, Sydney and Perth so what would be the point of playing finals anyway
  11. Heard a rumour that he's gone, wonder how this will play out.
  12. I went last night and enjoyed it. Unpopular opinion amongst those who went, I'm not going to be convinced until I see changes in results. That said the club need to be doing these events more often and kudos to them for letting Talking City run the interviews rather than some club appointed talking head.
  13. Nah I dunno ask @bt50 think he just got sick of dumb opinions.
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