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  1. I'd pay to watch him fuck @Mork's wife.clearly it's happened before so why shouldn't Paddy be paid for it.
  2. Pretty much the approach I'm going to apply until it descends into defamation territory, he can say what he likes.i will too and that's that I think he's a fucking twat.
  3. Kinda getting bored of your hate for Paddy. Either give something concrete or fuck off with ya vendetta elsewhere
  4. That is a fucking banging kit and logo. It'll be a loooooong time til they get any relevance with Nacional and Penarol in town anyway. Their fans literally paint the power polls the clubs colours so you know which team the neighbourhood supports its that ingrained.
  5. Banned playmaker for a week for being completely off topic and I don't like him. Let the rest of you be warned. Take the bs elsewhere or thisgrumpyfortress strikes
  6. Want to do a JVS and lose every game 6-5
  7. I remember a particular Talking City host who I won't name ( @Embee) wanting us to have the German Joyce and Joyce's replacement.
  8. Only use it here too. Occasionally use it outside Europe and here, got a decent one in Brazil once. Doesn't make much economic sense outside the first world though (and also makes it harder to meet people which is a hostels biggest advantage)
  9. So fitness for EBC wasn't an issue in the end and I was completely fine with the altitude. The cold was a bit nastier than expected (water bottles froze in our room over night a few times). It's actually an awesome trip to unwind as it becomes all consuming and you kind of forget about the outside world. Saw a fucking tonne of rescue choppers flying up during my 11 days though, so def some failures that I didn't get to witness.
  10. Infamous. Probably one of the most iconic images in the clubs history.
  11. I'm starting a #boobruno campaign. If you hate the snake get amongst the booing
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