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  1. Glad to see the courts working as intended. Never should have gotten to this.
  2. Tbf he probably is working harder than he ever has before
  3. Thankfully shit doesn't seem to be too out of control here. The next few weeks are the big ones and could see Scott, Gladys and Dan become national heroes or pariahs. Here's hoping they become heroes.
  4. I've been using this site.best I can get, few good counters on YouTube too
  5. Don't wanna doxx him but don't think he uses the forum. Irresponsible for mine travelling at this time
  6. Talking city back live on YouTube hopefully can make it last this half
  7. Do most people use Kayo to watch the games, just trying to ensure we're all synced
  8. In sync with the games, so 5.30ish
  9. Who would listen if we did a twitch live stream simultaneously with the broadcast Friday or Monday ?
  10. Can we all collectively as a forum agree to ignore particular users? I won't moderate them or ban them as it's their opinions. But can we all just ignore all their posts and not feed the troll (aware I am being hypocritical)
  11. You've said some fucking stupid shit over the years on here. But this surely takes the cake
  12. Posting known Russian fake news links as their evidence. It's a new tiananmen, they'll pull the wool over the eyes of their own people. The rest of the world knows the truth. Given what's happening in Europe I think their plans for a "new silk road" might be coming to a grinding halt.
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