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  1. Maybe Fernando is fit an available and Joyce is just not picking him because of Fitzy's good form? Also, i cant see Joyce being a massive fan of his diving antics.
  2. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    City 1-0 Bort with a header from a corner
  3. Tim Cahill

    http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/tim-cahill-disrespected-the-socceroos-jumper-during-world-cup-qualifier/news-story/2c2ddd7ac1b2cbca239ce61590406267#.tcwin I hope this isn't true..
  4. City Square

    I see on the facebook page they have said Stomping Ground Brewery are going to be selling beers at City Square. Does anyone know if they have food trucks, Kranskys huts or anything else food wise? Club website is has nothing.
  5. yes, and John to say we were just "unlucky"
  6. 1-1 half time Ross to come on and score a worldie from outside the box to win it
  7. Marcin Budzinski (Polish hero)

    Nie Marcin Bez partii Polish for: No Marcin No Party (To the tune of Bersart the Gypsy)
  8. Opinions are like arseholes, you should get yours checked by a professional and if there is something wrong with it, get it fixed???
  9. If true the club needs to hurry up and.....
  10. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/former-melbourne-city-coach-john-vant-schip-to-take-charge-of-dutch-top-flight-club-pec-zwolle/news-story/758711df14994ccc7766e0b92495c72b Davutovic wrote this back in April.
  11. Why not announce it same day as the game this week? Say around 10am the morning of?
  12. Memberships

    Renewed today, solely because I am a foundation member and want to keep that rolling. If thing's haven't improved by this time next year I am out.
  13. Gini Wijnaldum - the kop

    Mich-ael Jak-ob-sen
  14. you can blame the club, if we had of won Sunday we would have finished 3rd and most likely played Perth Friday night