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  1. Mich-ael Jak-ob-sen
  2. you can blame the club, if we had of won Sunday we would have finished 3rd and most likely played Perth Friday night
  3. 3.5 Euro?! That's like $5 Australian. Bargain!
  4. yes it was an awful game but finally got to see an away win!
  5. Yep, We were even lucky enough to see that 2-1 loss to Newcastle last season.
  6. A bunch of us going up on our annual away trip. We have not seen a win in the 5 consecutive years we have been doing this, so can already confirm we will not win this. Hoping for a late equalizer draw so we can celebrate like it was.
  7. Both Kamau and Fitzy played well but IMO Brandan has to start, and its either one of those or Caceras who has to miss out.
  8. If Jakobsen Plays we win, if not we lose.
  9. Team to walk out to Stone Colds Theme this week and we can yell "WHAT" after every complete pass instead of ole'
  10. Everyone is putting up decent team lists and what we should go with, but lets be honest its going to be something dumb like Rose playing CB
  11. Did Berisha get sighted for thrown the ball at him?
  12. to be fair, a few times Colazo was wide open on the wing and our friend Josh couldn't hit him with the simplest of passes. Colazo also walked around the keeper and scored a brilliant goal which was incorrectly judged offside