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  1. good on ya mooy. Even now he's not being big headed and sticking to the side line for the celebration.
  2. Legitimately good penalty shootout.
  3. In there!!!
  4. Cool as a cucumber there mooy.
  5. And we had nice white and red shirts...
  6. Super glad to have stayed home for this one. Saved money on tickets and the stupid amount of beers I'd need to drink to get through this shit.
  7. what the fuck?
  8. 2 corners we should have had from fitzy shots now....
  9. shoot you fuck!
  10. fuck bouzanis is shit
  11. Saw Malik in the lobby for the mantra on jolimont earlier. Not sure he'll be playing wouldn't he be with the team?
  12. Girls and the Youth team have now won more than the mens....
  13. Took a page from Dugandzic's book there.
  14. I read 8414. Yes we do have more season ticket holders but we aren't 19 games undefeated and we had 7 players suspended and another 2 out injured. Considering this I'm pretty happy with the lot who turned out to see us.