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  1. Absolutely! If I can actually get the research done to write it. I'm huge on Australian football culture and the excited for the game to grow here so if I can write a somewhat decent article then I'd love to spread it round a bit.
  2. Hey all, I’m a journalism student at Monash University, and though only recently, a Melbourne Heart supporter. As part of my course I’m looking to pursue a story surrounding the Manchester City takeover and the expected club changes to take place respectively, particularly the name and kit colour changes. There are obviously the issues in regards to Sydney FC’s club culture built around the ‘Sky Blues’ nickname to consider, as well as the culture Melbourne Heart and their supporters have begun to build here over their few seasons. Ideally I am looking to briefly interview an admin of the supporters’ club, or other such prominent leader in regards to these changes, with the current A-League season now finished, and the changes expecting to be made before 2015. In addition, if there were some way to get a poll on the home page of the supporter’s club website, where all visiting traffic could vote on their opinions for the name and colour changes, I would be truly grateful. Please let me know if any of these ideas are possible to any degree, I am eager to write a story on football culture in Australia, and I believe the current issues Melbourne Heart is in the thick of would be perfect. Isaac
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