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  1. LOL - How good is this guy? His like the Grandson of the Exchange Student in Sixteen Candles.
  2. Yeah, but I was not gonna stay friends with that Bitch in any form... The knowledge from our time together that she is was on Facebook 24/7 looking up PPL from her past is enough satisfaction for me that my point will be made.
  3. Unfriend them... But dont Block them so they can see when ya Bounce Back.
  4. I would take that contract in a minute, but a couple of days is all you need in Berlin to realise despite the place being a National Capital with a National Stadium that not too many PPL really care about Hertha or Football in Berlin as in other parts of Germany.
  5. The Monash has sucked for over a decade when they changed the bloody Speed Limit to 80 in the parts nearer to the city...
  6. I think he is likable and presents well as a down to earth type than most Politicians, and I think a lot of Australian's could view him as breath of fresh air to the Federal Leaders and Key Federal Politicians that have been on our screens over the past six years. I could see a Jimmy Carter like sentiment in the electorate... obv less said about Carter the President the better. No, it sounds like someone who for a period of well over six years has continued to remain Anonymous on this Forum and in particular in this stupid thread despite many of the occasions where I could have just Grandstanded on Several Topics where what PPL have written shit that is just plain wrong. Also FWIW this situation of having access to information (None of it course ever being due to any merit of my own) that I dont say on here has only actually gotten harder to do over the last couple of years as well.
  7. Albo??? Is he cranking through the gears as they come down the hill at Caulfield??? I cant see him losing an election against Turnbull TBH, not that I think Shorten would be losing either ATM... and I do think Shorten is a lot better than what he looks like on TV. Mind you I think in hindsight Albo could have won the last election.
  8. I have to say this is my feeling as well... and its echoed by how the most Pro-ALP Person I know (my younger brother) also cant be bothered wasting my breath on it.
  9. No... And I think the proof is in the fact that the PPL I know who are in the top marginal tax rate def would not say that Australia is a Socialist Country at all.
  10. I dont think there really are any Aussie names... maybe names of Great Australians can sometimes be given out. However, its pretty stupid that PPL will go out there way with these new names because they want a different name for their child when in reality Jaxon or Cayley will actually encounter fat more PPL there own age throughout their lives with their own names than those with the "common names" of Peter or Mary.
  11. I find the made up or misspelt names that Anglos call their kids worse... at least with Wogs there are cultural/religious reasons for the names they chose. (Also I dated a Greek Girl and they were big on following the tradition of naming their kids after Grandparents, However I quickly learnt that with a lot of Greeks twenty five or younger they just use an Anglicised version of their name.) A good example of something that irks me is some Anglo Aussies naming a Kid: Jaxon... The kid's name meaning therefore is "Son of Jack (John really if we are honest)". Then on top of that they have misspelled it in a crap way with the adding of a "X" for to make it sound more interesting (But it just looks bogan) and even then its still just the misspelled version of a popular American Surname/Place Name that has no relevance at all in Australia.
  12. TTIM: PPL who give their children shit names... in particular boys names.
  13. My thoughts are OUT on ADHD but a lot of kids I went to school got diagnosed with it when they were in their final years of school and underperforming and this was just prior to PPL getting their first Nokia Phones... so I dont think it has much to do with Technology. The major issue is the overdiagnosis of ADHD - Which was what I was witnessing as school because WA at the time (I dont know about know) was diagnosing it at rather high rate in comparison to the other places in the Western World at the time. I also had a number of friends who admitted to lying about ADHD to get extra Exam Time in yr12 and of course a second income through medication sales. Also no shit my Mum is fat... she is sixty and has had four kids.
  14. Is this because the world needs more Misc Brahs rather than it needed inferior humans like John Curtin or Ernest Hemingway?
  15. The thing is this shit has never been acceptable in AFL... So I def dont need to read some Article about how the Sport needs to change its culture making such comments about a Woman, I ESP dont want hear the media saying that "it is not acceptable anymore to talk this way" and "The Boys club Banter needs to stop". Reality is if it was in 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987 and even 1997 the Saints Players pathetic actions of speaking about a bloke's wife like that would have seen their actions evened up by the Carlton players before the Final Siren... imagine Syd Jackson's reaction if someone said that about John Nicholas Wife. That is exactly what would have happened if it was at North Port Oval or in a Country League.. It Makes you wonder if the Culture at St Kilda has really improved that much under this rebuild.