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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    VICPOL have pretty much been the best State Police Force since the Kennett years. A quick look at Corruption Cases shows that....
  2. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Seriously fucken hell that scorecard is more tragic than fucken Oedipus Rex... Hoffman with the winner to deny us a GF is a bloody crueller plot twist than incest.
  3. Domestic Politics

    Completely agree... What Turnbull has essentially done is: nothing. He has created a vibe of being more moderate but really just sat on his arse leaving the policies before him place but making them weaker due his lack of conviction. And his one own policy has been his complete fuck up with school funding - Which has lost him the election.
  4. Domestic Politics

    Seriously what are you talking about? I am in my mid thirties and I have always been in the Center for my entire Political Life... TBH my biggest Political Belief is in the Australian Constitution and the Two Party System's ability to find the Middle Ground for the Australian Electorate. Due to my family background I have interested in Politics from a young age (12 years old) to the extent that it was what I chose to study at school and uni and this has consistently been my principle belief long before the first SJW became a Vegan or the first Alt Right Nerd drank his Protein Shake. The biggest change of Political Opinion that I have ever had actually only occurred last year and PPL close to me still find it amusing and all it was that I feel I am more now a Right Faction ALP person than a Left Leaning Liberal Man. Why is that whenever you post about women on here you attack Feminism (As above) or provide some weird commentary you have about judging Prospective Dating Partners based on their Racial Profile?
  5. Domestic Politics

    Yeah, the names are def coming... they well and truly exist. There is no doubt about that, and some funding in WA for whatever Senator Cash was prepared to put herself out for... Somehow, I dont think we have the same opinion on what is a SJW view... Also he has complete control of his party (has had for ages) so if you really are saying you believe that he will contest and lose a second election after being in Government and you will take "Very Short Odds" then I will happily take your wager. (The last one term Federal Government was in 1929). So what are the "Very Short Odds?"
  6. Domestic Politics

    I cant be bothered arguing against the statement that Bill Shorten is "As Left as they come" or... yeah I CBF. So we should re-elect Turnbull, because he has always been a party man and never an individualist and is running such a great Tight knit Government.
  7. Domestic Politics

    Why? Shorten has had control of the ALP for over eight years now which means we can have a PM who can make decisions with being scared of being knifed. I think most Australians agree this what something we are crying out for... the Libs have no such thing. Then also what is the current Government giving us: A bloke to scared to stand up to a backbench he seem to be going further and further to the right wanting to cut funding as much as possible for things like Health and Education. Also the current Government's economic record has hardly out performed that of the previous ALP Government - considering the conditions each Government dealt with... neither have been great the Libs can argue things are more stable now and the ALP can point point to the GFC. And FWIW these days one the other your once traditional Far Left ALP Voter now throws their vote away for Communist Party for the Greens. Just because my politics dont perfectly fit into a Party Platform does not mean I am all over the place, Politics is not Football... it just largely a result of being a Centralist.
  8. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    I thought that was for Shirvo.
  9. Domestic Politics

    What? I rate Marx as one of the more sophisticated thinkers of the world in the past 500 years, and I despise "Marxism" (Sorry Antifa these days) more than anyone. I am not saying he was right about things... but his contribution to philosophy and academia cant be denied.
  10. Domestic Politics

    I have always stated that I am right in the middle, if I had to use a descriptive word it be that I am a "Liberal" in the way FDR used the word. Also I have posted several times on here that I am a pragmatist and dont make excuses for changing my opinion on things some times. Both my Grandfathers were made to leave the ALP due to being Catholic prior to the DLP split so this influenced me greatly for many years into being a Progressive Socially Minded Liberal Voter in the Costello Camp. However, the ALP has become the Catholic Party once again with Shorten agreeing to reinstate funding to Catholic Schools, which will both win him the election, my vote and even my 90 year old Grandfather's vote. I have always said that in the UK I would have always been a Labor Voter... Paul Keating is a pretty adequate description (Catholic/Right of the ALP). IMO the Liberal Party is no longer to what I believe should be the Center of Australian Politics and the Pinkos all vote Greens (because they are too dumb its realize they are really giving their vote to the Libs) so now so for me the ALP under Shorten is really Australia's big chance to get back on track and away from the extremes. Isolated examples of Great Men from another time and TBH on Martin Luther King - It was Lyndon Johnson that did the most work for Black Rights in the sixties.
  11. Domestic Politics

    Bloody Identity Politics... where is it getting us? Fucken Nowhere, and the dumbest thing is that each side only thinks the other side is partaking in Identity Politics when they do the exact same thing and as they each sink lower and lower (Usually about shit that doesn't really matter) they point to the opposition to justify the crap they are sprouting. People blame Politicians in Canberra for everything right now and no doubt our last four PM's have not been great but they are working within a system based on Class Politics, as in the one that made England a first world nation and then us an even better first world nation. Identity Politics has given us nothing beneficial to society that was not then achieved through the traditional process anyway .
  12. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM: How so many Alt Right Nerds who blame their problems in society on some immense SJW bias that they think blocks them and opportunities for them at every turn. Its like I sorry boys but I am bloody in my mid 30's and I can tell you that if any bias is preventing you from: The Girl, The Job, or your rightful Position in Society I can tell you for a fact that its not due to some New Age Feminist lead assault on men that is causing you these issues... In fact its just the same bland plain old traditional bias that was within society in the 90's, the 00's and the 10's (And obv before) - And TBH if anything you should be fighting the Old School Traditional Status Quo in this Country rather than pretending a new Political Movement has gained so much momentum its robbed you of what in the past would have been yours. And FWIW there are parts of my life I wish I could improve but I am dont blame where I fall short on the more idiotic SJW's (Who I dont know) who I see post dumb shit on Facebook for fuck sake. This country is still as close as u can get to a Meritocracy for males as you can find in 2018.
  13. Domestic Politics

    Yesterday I got called a "Peasant" and "Leftist Scum"... pretty funny for some of the older posters around here. Anyway it occurred because some sixty year old loser kept ear bashing us from a neighboring table for 20 minutes at a Cafe about how the Country's Health Care System was fucked solely because: "They just let any old (Insert Three Racist Words for Refugees from the Middle East/West Africa/Sub Cont) into the Country all of them riddled with Disease. Eventually my Wife and I basically told him to shut up (He was not finishing anytime soon) and he went nuts up like a 68 year old MV Wannabe Hool launched into his rebuttal... TBH our own rebuttal about not being Peasants was pretty funny. Anyway I no fan of SJW and the Left Leaning Media but when you see one of these real nasty types in action - They are so much worse its ridiculous.
  14. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    I thought it was the "Helga's Quality" Tightarse Thread.
  15. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    My favorite part of Cricket is the sledge but there is pretty basic line you dont cross... partners, children and close family being a major one. Probably the reason why my interest really dropped away when Warney retired.