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  1. Great to hear Wally and his wife both recently actually completed their Politics degrees... Not that has stopped them preaching in their own Homemade Department of Bullshit at Monash.
  2. Including a bloke who had to be sacked when he was a Loose Fucken Cannon as the DPP.
  3. I have been obsessed with Footy and History since I was like seven so I know about a lot shit that happened before my time. Also who the fuck is an AFL fan and not seen the Electrifying Eighties?
  4. Several times since I was a child I have witnessed Essendon fans both boo and give bronx cheers to their own players over the years, so its hardly surprising an ex-player got booed.. McPhee and Stanton being two that come straight to mind. Then there was also the 1983 Grand Final Walk Out... the greatest Walk Out of All Time.
  5. I have been a Paid Up Member every Season since the First Season of Heart. And FWIW if PPL want to support City like they did Heart - Maybe they should remember Willow and Maycon before they complain about Cahill... I mean even Hoffman got a chance as a Number Nine in S2 of MHFC.
  6. Seriously, its not like any of us pays him... He would get a gig in any side in the A-League and he also scores enough goals for his time on the pitch... You also cant really fault him for effort in games either so who really cares. Then again I barely give a fuck anymore about City so maybe that is just me being apathetic to what happens at the club in general.
  7. [
  8. They do but they don't like to admit it and try keep it to a limit. I know as my brother and his long term partner are quite fashion conscious as well being the same height and weight.
  9. This... Maradona was hardly big and he had guys just hacking his shins 24/7. I think in Modern Football he still would have been near Messi and Ronaldo.
  10. Used to be sick when u could buy it in the those Looney Tune Drinking Glasses in the 90's as a kid.
  11. Second Law Student stuff... Like when they get around us having a Bill or Rights.
  12. I wonder how you actually have such an abundant amount of spare time... you put me on a Friday Arvo at work to shame.
  13. ROFL... and that is the first time that I Moderated since MH, and the first time I have ever banned a User. Looks like only MISC for the next week Strides.
  14. If you have not noticed I rarely post on Wednesday (Use to be Thursday) and on the weekend... but probably.
  15. TTIM: When you go for a quiet drink with a mate you have not seen around for awhile and then your conversations gets hijacked by one of those rather dull "After Work Drink Women" who ask for a Cheeky Cigarette but who then for some reason end up hanging you guys for the next hour. As a Smoker this always happens very frequently to myself. Worst point is when you and your mate have to end meeting their even more boring Work Colleagues, and then you have to hear about the two Colleagues work together in their particular Work Environment. By this point I usually start to think to myself: I could have stayed home and actually have a non boring conversation with my Wife rather than hearing about where PPL I will never meet again sit in regards to each other in their Office.