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  1. Charity Event

    @sheepdog - Seriously...... (Admins, feel free to ban me from this forum after this). mate, you can be Leban Stringer (considered by some the most dangerous youth in the casual scene currently)....you could be Dean Balalti himself, Alen Kontrovic, Woody, Jason Hernandez from good old Horda, You could be David from Nomandi, You could be Mitch or Andy from HCS, you could be Michael K from HSC...... I AINT FUCKING SCARED!!!......you know how to find me cos looks like you know who I fucking am. Look being where I am for over 3 years, whatever I do, you cannot make everyone happy, youre always open to criticism no matter what, this is why "I & S16 do what we want" we dont care, we never did...... but for me personally I am not the best fighter, I know Im a short ass......I maybe that, I do stand by ground and be with my own mates who I call my own family when it has mattered, Ive proven to them and that's all I need to. Unless your name is [Former Yarraside Member] (Love ya buddy, no homo, see ya when the season starts ), Ninos Damo, Michael Tohme, David Younan (feel free to look up those names on the net etc etc).....Im scared of them because I know good they are at the art of what they do. Im scared of them....... There is not a lot things I'm scared of these days....especially being where I am in football and having to be put in certain situations where I have been outnumbered, battered, bruised, plenty of stories that half the lads in here have been through over the years etc etc. Sheepdog, you know how to find us......this is coming from Dr himself as well since you notably called him out. "This is the last post, posting as elieanid on here" and will be on here as a different name/alias" this is why im making this post, a good one before I leave....... Im out.
  2. Charity Event

    Seriously no one reads half the shit on here, and you're not mentioning who you are.....you know how to find us when season starts.
  3. Charity Event

    Nah, I have my own battles once season starts. Silence is golden right about now........
  4. A-League Fixture 2017/18

    Looking forward to some away trips.......
  5. Level 3 - AAMI Park

  6. Not an artist or graphic designer......sorry.
  7. Wont be there, working.....see you lot for Sydney away or Derby depending on results. If we dont win.....SEE YOU NEXT SEASON!
  8. Sack Valkanis

    Yes then......Aloisi in for 2.0. The bring back JVS for 3.0. followed by Valkanis for 2.0. once again and we come back too a full circle. Welcome too Melbourne City Football Club ladies and gentlemen where the Merry Go Round is always at play. *starts humming the merry go round tune in my head*
  9. Friday 24th March. Melbourne City vs WSW. KO:7:50

    That's it fold the club.....and burn it down.
  10. Talking City Fan Channel

    No I'm all good thanks......
  11. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Nope........definitely wasn't wearing that nor do I smoke. lol.
  12. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM: This image below......definitely a good laugh from a neutral prospective watching Arsenal videos of this colourful person.
  13. That was great when it was sung.......
  14. maybe we should be doing this at our matches........or not.
  15. Casual culture