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  1. Domestic Politics

    Shanghai Sam GONE
  2. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    Ross > Bruno
  3. Domestic Politics

    Its really 4 parties Conservatives, Classical Liberals/Libertarians, Moderates, and 'We are not unionists so I guess that makes us Liberals'. They were called the Democrats - they died because generally people are not both fiscally conservative and socially moderate. The Liberal Democrats are really a Libertarian party not quite the same thing.
  4. Domestic Politics

  5. Tim Cahill

    I know its cool to hate on Tim in here but bad move by the club. He was better at scoring from open play than Fornaroli last season. The fans love him especially the kids, every time he came on on or ran past the crowd while on the bench he got a massive cheer. Keeps the club narrative going that Melbourne City cannot be trusted when it comes to big name signings, first Villa not hanging around now Tim. Will kill any chance of a membership boost in the future based on signing players.
  6. Looked like the ball was out when Malik's boot went high
  7. A Fornaroli and McCormack partnership could be great. Fornaroli is great in open play and McCormack is fantastic with free kicks and penalties
  8. Domestic Politics

    I have no problem helping to pay for things by tolls but why is it only acceptable that this applies to roads? Try adding a Medicare co-payment and you are evil. Tolls are really co-payments and they should apply to (virtually) everything the government supplies. If the public cannot see enough value in the service to help pay for it, then the government shouldn't be paying for it.
  9. I had a 30th last night. I then made the mistake of waiting up to 12:30 to watch the game on replay on Foxtel. What a waste of time.
  10. International Politics

    I don't think anyone could say Kim Jong puts his country first.
  11. International Politics

    He's been pretty true to his word on what he planned on. He's stood up to North Korea. And as @thisphantomfortress said he's been fairly small government
  12. Domestic Politics

    Possibly it would stem the loss of votes to One Nation and the Conservatives but I think the support he used to have within the parliamentary party has dried up. It would make sense for the next person to bring him back into cabinet though. I think if he sees Malcolm go he will be happy enough.
  13. Domestic Politics

    Turnbull's time is up. He lost a cabinet decision on the citizenship audit "check-up report" and now James Campbell the Herald Sun journo who has been one of his cheerleaders has effectively called time on him. The only question now is who will take over and when. My guess he will wait and if the SSM survey gets up once parliament then passes SSM, he will resign with that being his victory. The 'who' is the harder question: Julie Bishop has declined in support. Scott Morrison has lost support of the conservatives and is tainted by the Turnbull budgets. Peter Dutton may be seen as too inexperienced or not enough of a media performer. That's about it for likely candidates though.
  14. International Politics

    One year since the Trump victory. I was not a Trump fan (Carson, then Rubio for me) but I have to admit he has done a much better job than I expected.
  15. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    Fitzy wasn't manning up