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  1. Domestic Politics

    It was a good budget (tax cuts are always good and a flat tax is excellent) but any budget where we owe money cannot be 10/10. Also no significant spending cuts. 7.5/10
  2. The Club really needs to address the problems fast because it is going to be even harder moving forward with a new Melbourne/Victorian team coming in. Whether its Casey's Team 11, or the new Western Suburbs bid announced over the weekend or the Geelong team or the South Melbourne bid. That will further divide the pool of potential new supporters and also run the real risk of losing some of our supporters. Lets face it most of us are or became Melbourne City/Heart fans because we were ANTI-Victory rather than PRO-City/Heart. What to do is frustrating we all know (in order for me): Reduce prices - they are a killer. We need to match or have lower prices than the Big Bash or the NBL. Sign a genuine marque - not a mid-range player for a mid-range league. We have never really recover the public's trust the David Villa debacle. Push back against he FFA for earlier game times. Kids are the future fans. Kids can't do games that start at 7:50pm every week. Stop all the Manchester City pushing/branding. This has reduced which is good. But most fans don't care about them or don't like them. Those that do like Man City will support us regardless of any push. Keep a squad together. Its very hard to support a team when the team has an almost full turn over of players every 2 years.
  3. Player Contracts - Season 2018-19

    Jakobsen departs Melbourne City
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    There's the worst kept secret the club has had since the take-over
  5. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    2015-2016 - Mooy, Fornaroli & Novillo running amok and breaking records. 2016-2017 - Cup win 2017-2018 - Highest ever finish (but still not top 2) This would be our third best season. Is that good enough for a pass? Probably if we are ok with being a good but not great team.
  6. Western Sydney

    Wow! Looked like he was really setting up for next season (Adelaide Mk II) with a number of recruits now he is gone!
  7. Domestic Politics

    Disgraceful scam by Labor, made ever worse by them spending over a million of taxpayers dollars fighting to keep the independent Ombudsman from investigating the rort.
  8. MOTM Rd 23 vs Adelaide

    Schenkeveld followed close by Arzani
  9. Arzani gets clotheslined and gets no free
  10. I am convinced that Joyce gets paid a bonus for each unused sub.
  11. If he let him take it, he shares the blame.
  12. Luck to be on after the penalty too Didn't we learn to not let Bruno take penalties from last year
  13. We started poorly but have lifted in the last 10
  14. Foxtel have unlocked Foxsports for those with Foxtel