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  1. Manchester bomber was a "soccer fan". That explains his violence....
  2. The party is at a crossroad. Similar to where Labor was ~10 years ago. The rise of the Greens meant Labor had to decide do they go further Left to try to stem their loses to the Greens or do they stay centre left. They have gone far left and are paying the cost of that. They abandoned their base low-income battlers for inner city, chardonnay socialists types. Abandoning the base is the death of any party. With the rise of alternative (broadly) right-wing parties One Nation, Liberal Democrats and the Australian Conservatives, the Liberals are in the same position. They need to decide do they move right to stem the loses, stay centre-right or move to be a centralist party. The problem with a centralist position is you don't actually stand for anything and the public care more about politicians standing for something than nothing. If you don't have anything to stand for, you don't have a narrative to sell, you will not get support. That is the problem with the current Federal Libs. What do they stand for? I don't think the Liberal Party can win the next election with Turnbull. Last election was a fluke and we only won because Dan Andrews was on the nose with CFA and Safe Schools in key seats. The solution is one they won't go for. Massive generational change. Switching to a younger leader who actually believes in the values of the party and wants to argue for them: Michael Sukkar, Andrew Hastie or Tim Wilson. State-wise we are in a good place. We have a leader who actually is a strong believer in the Liberal Party and its values.We may well see the first truly Liberal government since Bolte.
  3. STAY Franjic Tonyik Caceras Fitzy Kamau - for the bench Kilkenny Cahill - for the bench Those random young kids who made cameos in the last few rounds GO Everyone else Fornaroli I'd be tempted to keep but he under performed this season. If he wasn't marque I'd hold onto him til Jan and see how he went but because you can only have 2 marques per season total we can't take the risk.
  4. Doesn't matter - have a look at the players (Paulo Retre, Jack Clisby, Connor Chapman and Jacob Melling) we signed at the same time last year only Retre remains
  5. Again this comes down to recruitment and retention of players. A captain is a key part of your team. You need to either recruit someone with those capabilities or train someone up for that role. I suspect giving him the captaincy was part of the deal to retain him. Better options with what we have would have been Cahill or Franjic.
  6. No victim = no crime
  7. I'd prefer the Singapore model but would settle for the US model
  8. Well done Matthew Guy!
  9. Really this is because Sydney and Victory have been stand outs and everyone else has been rubbish in large patches. We have just managed to be a little less rubbish than the rest of the pack.
  10. I was going to make that disclaimer but we've been waiting for a major signing since CFG took over. Tim Cahill was as big as this league has ever had but even even he (probably) hasn't made a big impact on memberships. I can't see CFG putting up the cash for a genuine bums on seats star just out of one of the big three leagues.
  11. I'm making the early call - membership numbers will be down next season compared to this.
  12. Honestly felt like a chore turning this game on. The fun and excitement has gone out of it.
  13. Enjoy
  14. Video refereeing can only get better and better. 'Normal' refereeing has a limit on how good it can be.
  15. Its a great colour for baby boy onesies.