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  1. I think you should take the $195 option, do everyone a favour.
  2. Tbf the membership department has probably been the best performing area of the club since takeover, maybe the community work deserves a shout. I was a difficult sell especially last season.
  3. Take Berenguer out of your thinking he is an outlier. Generally speaking Visa players are genuine starting players and the other 7 positions MUST be filled by local players. And my point is that these positions are mostly filled by senior journey men before youth players. If the visa player quota was changed IMO the situation with youth players would remain. The problem though of competing in ASIA would now be also affected, but in all honesty A League clubs have very little chance of competing anyway.
  4. Disagree. The blokes preventing youth development are the 25+ Australian journeyman type players. Because clubs must play local players, and most teams are geared to 1 season cycles and results are fundamental a coach 9 times out of 10 is going to play a senior player over a youth. I believe if the quota changed the situation with youth players would be exactly tge same.
  5. Ooh that Navy blue will rustle a few jimmies.
  6. I think this is what is getting people pissed off. He was supposedly promised a better deal in his second year, but for me the fault lies without conditions. Had he performed and dominated no one would say boo and would applaud the club for good business but he stank last year and appears to being rewarded. Now what needs to be also taken into consideration is the way the club sticks to it's contracts and "promises". Selling a deal to a player to come to a 2nd rate league on the other side of the world isn't easy, then if you have a reputation of axing players half way through (insert several other A League clubs) long term it's going to be tough bringing in new quality visas. So all up the club fucked up with Berenguer but it is probably worse long term if he gets replaced. Hopefully he reaches a decent standard and the club won't be too embarrassed.
  7. Another good listen. Renny needs to lighten up a bit, its a long off season.
  8. I agree with most regarding Florian and his standard, although he finished last season much better, his 2 games so far have been pretty much Meh and haven't done anything for me. Having said that if the other new visa players are guns I'll take it.
  9. Lucky it wasn't an italian club, extramerda. Not the most inspiring club name.
  10. Would roll better if was circular
  11. The only good thing about that game was muddied towel.
  12. Maybe, and could be close. What are people's opinion of Griffiths being more of a CB, maybe a 4th choice? Although he was basically playing against kids he surprised me and his composure.
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