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  1. I don't follow American baseball and I have no fkn clue what that stadium looks like. So what's the point?
  2. Doubt it. Most of them are illiterate and can't speak properly.
  3. Looking around, I noticed most fans on the wings had moved higher up under cover. Same behind the goals, so it wouldn't surprise me if that 5547 figure was correct, they were just a little more difficult to spot.
  4. I agree, I'd love to see him back to his old form - it gave us so much joy. But I really think he too needs to adapt, because in addition to everything else, it's also no secret that once teams started working him out, they tightened up on him and he struggled with that attention. BTW, that Munn/Joyce destroying players comment is pure bullshit.
  5. Hmmmm, interesting... We on the forum often whinge about how great it was when Bruno, Mooy and Novillo were together, how lethal that combination was and how great Bruno played with those boys. With Castro and Ikon, Bruno now finds himself in a similar scenario to what he had back then. I think it's a fair stretch TBH to say he's now struggling because of them, when it worked so well back then for us. He still has the skills and the smarts, but let's just face it, he himself is not the player he was back then. It might change, but I wouldn't count on it.
  6. I really believe that bullshit tackle that wrecked his ankle in the FFA Cup game was the start of the decline for Bruno as a player. Of course the big fallout didn't help, but I think that was a consequence of the injury.
  7. I enjoyed seeing the players genuinely celebrate with the fans after the game. Looks like they have more freedom to do so. Unlike the last couple of seasons, where it was just such a sterile feeling, even after a win.
  8. You can be passionate and care without swearing like a spoilt brat on tv. I thought his behaviour was immature - he had at least half an hour between that incident and the interview - he could have made his point so many different ways, but he chose to grandstand like a sulk.
  9. Ok, so the pen was probably the wrong decision but to say it influenced the game is BS for mine... and because they scored a cheap goal with a minute to go shouldn't put the focus back on that decision. I hope Fenton gets sanctioned for his post match behaviour. Yeah it was stiff, but to carry on like he did when getting interviewed was plain pathetic.
  10. Could be worse - you could be following victory. For all the concern over our support and crowds, just look at those clowns as a reference point - playing shit football, in front of shit crowds at a shit venue. Muscat leaving tore the soul out of that club and watching their pathetic display on Friday gave me a good laugh on the weekend. In comparison to them and most other clubs, i am quite happy where we're at right now tbh...
  11. rass


    So sad to hear JW, our thoughts and prayers are with you in what must be such a difficult time. 100%
  12. He was definitely holding it (left) as he walked back to the middle after celebrating the second goal.
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