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  1. Hmmm i thought Gerhardt was playing long before you were born...
  2. Ross McCormack

    Thank God to doing his knee? That's fucked man. Total shit thing to say.
  3. I thought Atkinson was a shade disappointing when he came on. Perhaps it was the unfamiliar striker role, but his touch was off tonight. He seemed to improve though when Arzani came on, who i thought was exciting and dangerous. I'd definitely give him a go first.
  4. Whilst I'm at it, why can't one of these pricks actually call Matt Simon for what he is - just a pure A grade cunt. Sick of this prick. Yet to see a single game where he hasn't come on and caused a scuffle within the first 2 minutes. Instead of treating him like a lovable larrikin, call him out for the dirty, cheating cunt he is. Rapt Bart wouldn't shake his hand after the game.
  5. He'll get nothing. It won't even be reviewed.
  6. It's translated as: "I'm making some shit up just so as not to penalise Sydney and Bobo, whilst at the same time completely contradicting myself on national TV."
  7. Can someone have the balls to say Bobo's was a dog act. Looking ahead whilst kicking out fully aware the player was right there. But no, it was just a misdemeanor.. wtf you stupid gutless cnts...
  8. Bahahaha Strebre just said it was a grey decision, between a red and yellow...... but it was grey. So between a red and yellow which means nothing.... bobo and Sydney consistency...
  9. Joyce: "I've been in professional football for 35 years, come a long way and some of the things I've seen in the last few weeks are just not correct." Lol sums how fukd this league is. Some really fukd up shit in that game but the one incident that sent me over the edge was the ref pulling up Atkinson as he was running into the box and not play advantage. That's not a simple mistake; you get instructed to make those types of decisions... only in Sydney hey...
  10. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Wazza made the right choice. He was always going for experience against Sydney in Sydney.
  11. Reckon you've missed the most important players in their setup.
  12. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Congratulations, the first thing you've written that I actually understand.
  13. Everyone pulls their dicks over Ninkovic and this polish Adrian dude at Sydney, but whenever I've watched them, it's the workrate and continual contest making of both Brillante and O'Neill that is at the heart of their performances. That's why I think this is Mauk's most important game to date. His defensive pressure in attack will be key to how this game unfolds. If he can nullify at least one of those guys, we'll go a long way to winning this. Tbh, he'll probably be our most important player this weekend because of this.
  14. Nathaniel Atkinson

    Positionally though from the week before, the replacement for Muscat was Malik and Atkinson replaced Budzinski. Interesting to see what will happen for Sydney but i think experience will get the nod away.
  15. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    Won't say anymore on Brattan except that he was outstanding last night and played well everytime he's had an opportunity. Worked better with Jako last night too.