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  1. I'm loving how Atkinson is getting forward, gives us another attacking option. Reminds me a bit of Grant. ..but I'm very worried that atm, he's just trying a bit too much and ends up losing possession often in a game - which leaves us open down that side. Just needs to get that balance right and he'll be an excellent player in this league.
  2. No idea. Kisnorbo said that during his interview with Dwayne Russell on SEN this afternoon.
  3. Apparently he's staying in Melbourne also to greet his wife who arrives from overseas today.
  4. I too thought susaeta wasn't bad centrally. Looked like he played more of a #8 role as he dropped deep often. I would've thrown Najjarine on earlier for Wales.
  5. Very weird here right now... And I just had to kick someone out of my seat!
  6. Make no mistake, that game meant as much to Perth as it did to us. Given our away form, our recent history against them, our overall away form against them and our well documented tendency to shit ourselves in these games, they undoubtedly would have had this game chalked down as a win and their chance to get second spot and all its trappings. So fuck you , you purple fucksticks. Couldn't be more happier and proud of us. Yeah, and he's a big loss - his defensive work is mad! But against a misfiring WSW at home, we should be able to cover him with Genreau and Metcalfe ready to take his spot.
  7. He's just a fukn idiot. Bring Bozza on every day of the week.
  8. You can only win mate and two games ago we were level on points with both of them.
  9. Lol you beat me to it. His bias was disgusting, what a fkn prick. His voice actually broke a couple of times he got so excited. Simon Hill disagreeing with him on that dagostino challenge wiped the jizz off his face. 2nd vote to Kurt Ames and his home crowd shit himself refereeing. Deserved a kick to the head for allowing them to take that foul 6.30 mins into stoppage time. But the win was awesome, under so much pressure, just brilliant. Well done us.
  10. I could be wrong, but from what I noticed last week, I thought Berenguer aa I could be wrong, but from what I noticed last week, I thought Luna and Berenguer were a little too far away from each other when attacking. They seemed a bit too close to their respective sided wingers, which for mine, left a bit of a hole there. I think little tweaks like tightening that will help us and allow us to drop that central ball in, instead of trying to move defences from side to side.
  11. I saw a bit of the Jets v Glory game and thought Perth were toothless tbh. Interestingly, the pen they received for the sliding handball didn't even end up in a caution for Boogard. Where as Delbridge in two very similar cases, received a 2nd yellow and a straight red...
  12. rass

    Tom Glover

    Spot on. We noticed it too during the game. Earlier, Luna had a free kick down that end and Young had his wall setup with the tallest player on that side opposite to where he was standing. We even commented at the time how different the walls were setup with the shortest player Jamo being on the other side. You could've bet your house that O'Shea was always going that side.
  13. Sorry, are you saying we relocate to Nashville?
  14. Agree. Brisbane have developed a habit of scoring late recently. Those two late subs we made just halted their moment enough and the Delbridge one as weird as it seemed, was made to make them a little more accountable. It may not have been the most entertaining game, but it was definitely a job well done and I thought managed quite comfortably - despite Fowler thinking they were robbed for some stupid reason. Exactly what was required with all our direct ladder opponents falling over this weekend.
  15. If we were chasing the game, then yes. But as we were leading and they were coming at us, Metcalfe was the better option.
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