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  1. This is a question that gets discussed a bit around here. I used to firmly believe it's the championship but now i think it actually depends on the season. Take last season for example. Sydney dominated yet if it wasn't for a Muscat coaching brainfade, they could've lost the grand final. Hence the premiership was a truer representation of the season and the one rightly more important. Other seasons might be much closer with more than one team in the hunt for the prem. In my eyes then, the championship becomes the prize that is more important. Anyway i think ACL is the minimum as it therefore means they would be in the hunt for both premiership and championship, with hopefully winning at least one.
  2. Whilst I totally get Johnno's point of view, I most definitely respect this too.
  3. I'd just play them together as 2 DMs in a 4-2-1-3 type formation, like i posted a few weeks back. Reckon this would work quite well.
  4. He was one of our best last year, so i'd play him in his correct position of DM and then let's just get a proper bonafide CB instead.
  5. You didn't wait very long...
  6. I just saw that too. His knees took an absolute pounding and they seemed to cope with it ok.
  7. ...and i think this is the thing we need to recognize if this appointment is true. It sounds like they've listened to the RH review last season and have acted accordingly. Address the soft belly mentality by appointing a hard arse that will keep the egos in check. Isn't this what we were all asking for only just a couple of months ago?
  8. I love how we've become experts all of a sudden on someone we haven't even heard of...
  9. Hope he doesn't regret it by season's end.
  10. Lol saw someone on that train wearing one. Would have guessed you actually!
  11. Any of you puffy jacket brigade catch the 7:17 from parliament on the South Morang line tonight?
  12. I've seen him at 1 or 2 Melbourne City A-League games last season too...
  13. Maybe they're just waiting to finish these rounds of Socceroos games before announcing Gombau.
  14. Pretty sure the Argentineans wanted maximum privacy around their training. So I'm not sure what good that would have done as they wouldn't have bought into it.
  15. Just taking the piss mate. Been a looong day!