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  1. I don't think I've ever gone into bat for @playmaker before, but I somewhat agree with him re Berenguer tonight. ...and I honestly think your comment above is just plain wrong and so typical of the forum attitude to 'whipping boys'.
  2. hmmmm, JW you're better than that... I get that he's an easy target here but I honestly thought he was ok tonight. I'm not saying he was amazing, but he definitely wasn't shit. From what I saw, we played a quicker, longer ball tonight that often bypassed that 10 area. Especially early on, the ball was going high and long and wide. Anyway, I enjoyed the game and the difference in our urgency to go forward and get in behind the defence. Really looking forward to this season.
  3. Here we go again... As said many times when this went down back then; perhaps, just perhaps he wanted to go and if CFG didn't grant his wish to go overseas, then one of those other clubs knocking at his door back then would've snapped him up and he would have been lost to them altogether. I don't understand why you just need to keep dragging shit up...
  4. I thought we were shit tonight TBH. Not sure if it was the pitch or the wind but I've never seen us turn the ball over so badly and we looked out of sync with each other. I also think we looked a bit cocky/arrogant at times too. But Marconi were worse and I thought most of their possession came from our turnovers. They didn't do anything special at all - Bentleigh looked much better than them the other week. Take the win, go away and keep working - there's still time to clean it up.
  5. rass

    19/20 Puma Kits

    In all due respect JW, it's just a friggin warm up top...
  6. I couldn't give a shit in all honesty whether he's a marquee or not - it's just a label in the end. As long as the team is working well together and we get the results, then that's what counts. FWIW though, i don't think anyone in our squad is 'marquee' worthy - but we can become a marquee team as a collective if we all work together. Just another reason for people on here to get worked up about something; weird especially as a ball hasn't even been kicked in anger yet.
  7. Hmm so was I, must have been not far away from you JW. You could see that unfold a mile away as the keeper was off his line and backtracking slowly.
  8. Quite good but a couple of things there I would disagree with. Firstly whilst we struggled for a period early in the first half, I thought we looked very threatening after that, especially down the right-hand side. I thought we had numerous chances to score, especially if JMac was that little bit sharper. Secondly I thought Genreau struggled early on and then looked better when bentleigh played their kids. Based on that, I don't think he's anywhere near metcalfe yet.
  9. Well I agree that it's pretty close, but I don't think Metcalfe has cemented his spot yet. I think he is going to be a very good player - has the skills and body shape too to be a real weapon. If I was an opposition coach however, I'd target getting under his skin. There were a couple of times early last night that he got a bit of rough treatment and to my eye at least, he looked like he could explode. So I'm not he is a lock just yet and obviously Florin could take that spot. Same for Good and Delbo. Also JMac has the runs on the board and does a lot off the ball, but I don't think Najjar is that far away from him either TBH, strange as that may sound. My point is there's still time to tweak formations and positions, so there may be a couple of surprises yet.
  10. We're only 5 weeks into a pre-season and round 1 is what, 2 months away? Surely there's plenty of time for that...
  11. Hmmm, well I guess you can look at Redmayne at Sydney. IMO we just don't play enough games to justify 2 quality GKs. Look at last year, we had two starting keepers and one of them didn't even get a game. My opinion only, but I think a decent keeper who can apply themselves and put pressure on Bouzanis for that starting spot should be enough. Plus it helps with the $$$ side too.
  12. He was copping abuse from the CC fans all night apparently. Probably explains why.
  13. Joyce was just a pure knee-jerk response to the Hodgson review. As always with these things, the tendency is to over correct, which is what Joyce was. I see this appointment as the club has learnt from the opposites of JVS and Joyce. I'd be extremely disappointed if EM doesn't bring the coaching philosophy we all want.
  14. rass

    19/20 Puma Kits

    Thank you - I definitely appreciate where you're coming from and totally agree with your thoughts on the HAL. As a Geelong lad, I see the appeal of WU but am more interested in seeing how they go in relation to creating a bigger/stronger league that one day includes promotion and relegation. Hopefully.. Anyway, back to the kits. I personally think the all 'city blue' home kit looks like dogshit. I don't mind the away strip as it is something different, but would probably save my coin this season and end up buying an Aston Villa top now they're back in the EPL instead.
  15. rass

    19/20 Puma Kits

    Hey Cadete, genuine question here and not just being a smart-arse or dickhead... I'm interested in knowing just how you view yourself in relation to Melbourne City, i.e. what sort of supporter/follower you see yourself as. Obviously you don't see it as the same club as Heart and it looks like you don't invest anywhere near the emotional effort you once used to - but there must be something there still for you to bob up on occasion on this forum and comment. I'd love to know just for my own sake as I don't see you as the typical forum dipshit who whinges every week they are quitting, only to call the club for membership discounts the very next season....
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