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  1. Talking City Fan Channel

    Agree 100%. I'm one of those guys who continually dumped on him on this forum because I believed his output never matched his potential. The thing that really infuriated me was he looked great in games where we were winning easily, when Mooy and Bruno were on fire in particularly. Yet when he needed to step up and be the main man, he invariably went missing. I'm team first and if he comes back and proves to be a vital go-to cog, then I'll be the first to put my hand up and say I was wrong. Till then though......
  2. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Ok, who's going to be the first to make an 'Okon in, Joyce out' post?
  3. With all respect JW, I don't believe that's quite 100% correct. I think they do care, sending Roy over last year and acting on his recommendation probably shows they do and want success here - even though it may have been the wrong decision in hindsight. Without knowing what happens in the inner sanctums of CFG, I believe a more accurate view is they are frustrated with the boundaries they have to work in, imposed by the FFA. Unable to keep McCormack is probably a good example of this if it's true that Villa's demands would have broken the cap.
  4. Marcin Budzinski

    Many lols
  5. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Don't know what the point is TBH. You have to compare against yoursef first, which makes us this season only a 4 point worse team than at the same stage that year. Question probably is how did Sydney get over 20 points better in one season.
  6. Bruce Kamau

    I'm not talking about the goals at all. I'm talking about watching him train and seeing someone who looked committed to the cause, which in turn was rewarded with multiple starts - an improvement on the season before. But as I said above and multiple times before, he's a fraud and it wasn't long before he went back to his true self. ...actually on the topic of his goals, yeah they weren't the greatest quality or easiest on the eye. But he was still there in the right place at the right time to score them, deflections or not. An out of form player wouldn't even have been there - think of strikers on top of their game poaching rebounds and tap-ins against, Berisha e.g.
  7. Bruce Kamau

    Kamau did f*** all last season before Joyce was even here. He then flourished for a few weeks under Joyce before going back to being shit. Lol it's not Joyce's fault he is crap. If I was a coach and found out a player was leaving without being given the respect to tell me to my face, then I wouldn't fukn play him either.
  8. His penalty was shit, but why wouldn't he have taken it considering he easily dispatched the last one we had?
  9. No. Kick it high, kick it low - just don't kick it at the perfect height for a keeper to save, which is what he did. Don't understand why he didn't take it the same way he did against victory.
  10. Daniel Arzani

    National team will go nowhere with those jokers still there. Kruse lol - I am probably travelling better than him and I'm mid 40s. My dick is probably stronger than the whole of that pissant. Troisi - going to be fun seeing how much more hair he'll lose battling with Pogba, Kante and Co. Pretty sure he'll be lucky to get more than 5 touches. Ruka - never seen someone expend so much energy sprinting around like a headless chook chasing their own first touch. Pretty sure this new coach only went and saw one game when he was here and it wasn't one of ours.
  11. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    Hmm not sure, she said there was no mention of 'Surprise and Delight', more a promotional thing from Nexen Tyres.
  12. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    Thank you.
  13. Ahum, let's bring back a club that had to sell off players and hence compromise any chance of being competitive. Ahum. Not my words by the way.
  14. Daniel Arzani

    I actually think he needs a rest.
  15. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Seeing the tards the other week when George scored that free, they all ran to their embattled coach in a show of faith to him. As much as a kunt Muscat is, his players seem behind him. Sadly for us, I don't think any player would run to Joyce in a similar scenario. Says a hell of a lot. Going to be very difficult to be a successful coach if your players won't fight for you.