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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Comes back to that old discussion doesn't it... Do we play youth, experience or a balance? We are forever complaining on here about playing more youth and then when we do, we complain about not playing enough experience. Maybe he just wasn't good enough at this point to warrant a start. I know he played that one off blinder against Brisbane a while back, but he got that start purely because of the all the players out we had then. I must admit, I didn't see anything too special in those little cameos he played just recently, but admittedly, I haven't seen enough of him to make a real judgment. I guess though, we just cant hold onto all of them.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Can't stay youth forever - at some point they need to make decision as to what is best for themselves.
  3. In all honesty, I don't think we have the right person for that specialised position. Vidosic in his peak maybe, McGree with more maturity???, I don't know. We all keep crapping on about it, but gosh we desperately need a true #10. It certainly looks that way but I don't think it is actually quite that clear cut. Especially in that formation, you have to know what you're doing position wise - and as i alluded to above, i don't know if our players actually know how to play that position properly. I actually think Joyce would prefer us to get forward more than we do in that scenario, but our lads tend to default on the defensive side. In the end though, he is responsible for that and all the make shift position changes for players won't fix that.
  4. Yeah, I hear you - and I was only using last night as an example. I think though, as with every team, you're only as good as the players around you (unless you are a bonafide superstar). Take Brilliante, Adrian, Bobo and these types out of that team and all of a sudden to me, they looked much less potent - they actually reminded me of us. Lots of ball, but no end product.
  5. Yeah I didn't mind it too but obviously something we really need to be careful with. It was very obvious last night, and I think Slater in the commentary picked up on it too, that De Laet was drifting far too centrally. At times, it left us very exposed on that flank. Looked much better when he kept that width. I think it's also a bit make shift with Jamo going down, i.e. Delbo as that wingback but it came off last night. The other issue with that last night was there was no real CAM/#10 link up with Maclaren and Harrison. Brattan tries, but he often drifts too deep. Left big holes for us moving forward.
  6. I know people on here love to crack a fat over how our ex players leave and become 'stars' at other clubs. But a quick review of these blokes from last night's game and i am pretty happy tbh they are no longer with us. Zullo - has got a bit ahead of himself i feel. Fukd up royally for our first goal - had Harrison's run covered and then for some stupid reason, decided to cut back behind him and try and get to Baccus, a play he was never going to make. Opened up the space for Harrison and by the time Zullo got back, the ball was in the back of the net. Retre - Too soft in the tackle against Baccus. Turnover lead to our first goal. Unfortunate for the second, but didn't do that much in my mind to warrant him being still with us. Caceres - lol, who? hasn't changed since his time with us. Painfully slow with ball movement and invisible most of the time. Wilkinson - does his job, but would rather our CB setup tbh. Redmayne - a lot of gusto but didn't look at all commanding against us last night.
  7. It's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. Been saying for ages now every time we play them that we have to stop the Brilliante/O'Neill combination. Without one of those players yesterday, they looked average in the midfield (probably explains why Retre and Caceres) are no longer with us. They looked a shadow yesterday Sydney - all the credit must go to us for nullifying them and beating them away from home.
  8. Well done team, terrific result. 0-2 away to a team that has well and truly had the wood over us in recent years. Since that jets debacle, we've been in front of the top 3 teams in the last 3 games. Should be 3 from 3. That's a team that's still fighting. Having a good laugh at the comments on here, safe to say the majority of this forum is completely out of touch.
  9. Huh, WTF are you talking about? It's charcoal and light blue.
  10. Cmon people, reading through this sounds like Pierias is the greatest player of all time and we're about to lose a future balloon d'or. He's played what, one game and a couple of sub appearances in over two years? I get his young and will probably be a good player, but he's not as good as Harrison at the moment. And with a new team coming in, of course some of these younger players will be looking at somewhere where they can get more opportunities. If he is that good, then it's up to keep him.
  11. Memberships/Season Tickets

    I agree, I think winning and playing attractive football is a huge part of building the numbers. IMO, the whole culture/ownership/blah blah discussion starts gathering real moment when we are not performing well. This forum proves it - so many people pack up and quit stating the owners/culture/etc as the reason when we are under-performing. Yet as soon as we start winning and playing better, the same people magically re-appear... However, I do believe the membership issue is not just a City problem, but a much wider issue with the HAL. Just running my eyes over some of those ACL games recently and being totally embarrassed when a team like victory only pulls a few thousand to their game. Yet when it is Japan or wherever, the crowds seem huge.
  12. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Pretty simple re Carlton. They're just a shit club who through total shitness, have spent a shitload of years propping up the bottom of the ladder. Probability suggests that after all those years of gaining access to high end youth talent, they'll finally land some ok players instead of the shit they keep picking up. Throw in a pre season win and their fans start coming out of the woodwork thinking this is the year they'll finally start climbing the ladder and they'll have a gun young team. The reality is they'll just be as shit as they always are.
  13. Some very 'explosive' comments from you on PK. He's widely regarded (and revered on here) as a club legend. I'd like to know some context around those comments, especially why or hat has happened for you to feel the way you do.
  14. No need to apologise, I think we're all feeling a disconnect to the club atm. FWIW though, like others on here, I do believe there is much more to the Bruno story than we all know. So as poorly as it was handled, I don't think us going all rage mode over it really doesn't help anyone.
  15. With all respect JW, I think you're just jumping on anything at the moment. The graphic for last year's Macca's City Cup actually had even more dark blue in it.