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  1. Yeah me too, about to make a new account now lol
  2. https://youtu.be/BEJZcnne4UI Ain't nobody, Like Kilkenny, Makes me happy, Plays the city way Or https://youtu.be/C10XQ3MC7II
  3. Have a feeling you'll love Ruon Tongyik @strider
  4. Boo boo Bouzanis
  5. hahahah Brandan's cheeky laugh when Bruno says Optus
  6. bump
  7. bump
  8. Yep this will be my first time going, I'm pumped. The card is stacked with talent, only wrestler I wanted to see that's not coming is Bray Wyatt but oh well
  9. My problem with Ambrose is his wrestling style. Technically he's a decent worker but his move set is terrible. All his (limited) moves look weak and not to mention his ridiculous rebound clotheside and little push of a suicide dive. Agree he would be a lot better as a heel, especially as a proper unpredictable lunatic not this corny try hard funny lunatic.
  10. His name is Ruon not Luke haha
  11. TTDIM: The balloons in the terrace last night
  12. Anyone know when we can pick up active tickets?
  13. I've got a free general admission adult ticket if anyone wants it, can email it