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  1. The blue is inevitable. I have consigned myself to that years ago. Nevertheless, I will be furious if we play in the same kit as Manchester. My dream kit would be something like Olympique Lyonnais or our first City kit, with most of the strip being 'City Blue', but a red and white stripe incorporated into the top. However, from past experiences with CFG, they're more concerned with their brand synergy than what the unwashed masses on the other side of the world think .
  2. Not for much longer...
  3. The thought of a CB pairing of Jakobsen and Wilkinson would have made me immensely happy. Surely not even JVS could have ruined that pairing... I think Zullo expected to float around the league like the second coming of Roberto Carlos, after his performances, he may have woken him up to the fact that the A-League may actually be his level. Not unlike a certain defensive midfielder of ours who shall remain nameless.
  4. I disagree with Wilkinson, he almost single-handedly turned our defence around last season and was our best defender most weeks.
  5. Personally, I prefer the 3, 2, 1 system for each game. The gross votes are heavily skewed to our good games - most people don't even bother voting with games like last night.
  6. David Gallop gives hope to even the most unremarkable among us. With a little bit of luck, despite repeated incompetence, anyone can stumble their way into becoming CEO of a national entity.
  7. I take umbrage at the assumption that the gripe is solely with the colour of sky blue. At the end of the day, a connection to a football club is an emotional one. Perception is everything. CFG have fallen down here numerous times.
  8. Glad I didn't pay money to drive down and watch the starting lineup that Valkanis has selected.
  9. I am pretty confident in saying that the Category A/City Gold tickets are the hardest seats to get (for a walk-up, anyway). It's just that nobody who has the tickets actually turns up.
  10. But what's his pace on FIFA?
  11. Unfortunately I am on my phone, so I don't have the patience to write a comprehensive response. I love red ball cricket as much as anyone, I have never watched a ball of the BBL and haven't watched ODI's since I was a teen. I feel the lack of coverage is the nature of the beast with regard to first class cricket. I can't imagine the reception to County Cricket would be much different in the UK (correct me if I'm wrong), nobody has the time in this day and age to watch four full days of cricket. Test matches work as they are somewhat of an event, only occurring once per year in any given city. A better comparison would probably be the flailing second tier Aussie rules leagues. But when the top flight is not even a dream for these clubs, why would kids grow up wanting to support Port Melbourne over *spits* Collingwood? I believe I read on Wikipedia (the bastion of informed debate) that one of the reasons the original VFL broke away from the then VFA was to create a league without relegation.
  12. Pfftt... I'll have my pretty colours like the Whole of Football Plan any day. This guy didn't even use publisher.
  13. Time to get the pitchforks and torches out.
  14. An Italian friend of mine used to always say "the Greeks may have invented sex, but it was the Romans who added women".
  15. The governing body are looking to trim one of the Australian clubs. Presumably it will be one of the Rebels or the Western Force that will go.