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  1. I'm glad you asked. My diet consists exclusively of Don's salami.
  2. This has gone over my head. You will have to explain this for the forum simpletons like myself.
  3. Generally, I would agree. But I can't help but feel hard done by when you consider the amount of cash they have spent at Manchester this off-season.
  4. Apparently Friday 22nd September is the date for the Shepparton pre-season game against Western Sydney.
  5. Not that many of you Melbournites will venture out to frontier country, but my local paper is reporting a Western Sydney pre-season friendly in Shepparton.
  6. They all scream 2000's MLS to me. On top of that, I can see pretty prominent elements of the Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Wolfsburg, Melburnians and Seattle Sounders badges in amongst them.
  7. I think Erik is more of the Contiki Tour model.
  8. So... does this offer stand? I am willing to pay for your services in forum up-votes. I am sure we can work something out.
  9. I seriously doubt their salaries are even close to comparable... Gülüm would have eaten a very large portion of our remaining cap; assuming there would have been enough room in the first place.
  10. Well alternatively they could always discuss our stellar performances on the pitch... ... errr, how about those facilities?
  11. Please do this.
  12. Which is absurd when you consider that the Visa limitations on foreign players would do this effectively. A club isn't going to waste a Visa spot on a young foreigner of dubious pedigree just to 'see how he develops'. One of the things I had hoped to see as part of the CFG takeover were some of the future EPL stars from Manchester's academy from time to time.
  13. 3 reds?
  14. What kind of 20-year-olds want to play over-35's football?