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  1. Welcome Ross McCormack

    I don't think even CFG can get 6 visas into our XI.
  2. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    Just a back strain or similar. Ran around for a bit before being subbed.
  3. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    As long as I get to see Budzinski and Schenkeveld have a decent run I am happy. Of course, a 30-yard Budzinski screamer will make me even happier...
  4. Marcin Budzinski

    I'm actually pretty excited about his signing. But for what it's worth, I was also excited about us signing a 26-year-old from Boca Juniors and we know how that panned out. Nevertheless, I prefer these kind of signings to the 37-year-old Kevin Muscat lookalikes that Aloisi keeps signing.
  5. Marcin Budzinski

    Looks tacky as hell. Oh well, I look forward to the clash with our hated rival, KFC Victory.
  6. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    His weak foot is 4 stars? I call bullshit.
  7. As bad as Malik was, I thought Kamoo would have walked this When Kamau faded out of the game at least it meant he wasn't fucking up everything he touched.
  8. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Am I being too harsh in saying that Bruce Kamau is stealing a living?
  9. Aaron Mooy

    I lurk the Huddersfield forum semi-regularly and make a point to read everything regarding Mooy. You're correct, as of last season the general consensus seemed to be that he was their best ever player, but it certainly took a while for them to warm up to him. This of course, wasn't helped by some cringe-worthy Melbourne City (and other A-League fans) fans shitting up their forums. From my recollection, I believe some of our forum's resident shitposters may have been among the worst culprits,
  10. Aaron Mooy

    From memory, I believe it was to the effect of "why are we getting some colonial who failed at Bolton, and has since been plying his trade in a footballing backwater". But that was a bit of a knee-jerk response to some overzealous A-League fans hailing him as the second coming of Messi, and questioning why he went to Huddersfield, instead of slotting straight into Man City's starting XI.
  11. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Historical inaccuracies aside, the intended connotation is pretty clear.
  12. Fantasy Premier League - Melbourne City FC League?

    On it. 'Mooy + 14 other guys' are good to go. I had a chuckle at 'Transgender Leftback'.
  13. Fantasy Premier League - Melbourne City FC League?

    I'll join, link please. I am already mentally building my team around one A. Mooy.
  14. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Well if nothing else, this game has given rise to the amusing epithet 'Kamoo'.
  15. Vi5it0rs

    Milligan confirmed. I think it is a fair assumption that the top two from last season will be as strong this year. I'll be interested to see how they go in the Champions League this year.