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  1. Terrible performance. Low energy. Believe me.
  2. The club is trash. I've taken shits with a better winning culture
  3. Why hasn't this girl blown up yet?
  4. Mainstream media just naming whoever the fuck they want as fake news. Sites like lewrockwell and breitbart are 100% not fake. The mainstream media is the worst shit ever, constantly getting shit wrong or my personal favourite just no one seen it coming. the thing that Trump said more than anything wasn't build a wall. it was that the media are the most dishonest people in the world. Stay woke fam
  5. Some people are actually praising Castro. The cunt was one of the worst people in the worst group of people ever to live
  6. I like there Mooy flag looks good
  7. The only good thing about this is Hillary might end up in prison
  8. Meh they haven't declared war since Korea it doesn't seem to matter much. Didn't she want to drone strike Assange? Lol
  9. Trump is a much better option than Hillary lol Russia would much rather Trump as president. They are probably fucking shitting themselves at the though of Clinton winning. Wanting to put a no fly zone in Syria is 100% to fuck with Russia. How you going to start your term as president getting investigated by the FBI lol
  10. Trumps a idiot he wants to build a wall.. Meanwhile crooked Hillary the warmongering cunt wants to slap a no fly zone on Syria and lead us into nuclear oblivion. It's cool tho, she will be the first female president
  11. Love this track What's the original beat for this ?
  12. Might have a spare ticket if anyone wants it
  13. My homie patty. Rawthentic fam Give it a listen cunts
  14. Only a short walk from 1090 burger nice