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  1. I'm fully entrenched in the unchanged camp. So how we started last week would continue this week. Which will leave some quality not even making the squad. Times are a changin.
  2. If Malik is good I'm with ya.
  3. Been thinking about this Wellington game and assuming Malik is out originally I was thinking Kilkenny then Brattan in that order depending on fitness. I'm kinda leaning now on starting Cahill. Drop Mauk alongside Jakobsen as what happened in the 2nd half of the Derby and play Cahill alongside Ross. Main reason Wellington's keeper won't want to come out of the tunnel once he knows Cahill will be starting. Their defence will be terrified because Cahill will be on fire!

    1:1 away to Madrid is huge result for us considering Borussia drew away in Cyprus. The return leg at Wembley will be massive I don't think we will be as defensive but a draw would be amazing and would go along way to Spurs getting out of the group maybe even topping it.
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Its got to expected. If I was in that situation and no one would want to be and had very sensitive medical equipment there is no way I'd leave my house. Let alone go to Shitihad. My only point is that both sets of fans throw shit. And being just after we scored it's probably more likely it was an idiotic City fan and not a Tard.
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    His medical condition is appalling.
  7. Talking City Fan Channel

    That's absolutely appalling. Hope your uncle improves. Just a question are you sure it was a Tard. We get excited when a goal is scored and many a time I've seen blokes throw cups and drinks during celebrations.
  8. Jess Fishlock

    Most important player at the club across all teams.
  9. After last week I reackon Kilkenny will replace Malik and start assuming Malik will miss. Kamau Ross Fitzy Mauk Jakobsen Kilkenny Jamieson La Rocca Bort Muscat This 424 with the ball. Without the ball Mauk drops with the wide players and effectively playing a 5 4 1. But really it's more about marking space with Joyce as opposed to closing down players. Against Brisbane I put it down them being shit and not being able to put 3 passes together before they went long but in hindsight it was caused by instead of pressing and closing the initial ball player it was more about removing his options. So the real test will be against a team that can hold onto the ball effectively and has good forward moved (Sydney). The other question I have is Brandan doesn't really suit this style as in he isn't strong in tracking back, and defensively he is very weak in the tackle even a liability especially in our box. Not that Kamau is a world beater either in this respect but he has done alot so far. Fitzy is probably our best but tbf he was slack for the goal conceded. That leaves Carusca. Will he be only used if we are chasing a goal? Cahill and McCormick are probably going to share time as the sole striker. My only concern will be if we concede early (Sydney cup game) do we have the ability to come back?
  10. I started my boy around 3. We had heaps of 5pm games back then from memory. But yeah it was hard yards. The following season he was around 4 he started getting the concept of the game but always barracked for the opposing side. And when we score he lose it, roll around screaming and crying. (Lucky for me Mr unlucky was in charge so wasn't too painful ). Now at 7 he's rusted on and knows more than me. The other kids are less hassle they just follow. I see it like teaching them swimming. At first it's really a drain but afterwards you can kick back and enjoy.
  11. This entire thread is pointless.
  12. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Wow. Just fucking Wow. When the team was announced I feared the worst. We basically had 2 recognized midfielders. But that first 40 minutes of Malik was outstanding we didn't need more. Jakobsen alongside was very interesting. The bloke didn't stop. He doesn't have the creativity but his work rate and positioning was superb. With the ball we were playing basically a 424 which I haven't seen for a long time. It really stretched the tards especially the first half. Our only weakness was at RB and as Muscat was against a very good player and under different circumstances we could of copped a few from that side. To his credit he battled and ironically got his regular yellow well into the second half. But the game was won from the back LaRocca and Bort are very tidy and Jamieson dominated Barbarousos. Mauk worked super hard and so to Fitzy but still for me both lack that little bit of brilliance but at this stage of our development I'd take work rate over flair. Ross battled but still looks a little rusty and looks like he is still adapting to the team and the League. Many of his runs were not honoured or more accurately not seen. Over time he and the mids should find the range. And Brucey. Wow. The bloke ran all night. He even won a header, I think that could be the first header he has ever won. And when he broke down the left all I could think was cut it square cut it square but he shot and got a deflection but Ross was open. Budzinski needs a good 6 weeks to reach match fitness the bloke looked stuffed after 10 minutes. But that finish was just what we and him personally needed. I was reserving my judgment until round 6 but on last night's performance we are going to be in the mix come round 27 just remembering what we experienced last season after November but this is a different team different mentality and above all a different style. Couldn't be happier.
  13. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    17 players (outfield ) warming up. Including Kilkenny.
  14. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    No midfield. Hopefully Carusca and Budzinski can change things but if we cop a few early we are well and truly cooked.
  15. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    This makes no sense.
  16. Tim Cahill

    He was a highly technical quality player that from my memory played 3 quality games for us last years 1st Derby the FFA Cup final and that game with all the kids. The rest were very average to poor. But we've done this to death.
  17. The Ivan Franjic thread

    And being a little younger is probably more likely to put up with more shit than an older pro.
  18. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Not sure but as soon you find out let McCormack know.
  19. The Ivan Franjic thread

    How is Chapman tracking?
  20. The Ivan Franjic thread

    Although its only 1 game but what Wazza (rest of coaches) have done with Brattan I'd be pretty confident that Franjic could find his Roar/Socceroos (2014 WC) form and with Manny secure a pretty strong RB position.
  21. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Fuck worrying about left back. Lets not get caught up if Budzinski starts. The real question. Whats the PAX at?
  22. The Ivan Franjic thread

    A hungry desperate Franjic would be amazing. Would definitely take if we could fit him in.
  23. Memberships

    Just like being married. You get the occasional moment of glory but mostly its just battling through the hard yards.
  24. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Unchanged for me. 1 basic principle that gets overlooked far too often. Never ever change a winning team unless injury or suspension. So although Jakobsen at LB isn't ideal he stays. Budzinski may be heaps better than Mauk but Mauk has to start. La Rocca and Muscat are probably lesser players in reworked back four they still deserve to start. And Malik after his game must keep out Kilkenny. To build a competitive squad based on core values the fundamental of keeping a winning team must be done. Later on, as the squad matures and develops then tactical changes or tweaks can be considered but in a round 2 match in the first season of a new coach for me anything but an unchanged lineup doesn't make sense.
  25. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    All those countries that didn't qualify is for a reason. They are currently shit. They have been replaced by higher quality and Poland is up there with a great current group of players but judging teams on past histories is dangerous. Being seeded is a big advantage but you have to earn it. It's an interesting time in the game at the national level as several traditional powers are struggling in paticular Netherlands Argentina and to a lesser degree USA.