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  1. The double handed backhand was a dead giveaway.
  2. A full red kit is sheer fantasy. Wont happen. It's like getting a balanced squad before round 1.
  3. Simplistic statements for special needs children in education is unnecessary. There is no simple answer/solutions. As a society the more we are aware and the more discoveries that are made not only do we reap the rewards but also the problems. When I was at primary school ADHD kids were just considered dickheads and treated as such.
  4. Just like my women I have zero expectations so then when I do get any joy it's greatly appreciated. So I'll be satisfied with a Grand Final berth.
  5. If we get the game I'm definitely in. I can't remember the last time Australia had an important game in Melbourne (other than Asian Cup).
  6. Signed by Smurfs confirms he had a move lined up. Also watch him become a starting player and become a Socceroo.
  7. Retre was a fringe player at JUST and played maybe half a dozen games but was a very exciting attacking midfielder. When Joe Palatsides and Mehmet Durakovic came across from Juventus that was the last days of JUST infact that season that Retre and Palatsides played (1989) JUST was relegated. JUST was a foundation side of the NSL but after relegation dropped down the state Leagues and then folded*. (Folded) Was taken over by an Argentinian based group that are the current core today.
  8. Does anyone know his contract status. From memory his loan period was the same as Caceras which was for last season. Caceras had his loan extended but as far as I can tell Brattan is now uncontracted. Obviously he is training. Maybe he is getting the once over from Wazza. And if so I reackon that's a good change. Hopefully (and this is putting 2 and 2 together and probably getting 8) matchday team selection is done similarly and out of form players get dragged.
  9. You didn't go around with megaphone making small talk did you?
  10. The only meetings members of this forum get invited to is depressions anonymous.
  11. Then that would lead me to cut Brattan. My basic logic is that using 2 visa spots on starting CB and 1 on LB is a bit of a overkill. Be good if we could nail a good Aussie CB/LB or both but I can't think of any that would fit.
  12. Did you pull a sickie or did you man up.
  13. My memory was that he was good.
  14. Kamau Fitzy and Fernando as the wide players. They all can play either wing. So for me 3 senior players for 2 positions is doable but your right a young 4th player that can play anywhere in the front 3 would be astute. Cahill Fornaroli combination needs to be sorted. As it is Cahill will be playing his last 30 something games (assuming finals and no injuries ) so I think they may want to find him 60 plus minutes week in week out.
  15. That is a very strong squad. What will make it balanced is as you pointed out the 2 visa and Marquee. I'm still not sold on Troisi as our Marquee but will accept the devil you know argument but the LB and CB is crucial. At a pinch I wouldn't mind exploring the idea of Kilkenny at CB. Alongside Jakobsen that left foot right foot pairing both can hit a very good pass both great tacklers and both read it well. Its all depended on Brattan getting off the pies and finding that form he showed early last season. What is certain for me playing Brattan and Kilkenny alongside as holding mids is counter productive and Brattan in a more forward AM would encroach on Caceras or Troisi(or yet to be signed South American #10 Marquee). If Kilkenny at CB works and Brattan finds form as a quality #6 then that Visa can be used futher forward. It's a big If, I know. What is certain for the first time in our history we are not going to bring in more than half our starting XI in one go. We have a very very good core squad that just needs 2 to 3 positions filled and very good depth with players 12 to 16 able to start when required.
  16. Was invited along with Ross Aloisi as a form of development for young up and coming Australian coaches.
  17. Le Mans 72 hours😎
  18. Check his insta post. He'll be ready come round 1.
  19. Was going to listen but that just sealed the deal.
  20. Its all about you isn't it.
  21. Precisely. If FFA were not so inept we could have been in the position of Girona FC which gets several seriously talented players loaned and just got promoted to la liga. Instead the best we can hope for is developing Australian born players and maybe get lucky.
  22. Leap frog.