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  1. Ross McCormack

    If its a choice between Ross and Bud I'd go Ross, but my point was regarding the rumour of Brandan leaving to make way for Ross and if true it's a mistake. Obviously that has to have a caveat of Brandan returning close to his former self. Sure from free kicks and pens he is world class but I'm not sure you can carry a bloke that misses sitters regularly in the hope he gets a free. Now I'm still not convinced Ross and Bruno could combine but I'm not opposed to trying. Just seems that we have painted ourselves into a corner and a big decision in January needs to be made and one of Ross Bud or Brandan has to go.
  2. Memberships

    I use the same ideology for chicks.
  3. Ross McCormack

    No point sacrificing a visa spot on this bloke. If the plan was to move Fernando on for this bloke once Bruno gets fit then it's just dumb. He can score from frees but missing that one last night has done it for me. It wasn't a great save and for any player at this level must score. Could of been his last game for us. I had huge expectations but on the balance of things he hasn't lived up to those expectations.
  4. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Zullo has been probably the best LB in the League since leaving us (or joining Sydney depending on your stance) but Atkinson is no Ronaldo either. *comparison of a Barca Lb and a Real Rw.
  5. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    So you think Atkinson will start? I'm not sure what will happen or what should happen. If Muscat replaces Malik at RB, Atkinson will be really tested by Zullo.
  6. Agree with Muscat starting at RB but does he contine with Atkinson at RW. For me it's a huge risk. So potentially Brattan or Mauk could play that wide right midfield role and he could then play his preferred Malik Jakobsen combination. If he starts Atkinson again over the above scenario then that would be a bold statement. Really not sure how much of gambler Wazza is? For me I'd rest Atkinson and play a lopsided midfield with Brattan out right playing that Broich type role and Mauk in the pressing 10 role. Whatever the decision it's going to be a tight tough game and a mistake will probably decide it (hopefully from Redmayne).
  7. Then that would mean golden boy Malik gets the pine. I can't see Muscat not starting even though Malik was decent at Rb Muscat is better and has been pretty good minus 1 or 2 games. So if Mauk is must start then so to is Jakobsen that leaves 1 midfield spot for Brattan and Malik and Brattan has been better than Malik in recent weeks. What might happen is that Atkinson won't start and Brattan or Mauk could drift wide and thus allow said golden boy a start. So I reackon Wazza will go with Mr Distribution Muscat Bort La Rocca Jamo Malik Jakobsen Brattan Mauk Fitzy Ross
  8. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    I thought Fernando did an ACL. Remember the t shirts last season. That's not what you do for a hammy.
  9. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    It is a serious injury. A broken ankle or ankle ligament from memory. Definitely not a soft tissue injury.
  10. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    No player is the same after a major injury. Not spin just reality. The great players comeback at a level equal or better than pre injury but without doubt they are different. Question is what will Bruno be and until he plays half a dozen games even he wouldn't know.
  11. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    True it's what your perception or attributes of what makes a holding midfielder. For me a holding midfielder has to be able to float anywhere throughout the midfield and be as good. That is, sit in front of the back 3 or 4 and collect the ball and initiate the forward move. Be able to switch to be a traditional box to box type and then also on occasion be the attacking mid that can play in the striker or winger with a clever ball. And of course have enough sense and guile to breakdown any opposition attack and protect the defensive line. And for me he must have all 4 qualitys. And in my opinion Kilkenny is exactly that player, but as others have mentioned they don't and probably most importantly neither does Wazza.
  12. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Maybe my point was misunderstood or was just badly made. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not for a second questioning Bruno's Brandan's or even Killa work ethic dedication or basic professionalism more so their direct relationship with Wazza. And regardless of what work or attitude they have maybe Wazza's his way or no way mantra has already marked their cards. I just can't understand why Kilkenny would not be the perfect Wazza player and I disagree 100% that Kilkenny was/is a one way player. For me he is the best holding midfielder in the League. But hey everyone sees things differently and with Kilkenny and Joyce it just doesn't add up to me.
  13. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Initially I thought exactly this. And at the start of the season I would have added Kilkenny but obviously it hasn't panned out that way. I kind of feel that Wazza's perception of players isn't entirely based on their football ability but maybe more is based on personality. And all this is based on Malik and Muscat and lesser degree Mauk been given the confidence from the boss and none given to Kilkenny and Cahill. But tbf Kamau was given a fair go early and now is in the outer and opposite for Brattan. So I've got NFI on how Bruno and Brandan will go once fit.
  14. Champions League RO16

    Spurs vs Juve not bad. Juve aren't as strong this season and Spurs in the champs have been immense. Quality confident but alot can happen between now and February.
  15. Nathaniel Atkinson

    Muscat straight back in. And Wazza will try Malik at #10.
  16. Aaron Mooy

    And then you both wake up and have breakfast.
  17. Ross McCormack

    The problem on here is that all opinions are either end of the spectrum. He is either an NPL list clogger or a £20million superstar. Some of his chances he butchered in previous rounds were pretty bad and made you wonder, but stepping and nailing pens and ripping some fairly impressive frees takes quality and nerve. So for me Ross has been good but not great and has been gradually improving.
  18. Just wanna point out....

    Good job Tony. Or is now fat Tony.
  19. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Its incurable. Many great posters are sadly no longer with us or not strong enough to endure the pain and suffering and we are worst for it. We need to band together to find a cure or we all will fall ill, wither and die a lonely desperate death.
  20. Of course we don't know the details and it's basically bullshit speculation on my part. But what is solid. 1. Kilkenny was by far our best and more importantly most consistent player last season. 2. He is not injured or hasn't been injured for weeks. 3 Not to even make match day squad and have "youth team" players instead is a clear statement.
  21. Memberships

    That 15K figure spouted pre season looks fanciful now. Eclipsing last season's is highly unlikely also.
  22. But to isolate a player, a quality player is very poor and weak management.
  23. I like this but I'm pretty sure Wazza has ditched the 3 at back with 2 wingbacks. I can't see Kilkenny starting anytime soon especially in front off Malik and I don't think he will have 2 youth players starting. So if he starts Atkinson at RB that will mean we start something like Bouzanis Atkinson Bort La Rocca Jamieson Malik Jakobsen Mauk Fitzy Ross Brattan Galekovic Kamau Budzinski Crowley Arzani
  24. Tim Cahill

    Exactly. Since the announcement both Cahill and the club seem to be handling it good manner. The only thing from my perspective is that it would sour if he lined up with another A League club in January. If he ends up in the Middle East or back in China and gets game time and makes the Socceroos squad to Russia then it's almost a win win outcome.
  25. Tim Cahill

    Not sure how accurate the article is but Smithies is generally reasonably close but the actual truth which we have got zero chance of ever knowing is probably somewhere in between Smithies and old mate resident forum expert. And if true TC walked and paid out his contract so quickly and not dragged it on is imo best outcome from a difficult situation.