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  1. I enjoy playing hide the salami.
  2. Oh fuck!
  3. Probably more likely is La Rocca as CB and no Visa at all. A back 4 of Muscat La Rocca Jakobsen and Jamieson is servicable but nothing special. With Ruon getting a sniff here and there.
  4. To ditch 2 clubs in the matter of days does zero for your credibility. Good luck to him, chasing a deal and playing games with people can only go so far. This could end up being his last contract. Has it been officially announced that he has signed with the tards?
  5. Spot on.
  6. Please stop. I beg you all. Just stop.
  7. Any intel?
  8. For the love of god nooooooo.
  9. Depends on what someone considers a "medical" Good player but pathetic PR operator.
  10. Probably only be worn against Sydney away. Hopefully we won't play like Heart.
  11. Sorry mate but I wouldn't take what's put in the media as fact. Obviously we have a budget but since CFG took over all the Marquee deals and contracts have been case by case. Eg Fornaroli is reported at over 1 million and Cahill although FFA paid a big chunk of the guest money CFG still had a bit to cover. So to say that we will get only a 700k player is shear speculation on allegded previous deals.
  12. And here he is maliciously butchering an unaware opponent and effectively ruing a carrer.
  13. Disagree. In being a prick Mauk=Troisi.