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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Jakobsen's last game was average, Maliks last was outstanding. I'm a firm supporter of not changing a winning team (regardless of the player being miles ahead individually) therefore no change. Malik starts CB vs Newcastle unless this week Jakobsen during training this week proves to be a no brainer.
  2. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Malik deserves a start over Jakobsen. But hopefully the decision will be made sometime Thursday and whoever gets the nod will be the strongest. All other positions for me are set. It will just depend on the bench. Fitzy now is 12th man or first sub. I still think Budzinski offers a difference and then some defensive cover, Jakobsen if Malik starts or vice versa and that just leaves Delbridge or Muscat. And I'd probably go Muscat especially if we need a goal😀. But going into this final I reackon we are in the best position we've ever been to make the granny but it won't be easy. 1 mistake will probably decide the game.
  3. Man all we need now is a in or out poll and that would complete the discussion.
  4. Daniel Arzani

    You must be a Tard.
  5. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    Bozanic 1st half Vidosic 2nd half but for 90 mins Bart. But 6 or 7 were very very good. Great team performance.
  6. Marwood and Joyce must be close mates. I wonder if they have a history. I still don't think he is a "City/CFG" type coach, but I think he is evolving possibly into one. I'm not fully onboard still. He still has some serious flaws but at this point in time his pros are outweighing his cons.
  7. Talking City Fan Channel

    Being ignorant is must around here. You'll fit right in.
  8. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Just keep walking
  9. The Glory Hole (Perth Thread)

    This is probably the best way to replace a coach. I've always rated Lowe.
  10. Western Sydney

    I was referring to Popovic.
  11. Western Sydney

    That depends on if he ever gets another chance in Europe. I think if he was desperate he could land an A League job pretty easy, but you'd think he would won't another gig in a bigger league.
  12. We haven't played 4231. We play more of a 433 and early on with 2 6s now we are playing with 2 8s. So a front 3 of Arzani Bruno Vidosic is a lock. The only conjecture will be weather Malik starts, and most likely instead of Bozanic. So I see a midfield unchanged of Mauk Brattan and Bozanic. And the back 4 of Jamo Jako Bart and Atkinson. Bench of Galekovic Malik Fitzy Muscat and probably Budz.
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    We've had a very very good squad the last 3 seasons. Just needing 1 maybe 2 players being the mantra.