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  1. A-league expansion

    Just another balls up in the making. What happened to Fifa coming in and disbanding the current board and installing a normalisation committee. Nothing. New teams aren't going to fix shit. Its the same mentality at club level that if just get in a couple good players the club will improve. The entire league is flawed and run by muppets.
  2. Why City/Heart?

    That's spot on. But would be interesting (to me at least) is firstly why people continue to support and secondly what would it take for people to stop supporting. For me I continue more now because of the kids driving the enthusiasm and the routine. (very similar to being married). For me to stop would probably take, a close family member played for another team or if a truly detestable person became involved in the club and held some position of importance ie Coach, chairman or a player.
  3. A League XI

    So you'd put Bruno in as the best striker after 30mins and no goals. I hate Bobo more than most but he must start.
  4. Grass Roots - Do you play?

    Got our first FFA Cup game this Saturday. After spending 20 years in Vicsoccer(amateurs) we have gone back into S5.
  5. From memory Kisnorbo spent some time at NYCFC.
  6. Ross McCormack

    My head hurts.
  7. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    What happened to the sausage stand?
  8. The 3peat Granny.

    Who doesn't
  9. Ross McCormack

  10. Ross McCormack

    Tbf if they are winning you can't change a winning team.
  11. A-league expansion

    Add basketball which has also come back ( not like the 80s) but still not obscure. The A League has to compete on several fronts and so far we have seen the same model over a decade old that was constructed in a completely different landscape. My only glimmer of hope that I cling to is that the strong A League clubs will force a climax as they have more to lose than any other stakeholder. But the current FFA management is a stubborn bunch.
  12. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    Not so much a discussion on Wazza per say but more so on the season so far and as I couldn't find a thread and didn't want to start a new one this one will do. We've just gone through a stretch of games from our last match against Sydney were we lost to 3:1 then the derby loss and the worst of all the new years day debacle. Since then we had s a gradual improvement and seen the emergence of Arzani and Vidosic as really carrying the team. But after the Sydney smashing we have time now to reset and look at our run into the finals. We've got Perth away, Derby aami, Adelaide away, Wanderers home, Jets away, Mariners home and Nix away. I reackon we should get 7 points or better home and probably 6 points away. That would most likely lock in 3rd and possibly a home derby elimination final. I think our chances of 2nd are now gone and barring any Jets collapse we need to keep an eye over our shoulder.
  13. A-league expansion

    Every few months a new poster or the same with a new multi pushes the South barrow. Introducing 1 or 2 teams isn't going to fix the league, same as introducing a big name player won't fix a mediocre team. There is a litany of factors that need to be changed way before a paticular team should be introduced or removed. And sadly nothing will change until the current FFA management is removed and replaced with people capable of running the game. And as far as I can tell that's not going to happen any time soon.