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  1. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Thanks for your proffessional advice dr playmaker. I fucking glad I've never been in a position to be treated by you.
  2. Talking City Fan Channel

    Fulfilling forum tradition.
  3. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Interested to hear how Bolivia and Paraguay go. A+ thread.
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Well actually. Iniesta, Zlatan, Beckham, Ronaldinho off the top and the biggest obviously of course was Samaras.
  5. Wazza Watch

    Great post. Cheers.
  6. Fitzy at Rb? No chance. I don't get why La Rocca would be axed he has been our best player bar last week. I'm no Muscat fanboy but he also has been solid. For me Mauk is the most likely to be dropped for Brattan and I'm not sure Budzinski did enough to warrant another start. From what I've seen so far from Wazza I don't think he will make more than 2 changes and probably just 1 that being Brattan for Mauk. Galekovic Muscat Bort La Rocca Jamo Jakobsen Malik Budzinski or Mauk or Brattan? Fitzy Ross Kamau
  7. Wazza Watch

    If the Fernando rumour is true then there is a major issue and it basically stems from Wazza. Now the Cahill saga from what I can tell is really caused by Cahill's personal needs and ego but this new Fernando situation is something different. Now I'm from a school of thought that at a proffessional soccer club not all players are equal. That some are more important than others and alternatively some are less important. To treat all equally and on their merits is all well and good but ultimately its about winning and sometimes you need to make exceptions and alternative rules or boundaries to accommodate better players. Now there is a point where your authority can be undermined but by and large if you make the rules and "manage" some players then you should be able to create a strong culture and retain the more talented players. So in this case for me as long as it's clear whats expected then some things can be overlooked to keep good players. So essentially as a manager you need to select the best players available to the way you want to play or the way in which you think will win the upcoming game and sticking with concrete rules can be detrimental especially short term but also in the long run. So by and large a manager needs to manage and not police.

    What an awful performance. I honestly thought we had moved to a new level but that one was piss weak. If Kane and Ali weren't right why play them. We got dominated and never looked like getting into the game. Our record away to the top 6 is a true reflection of what we need to do to become a bonafide title contender. I can't see us getting past either Manchesters and will have to fight for 3rd.
  9. Tim Cahill

    I'm not sure how accurate this story is but if true it doesn't do Cahill any favours. As far as I remember he signed a 3 year deal with us. 1st year was big dollars and subsidised by the FFA and being multi million dollar this second year was in the cap (a few hundred K) and the third some coaching role. So if Tim is unhappy and wants to leave he is basically walking away from CFG and in the hope of gaining regular game time (the cynic in me suggests more cash) in the hope of playing in a world cup. I'm not sure where in the world he could get game time at a decent level and secondly who knows what the new Socceroos coach will judge by this. It just seems like a poorly thought out move. Now all of this might be bullshit and Tim is committed to City and will fulfill his obligations and create something here and have a great world cup but if there are this many stories some of it must be close to be true.
  10. Inconsistent? La Rocca and Galekovic have had 5 superb games in a row and I would argue the main catalyst for our wins. Yes last night was an abortion and inexcusable but both have been very consistent.
  11. Wazza Watch

    Of course its 1 point out of a possible 9 but its also 13 points from a possible 21. I understand patterns and results sometimes don't actually reflect true quality ( or lack off) but for me last night was a just one of those games were errors just killed us. I'm not thinking wholesale changes are needed.
  12. Wazza Watch

    This forum is fucked! A loss and the sky is falling in, and 4 wins in a row we are world beaters. It's always going to be somewhere in the middle.
  13. Wazza Watch

    Totally agree. Your never going to win a game when you gift 3 goals. Galekovic and La Rocca are both to blame but in our previous games they are the major reasons for our wins. So for me I would play them both next week and give them the opportunity to redeem themselves and if they fuck up again axe both of them.
  14. Seriously mate you need to get a grip.