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  1. So far it's his biggest game. But regardless of the result he has played 40 plus quality games and his next season move will be based on that. Are many going to stay up tonight to watch. I'm going to try.
  2. Exactly. Believe it when it happens.
  3. Maybe giving it bit of a tidy up for the the internationals coming to train there?
  4. Congratulations. Nothing better.
  5. What did you expect.
  6. Same. Especially at shopping centers. I always pretend I don't see them and keep walking.
  7. CFG has just forked out 74 million for Bernardo Silva from Monaco. Bruno was alleviated to Marquee wages last season and they also spent extra for Cahill last season just wondering how much will be allocated for the second Marquee position.
  8. Bullshit watch is for fake or misleading posts. Stupid nonsensical signings deserve their own thread.
  9. Most teams are like this. Maybe Goodwin.
  10. The longer your married the less you'll end up out. Not sure if its good or bad it just tends that way.
  11. We don't need a youth development type coach (unfortunately ). The way the League is structured most teams are built around 1 year cycles. Because so it leaves very little room to develop younger type players and it's not in the interest of the club to develop younger players. If the League (and more importantly FFA ) matures and comprehends the world of football then we might see a change.
  12. Injuries were a factor but what cost us being a chance or contending was the Coaching setup fullstop. There were weeks when our Visa players were not picked. Sorensen obviously. But Fernando was left out unknown reasons. And Colazo was played in different positions formations when selected. Then there was the whole Cahill Fornaroli combination problem that still remains unresolved.
  13. Koren Marquee ,Duff / then Novillo. Villa guest ,Hughes. Jaliens and Baharudin Fornaroli Fernando Colazo Jakobsen Sorensen
  14. Understand fully your stance. I'm a little on the other side off the fence. I'm renewing regardless of whom they appoint as senior coach assistant or which players they sack and which they bring in. Basically I'll continue to renew regardless of what the club does its more to do with my own and kids want to attend. At this point in time we all still enjoy the fortnightly adventure and when that wanes then we will probably stop. Having said that if they appoint some washed up shit cunt as coach I'm out.