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  1. Memberships

    Doesn't matter about the coach, the Marquee as long as the pin collection continues. My biggest regret (a part from not nailing that chick in high school) was becoming a member in season two and never having that foundation pin.
  2. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Why does he have a funny running style.
  3. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Tough gig on the B&W. From memory it was the the first World Cup fully televised by SBS. Was just an amazing time for me watching so many live top top quality games.
  4. Welcome Ross McCormack

    That team and system was unbelievable especially with Robben and Ribery at their absolute peak of their powers.
  5. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Lately maybe last year or so the wingback role has comeback into vouge. But to play wingback is a specialist role it's not just making a traditional fullback attack more or a winger to defend it takes time to develop the skill but more so the awareness. Even Guardiola had to bring in specialists after trying to convert proved difficult. FWIW I'm not anti wingback infact 352 is my favourite formation going back to Argentina in 86. So playing Brandan and Fitzy as wingbacks is fundamentally flawed.
  6. Welcome Ross McCormack

    But it works on FIFA.
  7. Melbourne City Family Day

    Went down from memory ive been to the last 4 or 5 and all since the change over and this one was probably the highest attented and with ordinary weather was a good result. And so far it was the most pleasant and for no particular reason it just felt good. The free bottled water and big M and the gold coin Don Sausages wasca great touch.
  8. Memberships

    My basic point is that after 30 years or more of time money and effort invested in the game at many levels this person has every right to criticise or whinge. And the put up or shut up notion is wrong in this scenario.
  9. Memberships

    So for argument sake lets take a hypothetical situation. A bloke in his 40s has grown up going to old NSL and has played regularly and continues to play and coach (not very well) has been an A League season ticket holder for six consecutive seasons even held a family season ticket but gets to the point where he's jacked off with the League and lesser his club decides to no longer renew. Has he in your opinion lose the right to criticise?
  10. Memberships

    All those membership figures show is how piss poor the League actually is.
  11. Marcin Budzinski

    Yep same.
  12. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Can't see it happening. Hellas have their biggest game since last century and releasing their main goal scorer on the eve of their inevitable drubbing will be unlikely. Maybe later but really I think Crowley will be given a crack first or atleast he should be.
  13. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    Some might predict the same about others on this forum.😀
  14. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    Now this is what getting a green line should be used for.