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  1. Maybe not. Why not be more Manchester. Really emphasize the connection. Bring out Manchester City at every opportunity. Flog it hard. Now I'm not a city supporter but they've tried building Melbourne in its own image but seriously that hasn't worked.
  2. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    Jury is out for me. His next full game will be a good chance to see where he is at.
  3. The "Where are they now?" thread

    On the outside it seems extremely unfair and premature, but there is a school of thought that after 10 to 15 games thats enough of sample to gauge whether a new coach will have a positive effect on the playing group. 3 wins from 14 games is pretty much relegation territory so you can see the logic. Problem though this club has a history of axing coaches in recent years and ultimately will deserve to go down. For Kewell this is just part of the education process and he is going to be sacked heaps more times in the years to come.
  4. I'm there now. It's an absolute cop out now. We have had long enough to establish ourselves and define exactly what sort of club we are. We've had 5 with heart and this is our 4th under CFG so to play the "they had a head start" argument is just lazy.
  5. PLEASE can CFG buy a hawk, falcon, or eagle...

    Can see an albatross pun coming in.
  6. I really can't see Brattan getting axed as Kilkenny, Fernando and Cahill did and obviously all had did circumstances and scenarios prior but ultimately they all left. A couple weeks out may benefit both player and team but to me he is without doubt in our best team and is a bonafide starting player.
  7. PLEASE can CFG buy a hawk, falcon, or eagle...

    Unless we get some success soon it could end up being bird shit.
  8. PLEASE can CFG buy a hawk, falcon, or eagle...

    I'm no bird expert. But a couple teenagers with a few drones could do the job. They could even attach a couple cameras for some extra entertainment during the quieter moments.
  9. Super game. I thought they choked but to come back from being down to win was massive. And what topped it off was the offside call at the end. Bayern will still win the League but at least it will be decided next year.
  10. Our pathetic display on Friday had very little to do with formation or personal. We could have played whatever system you can name and whatever player you want and the result would have been the same. To me it was the intent and lack of closing down space without the ball and the lack of making space with. It's a basic fundamental that if not done and the other team does you will get smashed. For 90 minutes we stood off and gave them way too much space and the when we had the ball (which was the majority) the players in front of the ball carrier didn't work hard enough to have any influence. We have enough good players and smart enough coaches to be able to do the basics better but for the life of me I can't understand how collectively the entire playing group and coaching staff fucked up so badly.
  11. We will only know exactly where we are at when we have played everybody at least once.
  12. Welcome Ritchie de Laet

    I think what your missing a nuts worth more than a goal.