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  1. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Faaaaaaaark stupidity.
  2. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    We need to make a change.
  3. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Just checking in. Can't complain with that goal.
  4. Talking City Fan Channel

    We just sigbed Mooy prior to takeover. He probably wouldn't have stayed that extra season as we most likely would have taken the first decent offer. But regardless Mooy would have kept us going for a while.
  5. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    I guess your right about next season. I'm still not convinced Wazza is capable of the ultimate success but time will prove or disprove my opinion.
  6. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    I agree with you to a point. And that point being if we do indeed finish 3rd, and get that ACL playoff game and we lose it, then that's unacceptable to me. I know one off games can go either way but judging a season can really on be done on achievement. And no silverware and no ACL for me must be marked as a failure. Yes Sydney have been remarkable and probably we won't see a team dominate again so much for a while. And Newcastle have been a revelation but at the end of the day it must come down to what we have achieved. Without silverware (which is still possible but unlikely) ACL qualification must be a bare minimum. Interesting next 9 maybe 10 games to come.
  7. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    I'd make 2 changes to the above. I would try Mauk next to Brattan and leave Bozanic on the bench. And I drop either Kamau or Fitzy out of the squad for most probably Genreau. Only because Fitzy and Kamau are very similar in what they offer. And basically it will be for Arzani around 60 to 70 when he runs out of gas. I'm hoping Budz can kick on and really cement a spot. A front 4 or Arzani Bruno and Vidosic with Budz in the hole is pretty impressive (if in form) and Atkinson and Jamieson pushing high really would complement a good forward phase. I'm very bullish for this game and genuinely think we can win but would be happy with a point.
  8. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    To not finish 2nd is IMO a fail. But having said that win 3 finals games and it would be for me an amazing achievement and a resounding pass. But at this point in time I see us finishing 3rd and making the GF but losing badly to Sydney. Does that rate as a successful season? Undecided. We would have definitely improved and would also have been our most successful season and of course put us in an ACL playoff spot, but I guess it still would be for me a season lost. I'm still not decided on Wazza and very skeptical about whether he is the coach to bring ultimate success.
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great get guys. Wazza is next. Maybe try and get him post season. That would be fascinating listening. Really good pod and some decent questions and candid responses. Made my day.
  10. The 3peat Granny.

    I assumed a fried chicken shop.
  11. City tactics 2017-18

    That Wigan result typifies everything that is so great and so bad (unfair) about our game. On any given day any team has a chance to win. So as a fan even when you know in all likelihood you will get smashed you still cling to the hope of maybe today will be your day. The only bad thing is that song is going to get murdered to death.
  12. A-league expansion

    I think all this talk on which city/town should get it is flawed. Whichever teams get in you will heaps of people bitching about better candidates. Ultimately it must be merit based on results. So awarding some new start up team is just a continuation of a flawed system. The teams that should be eligible must be the NPL champions. If then they either don't satisfy clear and open criteria then the next best team gets a chance. But without promotion relegation you will get this endless debate on who should or should not be admitted. Sadly none of this will occur and if new teams get admitted (which i doubt) they will be no clear reason why.
  13. Jess Fishlock

    To be an integral part of being undefeated in finals is something that's getting overlooked. Not sure about the stats but being undefeated in 3 finals series at any level mens or womens would be pretty rare.
  14. The 3peat Granny.

    First 3 time grand final win men or women. Massive result.
  15. A-league expansion

    Just another balls up in the making. What happened to Fifa coming in and disbanding the current board and installing a normalisation committee. Nothing. New teams aren't going to fix shit. Its the same mentality at club level that if just get in a couple good players the club will improve. The entire league is flawed and run by muppets.