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  1. Welcome Ross McCormack

    @fensaddler @dconder13 @kingofhearts @sharpy @neio @Shahanga @haz @Thrillhouse @HEARTinator Congratulations all, you just got quoted by the Birmingham Mail (where Aston Villa are based, if people weren't aware). http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-heres-what-melbourne-13686414
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    haha, I was only being facetious in the first place. Abwehr appears to be the German word for defender, it's just not what we associate the word with...
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Sure, but the Abwehr ceased to exist in 1945...
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I'm quite interested in the story of Steve Whyte, who according to that screenshot plays in the position Abwehr (i.e. the WW2 German military intelligence organisation). Is he some kind of time-travelling Nazi agent?
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Unfortunately I live as close to Manchester as you guys do to King Island, so I've really only got the same tools for checking this as you guys do. However, I can point you in the direction of this article, which I believe is the source of the tweet you all were commenting on earlier: http://www.sport.pl/pilka/7,64946,22360347,byly-pilkarz-cracovii-trenuje-z-manchesterem-city-wyjazd-do.html
  6. Wazza Watch (heading for a pre xmas exit)

    Yeah, I've had that feeling a few times too. Got to be "holistic" etc etc.
  7. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Yeah, perhaps - although I'd comment that my gut instinct with Yokohama based on everything I've ever heard from them (or not) is that CFG's investment there is a token gesture to Nissan and that Nissan (who own 80% of the team) aren't really that interested in them being considered an actual CFG team. There's also the issue that NYCFC and Yokohama (and Torque, which people seem to not have mentioned here) have their pre-seasons when Melbourne/Manchester/Girona are mid-season, which would cause issues. However, yes, I agree it would be nice, and this was one of the first ever things I considered when NYCFC was founded.
  8. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    As mentioned before, while I'd love to see it happen, the sheer amount of money that top teams receive from invites to play friendlies mean that Manchester City simply can't afford to take part in one.
  9. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Most accounts seem to regard this as a mixture of supporting Girona to allow them to stay up in La Liga (bear in mind that Guardiola may be a Barca legend but he is still ultimately a Catalan and Girona is now Catalonia's #3 team) and providing a stable place for Manchester City's youngsters to go out on loan and play against teams that, regrettably, Melbourne City don't play against. I'm not sure to what extent this is actually going to affect Melbourne City.
  10. Marcus Gomes MCFC eSport player

    Yep. Another article here, for those who haven't seen it already: https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/melbourne-city-sign-esports-fifa-gamer-marcus-gomes-days-before-millions-watch-him-at-fifa-interactive-world-cup/news-story/f7c4e0f5344e012168c53ffc968a5f81
  11. Your favourite Heart/City moment at AAMI Park

    I just watch it and hear "OH IT'S ENGELAAR"
  12. Your favourite Heart/City moment at AAMI Park

    Got to be the Engelaar half-way line goal for me. Was one of the first Heart games I ever remember seeing, and it definitely stuck in the memory.
  13. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Would be interesting to see if it did happen. CFG usually prefers their marquee names to be less egocentric that Zlatan, but no-one can deny that he certainly adds star value to a side.
  14. Melbourne City Pre-Season Friendlies 2017

    Pair of scissors and a bit of thread and you've got yourself two fine half-and-half scarves right there. Fun for all the family.
  15. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    Haha. I get what you're saying but the work of the assistant manager is frequently completely different to the actual manager themselves. A lot of assistants will have only peripheral involvement in tactics, for example, which is the most important part of being a successful manager.