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  1. Go and read about what CFG is doing in China, and what that deal was really about. (An incredible deal for both parties). A chinese 'club' is small fry compared to what they are doing - in fact committing to a single club could be counter-productive. They basically have the 'rights' to setup academies and structure at all junior levels throughout the whole country! Sure, they may say one day a Chinese club could be on the radar, but I think it will be secondary to what they are doing.
  2. I agree with most of this - but I think it goes deeper and they realise that 'how' to win this league is perhaps different to most leagues around the world. The level of player here doesn't auger well for European 'mainland' tactics of brain over braun - this is fine with the skillset of the worlds top % of players, but with such a low salary cap and limit on internationals, things have to be approached differently. Our league is probably closer to a lower level English league, than that of the western European leagues as physicality plays a bigger part. Perhaps the biggest part in determining success? Perhaps this league is a 'development' league. Is that a bad thing? Is it wrong to suggest it is? Whilst it is it's own league on the surface, fact is many of the younger players in the country will see it is a feeder to something else in Europe. A coach who can harness improvement from within is what is needed. You can only buy so much improvement, no matter who you are. This doesnt mean they dont want to win this league, but the method to the madness has changed.
  3. Interesting. Whilst his accomplishments dont jump off the page - he seemingly will add one thing which we need. Viagra. It seems the feedback to CFG was spot on - we need to harden the Eff Up - ASAP! You dont need the tactical genius of an Italian or Spanish coach for this league - it is a physical league, played in the summer and a limited level of player available. Hopefully the CEO role is the next to change - need some bloody cialis for that position as well. Our history as heart and now City can be summed up on one word - meek. Time to get a backbone, on and off the field.
  4. So CFG have just sold Mooy for more than the total value/investment/purchase of the Melbourne Heart club. Just puts into perspective how minor (in the grand scheme of things) the investment here is - but positions them front and square for the best talent in the region. It will only take that 'one' kid to return them on their investment in spades. How good is it gonna be watching Aaron in the PL for Huddersfield!
  5. 100%. Last season we let go 2 defenders whom, whilst solid, didnt set the world on fire with us yet have gone on to be first choice defenders in the best team in the country by a mile. The personnel isnt the problem per se - sad part is there are probably 3-4 coaches in Australia which could have won the league running away with our squad/resources.
  6. you have to be joking and they are kidding themselves if they appoint him. Honestly, If they do I wont renew and would encourage everyone else to do the same. This club needs a shake up and a shake up bad. Every position from the CEO down MUST be under review. Heck, positions in CFG should be up for review with their track record across the globe. This stinks of excuses from the local branch saving face over the utter clusterf@ck we have been. JVS stunkpre-CFG, and he stunk post CFG.
  7. it is clear somebody doesnt want us winning at the moment. Cant say anything now, we are 'sooks' apparently. 3 clear pens in 2 weeks and none received, then we give away that one. LOL.
  8. Ive said it before and Ill say it again - Teflon Jon was a big problem but the problem went higher. How he had survived so long shows a deep rooted problem in our club. Now we have a puppet in charge who hasn't got the ability to reach the dizzying heights of average-ness that JVS excelled at no matter what squad he had. How can the whole world see that just dont move the ball forward, sometimes at all, but often just at snail pace yet NEVER change anything up? Teams just setup for the inevitable counter, and we just walk into trap after trap? It is hit the point where it is embarrassing to watch and absolutely futile to try and bring any new fans along.
  9. WTF was that? That 2nd half in particular was a physical manifestation of JVS' mindset. Paralyzed with fear of failure. An utter cancer who has the best list in the league, yet single handedly is gonna turn people away from our games in droves.
  10. watching the behind the goal angle last night - Rose 100% stops that if he slides. McLaren, who had a shocker btw, only had about a foot to play with and snuck it in by an inch. However, there is half a chance that if Rose slides Mclaren cuts back in and scores anyway, but Rose had to show desperation there. It was a horrible effort.
  11. I reckon the schip wont be sleeping well. Call me an optimist, but last night was a different 'shocker' for teflon john. I reckon he knew it to. His post game interview - looked more than the usual flat. Looked defeated.
  12. this deja vu is simply laughable these days. The guy cant coach - it is not even a question anymore. Ive said it before and said it again - it is so obvious you just have to question those keeping him there. 2 ownership groups and he fukin cockroach wont die. Teflon John has pictures. There can be no other explanation.
  13. I highly doubt they are micro managing to the point of instructing training from Manchester - but no doubt using their resources to help the team here. Fact is, they are extremely patient with JVS but overall, they are a patient mob. Hopefully they are steps ahead of everything and the successor is lined up already. I have heard it was Gombau, but who knows. In relation to CFG 'success' - I think they have massive, bigger picture targets that this seasons premier league, champions league or a-league title. Yes, they have spent money - but look at what they are doing in china (massively under the radar in the global football world). They have sold 10% of their group to a chinese consortium of media companies for the price they paid for Manchester City. Think about that. Manchester city have turned a profit the last 2 seasons now. Further, in china not only do they have massive media with them, they have done deals over there to effectively introduce the game in schools (via their department of education) and the target is something like 50,000 schools. They currently are in like 10 cities. These are city-branded, youth development schools whereby millions of chinese are eventually going to be brought up in the game via the city brand. The mind boggles with the potential for the group over the coming generations. I think this deal is why they have fallen flat with buying a Chinese club - why link yourselves with one when you are at gross-roots with the whole league? They will probably sell Mooy for a large portion of what they purchased Melbourne Heart for. These little 'investments' are not the end game here. I think they want global domination in the sport, and brand by like 2050. Something like that would be success to them.
  14. you couldnt make much of our situation up. We are living in bizarro world and I just don't get it. We have had no on-field, nor off-field success in our history. Yet here we are with the same coach and the same CEO from the first time a ball was kicked in anger, surviving two ownership regimes. Someone is taking the piss. Teflon John and Slippery Scott. They must have pictures.
  15. just a lazy performance. No pressure, no movement just going through the motions. JVS has a lot of flaws - but it is clear as day he has no idea how to motivate and drive individuals. Thus, he is not a coach and why he constantly fails. KL is bursting veins, JVS is worried about which solarium he will go to in the morning.