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  1. this club needs an absolute reset, but Im not sure what the catalyst is going to be? Got to hand it CFG, they are a patient bunch but I think it is getting long in the tooth now.
  2. A-league expansion

    A home & away season. The season length should correlate to the number of teams or it risks irrelevant, low drawing and low-rating games. Surprise Surprise. It really isn't that difficult.
  3. A-league expansion

    This whole summer sport thing is really intriguing. Just recently, I think it was spoken on SEN, I heard that the NBL is already looking to abandon summer and move back to winter. why? The big bash. I dont even think cricket purists (who say they hate it) realise the effect it is having. I had nearly given up on cricket, but the BBL has reignited my consumption. I hardly have watched a test or ODI for over a decade. Whilst its on, unless City or a big A-league game is on I am watching BBL if at home. It literally dominates 7 nights per week too. That brings my to the AFLW and more importantly the AFLX. I have no idea what the plan is for AFLX, but it sure as heck aint a one-off carnival like 2018. If it takes off, I think it is the AFL's answer to T20 cricket and something they can perhaps run a separate league (lesser/younger players, non-drafted players etc) in the off-season, somewhere between Oct and Jan at night. Would be huge - look at the impact of AFLW already and it is absolute rubbish. The landscape will change significantly IMO - why? The AFL now owns Etihad stadium. I cant see the Victory or the Renegades being in the AFL's long-term tenant plans for Etihad (yes I know Victory signed a long-term deal just before the AFL took over) if the AFLX goes gang-busters. The A-league needs to know its place, and understand the landscape. The season is too long, and is played in stadiums which are just too big and presents horribly on TV, and no atmosphere at best for most encounters.
  4. something definitely changed a a few weeks ago. Changed the team and tactics - started to use the bench properly and the balance of play has changed. Not always sitting back etc. Not sure if it was a direction from above, or part of his 'plan'. I guess we will never know.
  5. Marcin Budzinski

    because I watched the game and watched him. TBO - some are getting too far ahead of themselves on that game. The result was great, the performance wasnt as great. Bit like Liverpool - sure they beat Man City but their 4 goals were from outside of the area, very rare freak type stuff you cant rely on (mostly within 10 mins too interestingly) Just got hot. Wont happen every week and alas, they lose to the bottom side next up. We were a bit the same - goals that just wont go in normally were finding the back of the net, and their one on ones just werent working. That can easily change next time out etc. We have to beat Newcastle convincingly for me to accept anything has changed. For individuals and the team. This sport has never been about one result.
  6. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    whilst I thought the goals were average (at best) - the first Bud goal was due to a deflection - BUT WITHOUT SHOOTING WOULD NEVER HAVE GONE IN! Seemingly, this woke the team up that we dont have to pass it around and try to find the ultimate through ball, or walk the thing into the old onion bag. We have striking talent - striking the ball talent that would be the envy of the league. Ross, Dario, Budz - get in or around the area and dont be scared to shoot. We have been so gun-shy this season. This game hopefully opened our eyes a little. It aint Buffon in goal in this league!
  7. Daniel Arzani

    cant agree with that and it has nothing to do with wazza directly. He chose us from Sydney 2 years ago as it seemed and should still be the case, that the pathway is just chalk and cheese with us and anyone else in the region. That has to be a fact. If he wasnt getting games ie overlooked I would agree. This bloke in a handful of games has become our most talented and best offensive threat already. If he goes back to Sydney, we have to seriously have a look at ourselves.
  8. Marcin Budzinski

    still looks average to me, and they were pretty poor goals lets be honest. But he is finding the back of the net, and thats all there is to it. Run whilst his form hot - his touch and general skill level still seems off. Can crack a ball though.
  9. Daniel Arzani

    Let's be honest, if he goes to another a-league club it would be a disaster and a massive wake up call for this club. In fact, even if he choses to leave the city group and pursue international options himself it would be a wake up call. The advantages we have in relation to resources, connections etc should mean one of the best prospects for his age in this country should have no hesitation in staying with the group. It would be a sign than the 'gloss' is coming off the CFG structure in this country = due to CFG allowing us to sleepwalk and totally balls up everything we touch.
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    not convinced at all this was an 'us' doing. I think he wasnt give game time, and Gombau pounced. We couldnt stand in his way. Hopefully he doesnt turn into another player whom we dont get the best out of, but others do.
  11. Daniel Arzani

    http://www.goal.com/en-au/news/the-covert-agent-daniel-arzani-looking-to-leave-melbourne/dyxzyix2d0431kq3sctxy8u81 No idea as to the tomato sauce.
  12. The style worked perfectly? The players changed? Hold on, the style got results early but the play was hardly perfect. In any event, the opposition HAS adjusted and it is clear as day we have only a couple of offensive release players and we are now shutdown too easily and thus look impotent. A clear coaching issue. Even if not, and the players got 'too comfortable' - um this my BIGGEST criticism of Wazza. He clearly has a favorite formation which he goes so as closely as possible, and everyone else is seemingly on the outer. It is clear as day some have their papers stamped, others are the 'teachers pet' and they style is too rigid to incorporate any sort of substation change. Gee, I wonder why this would breed complacency in players and destroys the rest? Absolutely shocking! Im sorry, but on ALL levels Wazza is seemingly failing - but dont get me wrong, there are obvious issues which also go beyond him as well but he is doing himself no favors. If we are giving him the benefit of all doubts, how do you explain his lack of bench use? Even when behind without looking like scoring and subsequently lose? Love to hear the excuse for that one.
  13. are these articles going to find their way to HQ, or are these articles (and twitter murmurings) coincidentally out yesterday and today because of rumblings coming from city? Or, has it just dawned on everyone watching the past 2 games that this bloke in charge seemingly has no idea what he is doing?
  14. yep, 100%. 9 years is a long time for any CEO without company ownership really, and considering he has been there and and been, let's be honest, a failure on and predominately off the field. I have no idea how he has gone this far. Utter Teflon.
  15. The real question is - if we were going to look for proven a-league coaches, would Poppa be on the CFG shortlist? If so, he is available now. The opportunity cost of giving Wazza more time is losing this guy who surely will get another gig sooner rather than later.