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  1. Highly doubt there will be a stream. They're trying to promote Shep so they would want people to actually go rather than watch on their phone
  2. Remember when we were actually linked with the likes of Koren and Colazo? Troisi would have been a more than good enough marquee for this club.
  3. Such a waste
  4. ITT: Hellenic Hero enjoys beating a possible child abuse victim at the only thing that allows him to connect with his father.
  5. There are already too many sponsors on ALeague kits and now they make it even worse by adding Lid4 as another sponsor smh
  6. Blue home kit, red and white away
  7. TTDIM: finding cash in your pocket from your last night out. Best day of my entire life.
  8. You're all very welcome
  9. Exactly. The biggest criticisms of the books I've read are the same, that there is too much rape and extreme violence, but he doesn't include this for shock value, he includes all this stuff to ensure he isn't sugar-coating war.
  10. Milk in coffee is fine. The real crime is sugar in coffee.
  11. This league seriously needs the league patches on the sleeves. The Nike logo just looks so silly smack in the middle.
  12. Not just in a historical sense, but also just messing up the way certain parts are supposed to make the audience feel. For example, apart from the battle for Winterfell last season which showed the horror of the crush, most of the show has glorified war and violence, whilst in the books GRRM mostly does the opposite, pointing out the horrors and waste of life that war produces. (Or maybe that's just the way I read it idk)
  13. well that came out of nowhere! Our new visa defender
  14. Agreed. Every time a new season comes out I convince myself that I'm going to stop watching so that I can wait for the books and therefore enjoy it infinitely more, and every time my facebook fills up with stuff about the new episodes and spoilers come out instantly so I can't really avoid it. Hurry up and finish the books old man!
  15. I wrote squad, but I meant in the starting XI, I'm just a bit thick
  16. CC: Erik Paartalu
  17. Will be remembered as a part of our FFA Cup winning squad and that absolute worldie of a goal last season against the Wanderers.
  18. Several people have been saying this, but for all we know, CFG may have known that this was going to happen for some time and may well have prepared for it by having a replacement lined up. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  19. When the rest of the league catches up to us in those regards or we catch up with other teams in regards to support levels or on-field success.
  20. Season 7 episode 1: Pros: Opening scene was sweet af. More Greyjoys. Jorah Mormont greyscaled the fuck out. Cons: Ed Sheeran is apparently a Lannister soldier? So much talking so little doing of stuff. No tits. No violence. Overall: Very meh, but every season opener is these days. Wasn't exactly hyped for this new season so I'm not disappointed or anything.
  21. James Troisi confirmed...
  22. TTDIM: fucken Whispering Jack. How good is Johnny Farnham to listen to on the sesh?!?