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  1. I actually like the idea of a sky blue kit. I don't like the idea of one that looks that boring.
  2. Ben Garuccio and Stefan Mauk are the only two I can think of off the top of my head tbh.
  3. Well said HeartFc. Yeah my life is basically the same at the moment thisphantomfortress. My most recent ex and I were together since I turned 18, so my entire adult life up until a few months ago. Finally beginning to experience single life and it's very interesting to say the least
  4. I would argue that although he was a great player, having a visa goalkeeper on the bench for a full season is poor recruiting.
  5. Harsh Yeah I've gone with the unfollow but keep as friends route. Now for the easy part: photoshopping pictures of models into my pictures to show how well I'm coping emotionally
  6. TTIM: My Facebook news feed showing not one, but two ex girlfriends new relationship statuses on the same night... brb off to drink some paint thinner
  7. It doesn't look legit at all as it looks like a training kit. Because of this I am 100% sure that this is legit.
  8. It might be, but the countries that it sells to are not. Oil = power
  9. CC: @Dylan
  10. Hey no don't put me on the Bullshit list for this. I'm just sharing a tweet from a rather poor source, not claiming to have inside information.
  11. Obviously a fairly shitty source but take from this what you will.
  12. Don't think Andrews is the problem tbh. The issue in Tesla's original post is a nation-wide issue where self-defence laws in this country massively favor the intruder(s) rather than the victims. As for the tag and release approach that seems to be a court issue. The bail system is a complete joke. Just look at the Bourke Street massacre. That being said, people will see the issue and instantly blame Dan unless he does something. Not sure exactly what he can do though to be honest. Unfortunately it's a much more complex issue than people make it out to be.
  13. TTIM: getting used to new glasses. I feel drunk but without the improved self-confidence and sense of adventure.
  14. Melbourne City
  15. Sensational day at the office. This team is starting to look really good
  16. How about them Bombers?
  17. Definitely
  18. I wonder if I'll regret being this drunk whem I wake up tomorrw to coach juniors?
  19. We could have won 6 straight league titles with the most easy going, egoless side ever and Scott Miller would still be sn awful choice for any club woth ambition...
  20. I stand by what I said a few pages ago about Kruse.
  21. nah brah. But in all seriousness surely the club would have a little bit more ambition than bringing in a coach who was sacked by the bloody Jets...
  22. I must say I hope this isn't true because I quite like my username and changing the colour of the seats would make it completely irrelevant...
  23. Sauce?