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  1. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    10/10 read. Please travel more often
  2. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    These screenshots don't show it, but on the replay from this angle, Fox Sports showed as soon as Bart passes the ball towards Bouzanis, Brattan breaks out to his spot out wide and begins furiously calling for the ball from Bouzanis who in turn spots him and sends it on a dime for him. Definitely not a hit and hope, this was a sensational, thought out goal. Brilliant stuff
  3. Nathaniel Atkinson

    Ironic given the fact the great man himself scored an own goal to cost Perth Glory the game on Saturday night
  4. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    It was an absolutely nothing moment right near the end. In normal motion it looked as though Hoole twisted his ankle and that's why he was lying on the ground. Then fox sports showed the replay and it looks as though as Hoole is losing his balance and steps weirdly his foot moves into the path of La Rocca who accidentally steps on his ankle. Clear accident and no harm done, yet the way the fox sports commentators were going on about it La Rocca may as well have two-footed him to the back of the knee. I'm obviously biased but it was a clear accident and wouldn't be a foul anywhere on the pitch let alone a VAR penalty.
  5. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    What game were you watching? Bouzanis MOTM?? Yeah he had a good game and that pass for the goal was brilliant, but he was barely challenged all game. Fitzy was actually pretty poor for his usual standards as well imo. Brattan was involved in absolutely everything and worked his guts out which is usually everyone's biggest criticism of him.
  6. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    Brattan for me. His best game in a long time imo. Was the creator for just about every attack and his work for the goal was phenomenal. Bart a very close second.
  7. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Should definitely be ahead. We're looking dangerous, just need to finish. Young Atkinson looks like a gem
  8. Domestic Politics

    Whilst I would usually agree, the fact that the post was clearly not intended to be humorous and was made by a moderator didn't really sit too well for me. On the original point of the post however, if the demographic in question feels so strongly about opposing the private actions of consenting adults then maybe they should have voted accordingly in higher numbers in the recent plebiscite, because as I recall, that view lost.
  9. Domestic Politics

    Wanna dial it back a little bit with the homophobic bullshit there mate?
  10. Tim Cahill

    FWIW I don't buy the "lack of playing time" argument for one moment tbh. I think there is more going on here. Round 1 vs Brisbane. 0 minutes as he was away with the Roos. Round 2 vs Victory. 10 or so minutes off the bench after playing 120 for the roos mid-week. Round 3 vs Wellington. 8 or so minutes off the bench. Team won the week before, no need to shuffle things around too much. Round 4 vs Adelaide. 20 minutss off the bench. Our starting striker scored two goals and he still got 20 minutes. Round 5 vs Sydney. Started and got injured. Withdrawn after 25 minutes. Round 6 vs Wanderers. 0 minutes as unavailable with the Socceroos. Round 7 vs Brisbane. 0 minutes, club listed him as unavailable due to ongoing ankle injury from Sydney game. Round 8 vs Perth. 25 minutes off the bench. Return from injury. Round 9 vs Newcastle. 15 minutes off the bench. This is a striker who has yet to score a goal for us this season. Our other striker is second in the league's golden boot standings. As you can see, he hasn't exactly been fully available, and when he has been he hasn't exactly been doing a lot for us on the park. He even mentioned in his statement yesterday that he is still carrying the ankle injury from the Sydney FC game. The worst part is that the last game he played before his game-time comments he actually started. The playing time argument he makes is bullshit imo and there are reasons behind the scenes that he's leaving. According to his autobiography, Timmy sees himself as a real leader at every club he plays for, and likes to be heavily involved in helping the coaches make decisions. He speaks about how both he and Thierry Henry basically coached New York Red Bulls whilst their manager was just there for looks essentially. There was also a rumour coming out of the City camp last season that JVS had lost the squad and that Cahill was doing basically most of the coaching himself. Now I don't know about you, but Warren Joyce doesn't exactly strike me as the kind of bloke who would want to let a player do most of the decision making for him. He seems like the kind of bloke who would not want his authority questioned. If you ask me, Valkanis got the sack by Marwood and so did Timmy.
  11. Tim Cahill

    Agree with this. No big loss in a playing sense imo, but in terms of the off-field side of things it's massive. Very disappointing from our "club captain"
  12. Talking City Fan Channel

    For anyone without a link: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=159177
  13. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

  14. The road to the 2018 WC

    Would kill to see Tony Pulis strutting the sideline in Russia in his tracksuit and cap, helping us consistently avoid relegation from the world cup. What a man
  15. Yeah he was at CFG this morning according to Cahill's snapchat