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  1. How is everyone forgetting this bad boy?
  2. Don’t even get me started on this. Been a part of Maroondah United (formerly Croydon Ranges) for the past 6 years. Maroondah council will do anything to avoid giving any funding to fixing our ground situation. Ridiculous how good Monbulk’s facilities are compared to anyone else
  3. Yeah so many morons. Passed a guy walking up to Annapurna Base Camp (5800m) in thongs. Said he didn’t think he’d need hiking boots. It got down to -10 that night and that was at one of the lower nights altitude-wise. People are stupid
  4. Yeah definitely step up the fitness training. I spent a few months preparing for when I went (I trekked in Annapurna region not EBC) but i was nowhere near prepared. It’s easy to underestimate the toll that the altitude takes on you. Make sure you listen to your body and are prepared to not make it all the way to the top, because if you get sick and need to turn back you NEED to turn back
  5. Spend 1-2 days tops in Kathmandu. It’s fine for the main couple of attractions but otherwise I’d like a lesser version of a crappy Indian city. Pokhara is good, especially the Lakeside area. The hike up the hill to Sarangkot near Pokhara is well worth it. Should only take a few hours. When you’re doing your trek pack lighter than you think, but make sure you have some good quality warm stuff to layer up with. When you’re staying in huts on your trek if you offer to have dinner and breakfast at the place you’re staying they’ll usually give you a big discount on the stay, or just give you the night for free.
  6. Just give this dude a blank cheque and give him whatever he writes on it, absolute animal
  7. What a huge result. Maclaren is the best player in the league and it’s not even close. Wales was (as I expected) far better off the bench against tired legs than starting, great fight back from the lads. Defence is still a big concern, but the attitude to come back and win that is huge. 4 points clear on top. What a way to start the weekend
  8. Exactly, so not only do they have a relatively low attendance, they also leave their ground half-empty. But nobody cares. They don’t see it as a problem at all because the club is stable and the fans they do have are really passionate
  9. I’m currently in Mumbai, and they only have one team in the Indian Super League, Mumbai City FC and I watched them play the other night. Tickets are roughly $2 Australian. Mumbai is ranked as having the 16th most expensive real estate market in the world (1 place behind Melbourne) so it’s not as poor as people may think, meaning people can absolutely afford to attend games. Football is the number 2 sport in India behind cricket, and some clubs average 60k+ attendance. Mumbai City FC is the only football club in a city of 18 million people and have an average attendance of 4000. Obviously different environment, but kind of puts our average of 6000 as one of three clubs in a city of 3 million people into a bit of global perspective.
  10. You put Jamie Maclaren on the field last night and we win at least 5-1 imo
  11. Haven’t logged onto here in aaaaages but tonight’s game was so bloody terrific I wanted to get back amongst the forum. Unfortunately I’m overseas at the moment so i couldn’t attend, but managed to stream the whole game at my hostel. What a cracking performance from the lads. Everyone played their role and it was a joy to watch us play with such fluidity in attack. Metcalfe was probably my MOTM, but only just edged it over Griffiths, Good and Brillante. I know there will be a lot of negativity about the crowd figure tonight, and I have to admit, it looked pretty ordinary on the broadcast. But the terrace were simply superb tonight both in numbers and in voice. I know the City Terrace lads have had a bit of a tough time of it lately, but tonight was terrific and I hope they can build on it. The crowd numbers themselves do not matter at all if we’ve got a good atmosphere and we’re playing good football, and we had both of those in spades tonight. One of those games that really served to remind me why I first fell in love with this club, can’t wait til the next home game
  12. If travelling from the CBD to Croydon is too much of an effort, can you imagine how difficult logging on to the forum must be?
  13. Apologies lads, unfortunately most of us are rarely on the forum these days so we forget to post them up here. Will try to do it more often! https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=361164
  14. Decent pickup for them. I always rated him for us, it will be interesting to see whether he's improved during his time in Korea.
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