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  1. If travelling from the CBD to Croydon is too much of an effort, can you imagine how difficult logging on to the forum must be?
  2. Apologies lads, unfortunately most of us are rarely on the forum these days so we forget to post them up here. Will try to do it more often! https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=361164
  3. Decent pickup for them. I always rated him for us, it will be interesting to see whether he's improved during his time in Korea.
  4. No chance at all of Good going overseas after this season. He's played well enough to stay with us, but not got enough minutes for an overseas deal imo
  5. Jamie Maclaren is the greatest player in A League history. Change my mind.
  6. Excited to hear both sets of fans chanting for Fornaroli. We're gonna get fisted.
  7. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=338527
  8. Recorded last night, should be up sometime today
  9. @haz any chance you have a stream? Turns out they aren't huge A League fans in Nepal...
  10. Bart by default as he was average as opposed to abysmal like the rest of the team
  11. That was, quite possibly the worst perfoemance I have ever seen from this club, and trust me, I've watched some absolute garbage over the years.
  12. First home game of the season! Fire up farken!
  13. Food and sleep are for the weak. Red Dead consumes all
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