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  1. I give Windy’s hamstring 48 hours
  2. Not to mention that the mutation findings are from studies that are yet to be peer reviewed. The fact that news outlets are reporting on this as though it is confirmed is a dangerous precedent.
  3. Without getting into conspiracy theories about whether or not the virus is real, I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on the Covid app and the merits vs the dangers
  4. TTDIM: Tiger King. Possibly the best thing ever released on Netflix. Ridiculously stupid/brilliant
  5. Whilst I agree that it’s probably not as grand a disaster as it’s being made out to be, it’s clear that this virus can kill a lot of people if left unchecked simply through the overwhelming of the hospital system. I’d rather wait inside for a few months and go crazy than lose my grandparents or even my parents if I can avoid it. Not to mention it seems to kill people a lot more indiscriminately than just the old and the sick as we first thought. A lot of young, healthy people are ending up in ICU.
  6. Might just be yours, works fine on mine
  7. Guess who hired Al-Quaeda to carry out the September 11 attacks in New York? That’s right, it was @Mork
  8. Team of the week every game he’s played. Beast
  9. He probably is a real human being, and therefore would likely have the capacity to understand that I don’t believe he is literally worse than a chip packet. He seems like a lovely bloke, but the reality is he isn’t the second highest paid player at Melbourne City to be a good person. If he is reading I hope he isn’t too offended, because my comments aren’t personal they are simply jokes made in relation to my frustration that Florin is perhaps not the best fit for his position at our club. I highly doubt CFG are readying their chequebooks to sign an unfit 24 year old moron with the coordination of a potato, but that’s not really what I’m hoping for when I criticise players performances. I absolutely couldn’t hold a candle to the guy, and neither could anyone on this forum, but none of us are earning $500k a year to kick a ball around a park either. I guess what I’m saying is, if you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on a footballer’s ability, why does this forum exist?
  10. An empty packet of chips that has floated down from the stand and landed on the pitch would be a massive upgrade on Florin. I’m certainly not saying I want Dario back.
  11. Olyroos came at the wrong time for Tommy unfortunately. Despite the fact he’s certainly the better option as starting keeper, I can’t see Dean getting dropped this week after two straight clean sheets.
  12. Would be a massive upgrade on Florin at the number 10. Not that that’s saying much
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