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  1. Domestic Politics

    At lunch time I decided to check some of the minor parties/independents running for the senate. Now that was the twilight zone.
  2. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Thanks @jw1739. So we have keepers: Redmayne Back four: Franjic, Wilkinson, Jakobsen, Zullo Midfield: Retre, Kilkenny, Caceres, Marrone Front three: Williams, Goodwin Bench: Lesiotis, Velaphi
  3. The "Where are they now?" thread

    @jw1739 Would you be able to compile the number of ex-city/heart players that have participated in this years final series? I am curious to know whether their careers have improved elsewhere.
  4. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    Its a chicken and egg situation. The total capacity for teh stadium is 30,500 with the top deck seating ~10,000 and the lower deck about ~20,000. Given that about 6,000 people turn up to watch City then that is about 30% of the capacity of the lower decks. If you opened the top deck, then that would fall to about 20%. So given the extra security costs, even if they were not exponential but linear, the same 6000 people would have to pay for the security. So the expectations are that once the team can regularly attract 18,000+ to the game you would open the top deck. Otherwise the assumption is that if we opened the top deck all of a sudden 20,000+ people would have shown up to watch what Joyce was dishing up.
  5. The Manager and Assistant Coaches Thread

    Well the club has done worse. My only concern is that he will be red carded otherwise I don't see why he wouldn't be in the mix.
  6. Joyce is GONE!

    I still can't get used to this @playmaker I know you changed your mind a while back but still...
  7. All of which have won silver ware some multiple times. This would put the club fifth which kind of flatters to deceive. Joyce could never pull it together because he was not good enough.
  8. Joyce is GONE!

    In that case Mooy would have been shown the door as well. Mooy said in an interview that he knew what his body could cope with and when he came to city JVS gave him that freedom. Also from other sports, the older the player the less strain their body can cope with. This is why Joyce is a tool - he had only one method.
  9. The Manager and Assistant Coaches Thread

    I think he deserves another tilt.
  10. Domestic Politics

    Welcome back. One thing that bothers me is whether as a Melbournian/Victorian we are the outlier compared to the rest of Oz. I travel to SA a lot for work and I certainly don't detect the animosity that the Feds get in Victoria.
  11. The Manager and Assistant Coaches Thread

    Yes. The Adelaide connection.
  12. Domestic Politics

    I mostly agree. There is a time line though where you would need to say have you learnt from this? Example, bagging team mate Tim Wilson a few months ago should lead to dis-endorsement. Having said something in your teens/early 20s or 10 years ago is not a hanging offence. Confession, I had wet dreams as a teenager where I treated girls for my own sexual gratification, that would disqualify me from running for any public office.
  13. The Sauce Bottles - Central Coast Mariners

    This will be interesting. I am not aware of how many coaches from teh women's leagues have successfully transferred across but I can't imagine t would be a huge step. More pertinent will be whether the issues that the FFA claim but we are not allowed to know (not even Stajcic is allowed) will be preset at CCM.
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    from memory it was about $450M but that has the fancy roof. A simpler design would have cost less.
  15. Domestic Politics

    I am a firm believer in "compulsory voting" - in practice it reduces hyper-partisanship, provides a wider pool of candidates and reduces extremism. Over time I have found that when a governing party strays too far away from competence or to an extreme, the voters who would otherwise be disengaged will become engaged and turf them out. Preferential voting is the only way I have of reaching a compromise candidate with the other 120k electors in my seat. For the house of reps, you don't have to number all of the boxes you can leave the last candidate unmarked and that still counts. However, like yourself I also work backwards, from the most objectionable one gets the last box and then work my way up to the preferred candidate. On two occasions I did not have an objectionable candidate but no party enthused me so I voted blank. I think the most I have ever seen for a house of reps ballot paper were six candidates, although I believe that some other seats have had up to eight. I don't think that it is a big burden. Where I do have objections is the Senate. That is ridiculous. The whole thing is skewered to vote above the line and let the parties decide the preferences. If you don't like the way the parties have done preferences then you are going to spend a lot of time writing the ballot and then checking to ensure that you haven't screwed it up. Now I am not sure whether you were here in the 80s when this system was introduced. The above the line was introduced to reduce the number of invalid votes which was about 40% for the Senate compared to less than 5% for teh house of reps. Thus they introduced the above the line system and that did reduce the invalid number of ballots. I am hoping that they introduce electronic voting so that the voter just drags and drops the numbers next to the candidates name. And no I don't mean vote at home over the web. You would still attend the voting place where the touch screens would be networked locally (no external connection) and a printer. This would have the advantage of providing a quick count although not final, the printed ballot can be used as proof of voting, and it is easier for the voters to use. The disadvantage is that the election coverage by the networks will be drastically reduced. Of course the results would only be broadcast one hour after WA has finished voting for federal elections. Note that postal votes would still be by paper which means that in close elections the results would still drag on.