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  1. Like yourself, I have no idea what my citizenship status is other than I am Australian by naturalisation and use an Australian passport since my teens. However, my situation is slightly different in that at one point the dictatorship had decreed that all who had left were traitors and therefore citizenship was automatically lost, then it changed again and since then I haven't bothered trying to keep track of where things are at. I suppose if I ran for parliament then I would check it, and this is where the two senators screwed up. For me the only thing I am not clear on, is whether if the parents are overseas on an official government business, eg armed forces, diplomat, etc. are the kids dual citizen or not? By the same token a premature birth to an ordinary woman in a foreign country, does that automatically qualify as dual citizenship? What about a passport for the baby?
  2. True. However my point that it is the same principle that the Taliban, Saudis, et al, apply just that the consequences are not as severe. Having had a look at the Adelaide advertiser an hour ago, having the photographs of the people involved on the front page and then on the inside does not do them or the relevant people any good. Just more public shaming so that we all now know what adulterers look like.
  3. Just finished reading on this - it looks like it is b with neither of the "younger" women lodging a complaint. I placed the quotation mark on "younger" because one of them is a qualified lawyer hence she would already be in her mid-twenties, that is, an adult. What the real story is: 1. we are becoming puritanical. Someone passed judgement on their affairs and decided that they needed to be stoned - well sacked. 2. Women need protecting, even if they are lawyers and adults.Because their weak moral compass leads them astray. So how are these modern day puritanicals different from the Saudis?
  4. Did he mean to?
  5. Agree with most of what @cadete has posted on the Doggies. The only other thing is I would add the "Baby Bombers" of 93. In hindsight that year had low quality football and with Carlton were just ageing dinosaurs (they did win in 95 though).
  6. I haven't been to the snow fields this year, usually go to central Victoria, or along the coast to Lorne using the inland route. The Yarra Valley does have 100Km/h zones but all the bends and curves are taken at much lower speeds. I have seen in the past vehicles take bends too fast only to end up in the ditch.
  7. Name three examples of where you can travel at 100km/h rounding the corner and not see emergency vehicles. I couldn't think of any.
  8. You actually do have a point with some caveats. Last century, L plate drivers had a maximum speed limit of 80Km/h and a parliamentary inquiry found that this was leading to accidents, thus the law was scrapped. So I can see the problem however flashing lights can be seen from quite a distance, the 100Km/h speed limit applies to freeways and open roads, and in any case the law has always stated that vehicles have to slow down for emergency vehicles in operation (and give way to them). So your lack of faith stems from the fact that you know most drivers don't slow down.
  9. I've worked with Saudis at an international level and last year I decided to be host to a Saudi student. I have also worked with people from various countries and backgrounds, and there is always a thread that I can connect to: alcohol, food, sport, women, music. Except the Saudis. These blokes were alien. Hence I thought if I hosted a student things may be different. Nah. The Saudi's would never have started civilization. They are infantile because an imam tells them how to wash their dick they just never grow up. As for North Koreans - well I expect that the people (rather than their psycho government/bureaucracy) would be no different to the South Koreans. The Pakistanis have internal domestic problems but at least they know sports and quite a few drink. And the DR Congo is a civil war but at least they drink.
  10. Yes we do. For starters, we now have the "Working with Children" cards that all adults have to get if they do work with children. The organisations that once upon a time would have ignored it have now more active policing. As for the individuals themselves - I am surprised that you even consider the idea of non-prosecution given some of your other postings. I actually think that this is the best outcome. If a court finds Pell innocent then his name is totally cleared. No further innuendo, fewer articles (I am realistic enough that there will always be articles) on his supposed crimes, etc.
  11. Actually, Qatar has been getting up the other Arab states noses by allowing Al-Jazeera to operate thus exposing the corruption, nepotism, incompetence, etc. So what Saudi labels terrorism is anyone questioning the Saud dynasty. Thus by labelling Qatar a terrorist state they hope that they can shut down any exposure. What comes out of it I don't know.
  12. Its how they criticise the courts. I note that The Australian did not contest that it was contempt of court but that they were merely the messenger. I thought it was a deliberate attempt to create publicity against the courts and then they would apologise. Ministers have been criticising courts every year of my life but most of them do it generically without referencing a specific case that is before the courts. And given that they are all lawyers they knew precisely what they were doing and it was not criticising the courts per se but generating publicity. Oh, and dictatorships are reknown for ensuring that any criticism of a court ends up in their favour.
  13. Grew up on cured pork meats then about four years ago I developed an allergy to pork. Went into anaphalactic shock - in which case you won't have to commit suicide, just don't call an ambulance. Nice way to go if you don't panic.
  14. Well I won't try and talk you out of it. However I do hope that you keep contributing to the forum and that convincing won't take too long maybe the first 10 rounds. I don't know enough about football or Wazza to make any meaningful contribution but at least a change of direction seems to be in the offering. And remain optimistic that it will be apparent early enough to indicate so.
  15. I hope that the contract CFG has signed does not bind them too much. If he does not achieve results then he should be shown the door without too much pain. I also hope that CFG move quicker than what they did with JVS which was not at all.