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  1. I wish I could help. The Westpac years ago did not recognise the PoA I had and had to fill in one theirs. Not convenient at the time but eventually that came through. This worked well for years until two months ago when I showed up at the branch and they told me that they had scrapped the Westpac PoA and I had to bring one signed by a JP. Now everytime I go I have to take all teh documentation and it gets photocopied. I did protest that they have all the details but they said that it has been like that for a very long time (not true) but all you can do is just rage. I wouldn't mind running into the CEO one day - sure I will cop a good behaviour bond but it will be worth it.
  2. By and large I agree with what you are saying. However the critical issue for me is, as with everything else, money, followed by quality staff. First up building and running prisons cost money which means taxes but the public like to send people there without paying for it. Secondly running programs to turn kids around is expensive and complex - more money and with mixed success rates. Third to get quality staff (including volunteers) is hard and to entice people you need money. So far I have not read of any strategy (mind you I haven't been looking) to reduce youth crime to a long term average. Politically there are no votes in reducing crime through targeted strategies or at least none that have politically worked. And you are right why spend political capital if someone just stands there and calls you racist? And then you get the those who believe that it is being culturally isolated that leads to crime or is the solution to crime which is garbage. To expand on my earlier post is that there is a bulge of Sudanese youth crime right now but in eight years time the criminals would have accommodated them in and things will return to an average. It won't reduce crime nor teh prospects of future crime and the papers would have moved on to something else.
  3. sorry I kinda of went into a coma... Didn't mind the refereeing as it provided the extra man that Nepal needed. I just wonder whether Arnold should have been more experimental in his selection.
  4. Why did Arnold play this line up????
  5. Actually there was an anonymous complaint which the FFA had to investigate and that was public information. What was not public was what the complaint was about and who it involved so the ABC issued a FOI. This could mean two things: that no other news outlet looks at the FFA or that they couldn't be arsed following it up. What remains a mystery is the complainant and their motivation.
  6. I am not sure that Winston ever had the role models - after all he was a chronic alcoholic, suffered from depression (he coined the term black dog) and was abusive to one and all (however he was very witty). And as you revealed commitment is the key word. If you have ever dealt with people who have chronic drug addiction they can only come out of it once they realise that they have to commit to treatment and change their lives. Some do but most don't. And that is where close role models (that is those not on TV) come into play because they provide an example they can anchor themselves to once they have made a decision to commit. And this is where I bailed.
  7. When I arrived it was the latino crime gangs which didn't last long because the vietnamese crime gangs took over, by the 90s it was the post code gangs, then that morphed into Asian crime gangs before the media noticed the islander gangs but they were saved from bad publicity by the African crime gangs. Funnily enough every once in a while you get some news on the Legal, that is solicitors & barristers, gangs which do a nice profit from running the high end cocaine and pill importation/distribution but the media shy away from saying too much. In reality all communities are quite well aware of the issues. And they try to make an effort to change things with internal programs but sometimes they are successful and other times not. Certainly from a Latino perspective my brother and I have been approached to participate in such programs which we have declined. And there lies another problem voluntary participation by all. The real problem is the way the media reports it - with its underlying racial tones as well as the usual "aren't you so morally superior" tone. The second issue is that the reporting then becomes collective punishment to a whole community. Indeed One Nation has made collective punishment its core mantra. And as far as I am concerned collective punishment is a moral evil. Putting on my statistician hat on, I would say that for any given community there will be a % of the population that will always be jail fodder. In Australia in the early 90s that figure was about 1.5% but I have not seen any stats lately being published (nor have I dug any deeper). When ever you have mass migration you will always get some criminal elements getting through the vetting system. So that explains some of that as well. My take on things is that we don't do re-settlement very well and certainly a lot worse than it used to be. You can say that people have travelled across teh world to give their kids a better chance but there are other factors involved. First up is the education levels of the parents, second how well the parents adapt to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, third is the cultural shock, fourth the immediate role models that they have, fifth the amount of time parents are able to spend with kids and I could go on. I don't buy the concept of missing fathers - historically fathers have been absent, remarriage was common due to death (just visit any cemetery that still has graves pre-world war 1) and the church bells were continually ringing for funeral services. BTW Winston Churchill only met his father seven times (all briefly) because Rudolph was away in India administering the British Raj. Post WW2 the nuclear family came into existence and that is dissolving now into a majority type but not an exclusive type.
  8. You are correct that an A-League compilation was shown on SBS but that ceased once the A-League rights went elsewhere. I don't know about ratings. If you don't have Foxtel then you don't have access to the show. And if I read the business press Foxtel is losing market share which was never great anyway. JW and I did say that the format needed to be upgraded for today's audience, so not necessarily the same as yesteryear.
  9. I thought that Honda was guest? the A-League paid some of his salary.
  10. Way back in the 70s when TV was expensive, the AFL consisted of one broadcast match (match of the round) and a Sunday highlights package. This worked reasonably well for the times but one side effect when they started broadcasting all matches was that people realised that some teams are just shit. And the reason for this was that they could see all the matches. So if the ABC was to do a broadcast deal then they should select one full game to broadcast (which given the time slot they won't have much choice) but a highlight packages with smarts. In other words bring the concept into teh 21st century.
  11. I would argue that this is the problem with all sports and has been since the ancient Greek Olympics. In the Louvre there is a sculpture title Mylos which is of an Olympian athlete that refused to retire and to prove his doubters wrong he decides to split the remaining trunk of a burnt tree, the trunk snaps back and crushes his hand and as dusk arrives a lion jumps on him and the statue shows the fangs and claws sticking into Mylos. You can see a similar effect in the EPL, La Liga, etc. as players try to extract one last paycheck (a big cheerio to Timmy) from whomever is willing to pay it. And then there are the players that are too good for the second division but not good enough for teh first division. Oh and I forgot about trying to avoid relegation - go with youth or go with experienced players?
  12. I don't think that your contention holds. First, the last time a documentary was popular in Australian cinemas was way back in the late 80s - and that includes foreign and locally made. Secondly, Australian movies have continually bombed in the cinemas ever since the super hero of Marvel became big. This is not unusual - world wide audiences for non-action films have shrunk - drastically. I am not sure where cinema goes from here. So the contention that because the movie did not do well in the cinemas is an indication of people being sick of labelling does not hold.
  13. Not sure about that. Over my lifetime there have been some big aristocrats caught on this matters beginning with the Profumo affair. Although they do tend to keep it hushed up.
  14. Not sure on this. I would have preferred local assistant coaches, specially younger coaches.
  15. I am ropable over this. Ditto with the insurance for the fire engineers who have now been exempted from insurance requirements. Let the courts deal with it and if the owners lose then that is their problem not mine.
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