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  1. Not sure about that. Over my lifetime there have been some big aristocrats caught on this matters beginning with the Profumo affair. Although they do tend to keep it hushed up.
  2. Not sure on this. I would have preferred local assistant coaches, specially younger coaches.
  3. I am ropable over this. Ditto with the insurance for the fire engineers who have now been exempted from insurance requirements. Let the courts deal with it and if the owners lose then that is their problem not mine.
  4. Nope. When Joyce arrived (June 17) Montemurro was chief assistant and departed late November 2017. Smart move.
  5. I would also Montemurro and Patsiliedis (or the former youth coach). I presume that they also wanted to talk tactics and methods with WJ and see how that worked out for them.
  6. Fabulous. Fantastic. December cannot come fast enough.
  7. There were many a time when players looked to make a pass and there was no one forward because everyone was in defence. That was according to the game plan devised by Joyce. Can't blame him or any other player for having a bad manager. I do hope he can find a manager and team that will let him create the play but certainly Joyce was not one of them.
  8. There are a lot of promises but I remain skeptical on all fronts. First Gallop and the FFA will continue to play a role in developing the game in Australia and that does not fill me with confidence; and certainly given the reduced role they will probably give themselves a pay rise to suck more money out of teh game. Secondly, the state leagues remain unreformed and that is a brake in developing the game. Third, club owners say that they will invest to develop the A-League but ultimately they will need to account for their investment which means that the dollars will be a trickle rather than a river. Fourth, the club owners were united against the FFA (and hopefully Gallop) but there is nothing there to say that they are united - as an example why should PG and CCM accept teh removal of the salary cap or for that matter lifting it to where they can't go? And I can't believe that they will accept promotion/relegation.
  9. I never mentioned organised vs unorganised. All I said was that there have always been fights at the VFL/AFL games as well as arrests, however I don't ever recall any of that making it into the weekly night bulletins nor to the papers. I certainly recall numerous times the media focusing on the fights at NSL games, particularly the Serbs vs the Croats. And you are right, there is a difference between having organised fights vs random blokes/sheilas getting into a bloody scrap.
  10. That is a long stretch. Hate to see how you feel about the Shakespeare sagas: did Shakespeare really write those plays or was it someone else? FWIW the AFL has always had crowd issues. But the media only ever concentrated on the wog ball. These days with mobile phone cameras the images get uploaded and shared so the media could no longer ignore it. As a kid I only ever went once to Victoria Park to watch Collingwood play Essendon and the amount of fights/blood on the way to the train station was like trying to avoid dog poo before we were told to clean up after them. It is interesting to note that just as the FFA has killed the atmosphere at matches, the AFL is following suit. Best explanation that I have heard is that it drowns out the gambling advertising.
  11. Ok, now I get it. Not fussed. The problem is one of hard evidence which means that the further back you go the sketchier it is. As an example when I was in primary school we were taught that the german explorer Ludwig Leichhardt had perished in Queensland probably at the hands of hostile Aborigines. In 2007 they found evidence that he had crossed Queensland into WA and probably perished in northern WA. Second example, Men At Works "Down Under" had a flute piece which Greg Ham thought that he had written however it turns out that it was written in the 50s (Kookaburra) and he probably heard it as a child and remained buried in his head. Years later he adds it to the world wide hit and then in 2013 he gets sued by the copyright owner (who bought the copyright for $100), loses and takes his own life. There is no way to know whether Wills was ever influenced what he watched as a child which is why it remains a matter of conjecture - just as Greg Ham unconciously was influenced by Kookaburra. Should have the AFL taken the step? Probably not as it remains a matter of conjecture. Are the historians expecting too much? Probably because if we applied the same level of proof being asked, then our knowledge of Ancient Greece and Rome would be reduced substantially as there are no written records to confirm what we have a high degree of certainty that did occur. Does it matter? Not one bit.
  12. Makes you wonder how much this club can fuck up players and supporters...
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