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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    for me the first week was fine but the third week onwards were hard. Can't complain I lost about 18kg in 12 weeks.
  2. Domestic Politics

    Its not a vote. Its an opinion survey.
  3. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    One of the biggest proponents is Tim Wilson Liberal MP for Goldstein and a former IPA staffer. If you think that Tim Wilson or the IPA are left wing victims then you need your bearings reset.
  4. Domestic Politics

    This is actually quite common and has been known for decades. As we age people settle to work, friends and routine. Ask yourself how many new close friends have you made over the last 10 years compared to when you were twenty? In my early twenties I had a job that took me all over the country and met heaps of people that influenced me. These days, I rarely get out of Melbourne (except that I am writing this from Adelaide). As far as the 5Km radius, I had always heard that most Englishmen will die within 4Km from their birthplace. Decades ago there was a story about a science teacher whose DNA matched the DNA of a 10,000 year old skeleton. He was a direct descendant of the stone age bloke. I think that we are still pretty insular but Melbournians are more accepting of the multicultural mix than other places. As for this forum, there are quite a lot of strong opinions and I do wonder how often they spend time listening to other points of view.
  5. The road to the 2018 WC

    I haven't commented on this thread before but watching the game last night at AAMI, I couldn't fault Ange. Hitting the woodwork, Juric taking the kick and competing with David Williams for hitting row ZZ. But for me the worst player was Rogic - he gave the Thais no respect, thought that he was better than the rest of the team and was made to pay - almost cost us a goal. The captain should have given him an ear bashing. He improved in the second half but still did not make up for that first half. The talent pool is shallow, and the skill levels are not up to Japanese standard, but that comes down to the player and their clubs to improve. I think that the team is fitter than ever but fitness is not everything. Will another coach do better? Only if he took the national squad on a daily basis for about six months.
  6. Developing youth players

    I don't dispute the expansion of the A-Legue. And I think that the Wollongong Wolves should be allowed to join as well as either a team in Canberra or in Geelong. Ultimately I think that 14 teams would be ideal in 10 years. None the less, I would hate to see a repeat of the NSL or the Fury or the GC. That is why I caution that teams will need to be financially viable. As for Ajax, it is a completely different market with football being the most popular sport with twice as many members as the second ranked sport which is tennis. They are also in the middle of the biggest football market in the world. The dynamics are different. In Oz, the teams need to be competitive and the results need to be close - this is why the AFL has introduced so many rules to achieve this goal. It is not beyond any club to become a good destination for developing youth and remain competitive for silverware but it is also an easy way out for owners just to scout and on-sell. Typo error - meant to say that transfer fees are not the end of all discussions regarding youth development. I think this is where the clubs/FFA need to be creative - eg. swap two players for example or a buyback option; maybe a banking option so that if a club poaches a lot of youth over a three year window they need to provide development funds. I agree with you. I think that we should follow a 3+1 option where one of the visa players must come from the Asian federation. We could also have a 3+1+1 option where the fifth visa player is from the Oceania federation.
  7. Developing youth players

    This is the story of life itself. Many people don't get the opportunities and their talent goes to waste. In my life I have et many company directors and two stand out as to how dumb and stupid they were. They got those positions simply because they inherited them. Then when you look at Zullo, Kruse, NIcholls and Sarota they had a fine coach in Ange. What would have happened if they got JVS? or JA? Not entirely sure that all A-League coaches are conservative, nor for that matter do I know whether European leagues are just as conservative. However I do think that the structure for developing youth needs a big re-think. To blame the FFA is easy - they get blamed for everything. On 1) where are the finances and facilities gong to come from? If you recall Heart used wheelie bins as ice buckets. Do you really think that this type of environment encourages youth? If you look at the Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast, their youth talent wants out. 2)Transfer fees are the end all. Clubs could easily settle as being youth developers and never aspire to win any silverware. I am not sure that this would be good for the game in Australia. However I do believe that some type of barter/cash payment should be introduced.
  8. 2017 AFL Season

    Bucks!!!!! Yes!!!! Thank you eddie
  9. Domestic Politics

    Officially, Australia did not come into existence until January1, 1901. So for me this was always the logical date BUT it is also New Years Day. So if a republic ever comes into existence it should be in August or October when the public holidays are scarce. Officially, Australia did not come into existence until January1, 1901. So for me this was always the logical date BUT it is also New Years Day. So if a republic ever comes into existence it should be in August or October when the public holidays are scarce. Officially, Australia did not come into existence until January1, 1901. So for me this was always the logical date BUT it is also New Years Day. So if a republic ever comes into existence it should be in August or October when the public holidays are scarce.
  10. Domestic Politics

    Until the islamic terrorists began bombing the crap out of belgium and france, spain and maybe Germany. Then the Belgians realised that all those years of no effective government meant that they did not have any security policies, laws in place to deal with the threat. And then the rest of Europe realised that the Belgians were the weakest link and could not be trusted.
  11. Domestic Politics

    I am quite well aware of the significance of the biblical stories - my favourites are the tower of babel and the camel through the eye of a needle. The sarcasm was with regards to the Alex.Jones saying that what happened in WW1 bore no relation to modern times.
  12. Domestic Politics

    oh, the irony... Please explain how words uttered 2000 years ago, known to us by word of mouth (now that is a reliable source) through third persons in the Middle East is relevant to modern Australia. For the record, WW1 were my grand parents generation. I knew both my grandmothers but only one grandfather. And history is always relevant.
  13. Domestic Politics

    You make a number of assumptions. The first one is that everyone is part of the herd - as an old fart, I can tell you that this is not true. Simply because you disagree with them and feel that you are in the minority does not mean that the others are a mindless herd. FWIW from my days in the surf through the mining towns and into Tokyo, I could count the number of people I have met that are mindless would be less than the number of fingers I have left. And those other young Australians would not be leaders if they were brainwashed. The second one assumes that families have always existed. Look at the stats for Australians who died in WW1. Over 600 thousand died in that conflict at a time when Australia's population was less than 5 million people. Do you really think that all of those dead men left no grieving wives or children? No, those widows raised kids on their own. Now you go back in time and tell your Great grand mother that she was useless. Don't think that you would have the courage to do so. Now I won't challenge your religious values as those on this forum know that I am an atheist from lack of faith, but I would challenge you to read about history and ask basic questions such as if all the men died in battle who looked after the kids?
  14. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    As opposed to the large number of lawyers in parliament. IIRC its about 80% legal degrees - just like in the community. Too broad a statement. The PM does not run the country - ministers sit on top of the public service who assist running the country. You and I run the country - and those shitty potholes on the road, you and I are responsible. In fact, each ministry has its own nuances and what may prove to be a bonus in one ministry can be crap in an alternative ministry. Example Scott Morrison (a man who I seriously would like to murder) whilst doing border protection came across as a tough hard arse who would brook no opposition. Shift him to Treasury and the same qualities mark him way down. Here is where the PM rules because he has to assign roles to best fit the job. Here is where Turnbull has failed. This. One of the critical jobs of parliament is to negotiate within the rules (formal and informal). Over a decade ago the company that I was working for was looking into entering a partnership with a smaller company to develop a product. The bloke they sent was way outside of the norms in the industry and the first thing after the engineering/commercial meeting was a unanimous no. You can't do job training to be an MP/Senator elsewhere - there are a few that can do but by and large we are stuck with precisely this. In my yoof I assisted a candidate run for the lcoal council - lovely bloke who worked very hard and relatively smart BUT he could not organise a pissup in a brewery. In Australia you cannot define what is good for the country. What is good for a particular sector may be poisonous for the other sectors. Unlike Singapore that has only one natural resource (people) we have five and they don't work in tandem. Swings and roundabouts but they don't work together. And being a politician is all about crossing bridges, being magnanimous, talking, more talking otherwise society fractures. The CFA/MFB issue is bollocks - no one has yet explained, in any shape manner or form, why Springvale is part of the CFA. It burns the ambers (pardon the pun) of the conservative union bashing lot but little else. And living in the inner city it means sweet FA to me. Oh and FYI, Bob Hawke was just as disliked as Shorten was at the time. And jsut like Hawke, Shorten has been playing the long game. And all of my life I have been hearing how the Unions once upon a time had the best intentions in the beginning but the current lot... Two weeks ago I read that in the USA truck drivers were once upon a time middle class earners who could afford to give their kids healthcare and an education. Once the Teamsters Union got smashed, their wages plummeted to minimum wage. And unlike other industries, truck drivers cannot be replaced by imports nor have they been replaced by technology. Thus for the last month I have been reading many articles that the essential role that unions played in pushing profits into wages thus allowing demand to pick up has now been disappeared leading to flat growth. I don't know whether you read the kerfuffle a few months ago when someone leaked that internal polling showed that Abbot was going to lose his seat to James Matheson, and so they got Turnbull to run phone ads for Abbott. Peta Credlin confirmed the truth of the story and she said that the leak could only have been from Turnbull himself as there were only four people who had access to the internal polling and neither she nor Abbot would have leaked it. And this tells me that Turnbull is a weak leader. Jeff Kennet also had an opponent who needed assistance but Jeff left him to swing in the breeze and that did Kennett a world of good.
  15. Domestic Politics

    I'll give you an alternative reason - if we allow a plebiscite why not every piece of legislation? After all given that 72% of Australians live in an urban setting with internet access, what would the point of a parliament be and instead of having a representative work on your behalf, why not represent yourself? Now of course this would be disastrous but not inconceivable.