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  1. So how do they expect to police travellers self isolating for 14 days? Scomo number 1 nuffie
  2. Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea player) got diagnosed this morning our time, and has just now come out and said he’s recovered! Quick maths fam
  3. Baka1

    I wonder...

    How long before this blows over and we don’t hear about it again ?
  4. Has anyone thought the reason we are shit is because the A-League is just full of shitcunts or is it just me?
  5. It’ll take a few very good seasons and a big trophy to get us up. That’s all that’s missing. Consistency
  6. Leagues been dead for years champ
  7. Wouldn’t mind someone doing a comparison chart with our first season as Heart
  8. WUFC just released memberships... what’s everyone’s thoughts for each clubs ? Especially the Victorian teams
  9. Ttim: your lack of posting in recent times
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