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  1. South would last 5 years in the aleague. Greeks are fucking tightasses.
  2. TTIM: being the only one in my team rocking up in aleague gear to training whereas everyone else is wearing EPL stuff. Ahhh the eurosnobs
  3. Troisi got shafted when he went to sign and is only on an extra 50k tops.... Cunt should've driven straight back to us lmao and would've got that extra cash
  4. Larv it
  5. We offered him $600,000. Was on the way to us when Victory called him and u-turned straight back to AAMI park to sign his contract. They shat themselves last minute after Rojas and offered him $1,000,000 from what I've been told. Close source. So their marquees are gypsy and troi$i I believe.
  6. I thought bentleigh played a great game and made us work for it. Stop being negative kents it's game 2
  7. Italians are wannabe greeks anyway lmao. Fake wogs
  8. That cap atm is at 2.9 AFAIK? 3.55-4 is a huge jump.
  9. Thursday with the kit announcement. Number 10. Rubbing salt into victory wounds. Fire up. Sky blue.
  10. COME ON YOU BOYS IN BLUE.... This feels weird
  11. South Melbourne active fans always stand at the far end bay of the grand stand. So im guessing we should go there?
  12. I'll try find the receipt of the exact material but he put it through as some $6 p/m material whereas it was actually worth $15 p/m