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  1. @strider getting shredded as fuck
  2. 1:07am haha typo
  3. TTIM: Loud as fuck thunder when you're trying to sleep. Anyone else up? 1:07pm
  4. You dirty dirty whore
  5. Lmao
  6. The wog workers/customers piss themselves everytime. Best part is when they realise the name and try say it with a straight face haha @mattyh001
  7. All about dat oil
  8. I just go with swear words in another language. "Order for Malaka, Can Malaka please collect his order, Malaka!"
  9. USA is the real terrorist. @strider elaborate
  10. Big news regarding Hellas on Monday. Source seems legit
  11. 80is better than 40 during lunchtime
  12. It's all about FILA bucket hats.
  13. TTIM: Day time road works on the Monash. TTIM: Getting off at the next exit only to be hit with more road works.
  14. Surely we can get this going for someone