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  1. Leagues been dead for years champ
  2. Wouldn’t mind someone doing a comparison chart with our first season as Heart
  3. WUFC just released memberships... what’s everyone’s thoughts for each clubs ? Especially the Victorian teams
  4. Ttim: your lack of posting in recent times
  5. Baka1

    Music Festivals

    Defqon* Shattered the one time I could go, it gets shut
  6. Really interested to see what the GK tops are. Wouldn’t mind them for indoor soccer
  7. Was the puma designer cooked when he made this or?
  8. Baka1

    Music Festivals

    Hologram, Dreamstate, LUFT. Gonna be large
  9. “And here we go” - Joker https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/ffa-to-let-clubs-go-by-traditional-names-use-ethnic-symbols-draft-guidelines-20190705-p524hf.html
  10. RD32 draw tonight 7:30 on fox sports. Praying for home game against a big npl big team
  11. Supply each member with set a of 3 stripes
  12. Will celebrate when he scores against us.
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