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  1. Wentworth would have to be the best Aussie TV show atm.
  2. At Least some lucky bloke won some cash at half time. A shit night for the remaining 9943 that fronted up last night. Heard a rumour from a club source that Bruno and Tim aren't even on speaking terms and has been like that for some time.
  3. Kilkenny's interview " we have a good team" lol
  4. Bring back heart
  5. Anyone got a spare super coach league? Or is there a forum one started?
  6. Every time they play the ball out to Malik from a goal kick....................
  7. Whip it good
  8. Tommy takes hangers now
  9. Kilkenny is legitimately going to murder someone in the change rooms after the game, he's fucking ropeable.
  10. Just started Vikings, 5 eps in to season 1 and finding it a bit slow. Does it pick up? Still very watchable but seems like a real slow burner.
  11. Sounds like some serious unresolved childhood issues going on there.
  12. Patriots Day - Told the story of the bombings quite factually and did't go too over the top. Although being an all American movie there were of course guns blazing and wise cracks that still appeared every now and then. The recreations of the bombings were masterfully done, as were the real life interviews as the credits rolled on. Exceeded my expectations 7/10
  13. Pres Trumble spittin fire!
  14. Enjoyed the eps lads, good to have some guests on the show too!
  15. "Sportsmanship...what a load of crap, don't preach your morality to me. Steve Austin doesn't have any mercy... you want mercy? Take your ass to church!"