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  1. Hip Hop & Grime

    mad / 10 jeez tesla...
  2. Two $5 multi's: Multi 1: Gala to win PSG to win Bayer Leverkusen to win Olympiakos or draw Sevilla to win Spurs to win Swansea to win Salzburg to win Valencia to win Paying $289. Multi 2: Olympiakos or draw Bayer Leverkusen to win United to win Genk to win PAOK to win Trabzonspor to win Paying $149 All UCL ties (7) came through last night. Now the Europa League ties tonight, hopefully a nice profit tomorrow morning.
  3. AFL 2014 Season

    Absolutely spot on regarding Malthouse and his dismissal.
  4. Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

    salzy what the fuck would you know about hbo's best ever series' you utter pretentious cunt
  5. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Joeleh's laughter.
  6. Heavy handed security...

    Fascism, fascism everywhere.
  7. MHFC vs WSW 16/3 aka We're having a party

  8. Hip Hop & Grime

    Fraksha's new album is fuckin sick holy chit
  9. MHFC vs Adelaide - 11/03/13 @ 7.30pm - Rd 24

    The Daily Dutch Gazette of the Provision of Information regarding all current affairs Dutch, including fashion trends, politics, music and other various forms of pop culture that Dutch people are unaware of.
  10. MHFC vs Adelaide - 11/03/13 @ 7.30pm - Rd 24

    Can confirm DutchPride is, indeed, a dingus.
  11. MHFC vs Adelaide - 11/03/13 @ 7.30pm - Rd 24

    Can confirm, I am Peaches.
  12. MHFC vs Adelaide - 11/03/13 @ 7.30pm - Rd 24

  13. Or I could just break you in half and offer you out again you little girl. Fuck up and keep your mouth shut.
  14. Age no barrier to Heart training

    ^ Wouldn't mind Altidore, shiiiit,