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  1. FWIW i stopped going because i was sick of losing. im a 5 year member if that means anything. why would i waste my time traveling to the city (a 30-40 min trip from work/home) to spend $50~ on shit beer and watch a shit team be shit and frustrating? i'd rather stay home, have the game on in the background and lose SR in Overwatch
  2. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

  3. hope we lose and everyone dies
  4. I wonder...

    i wander why life is meaningeles
  5. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Hope nobody makes it home inshaallah
  6. Bruce Kamau

    will not be missed 1 bit. "still has time to reach his potential" exclaimed the Autists good riddance u fuckwit
  7. The "Where are they now?" thread

    what hapened to teh real striders
  8. The 3peat Granny.

    women > men the age of man is over the time of the boobie has come
  9. I wonder...

    no Im actually being serious. Like today I was chopping cucumbers making a salad and thought "what if i just stabbed my throat" edit: im not suicidal, i just think of dumb shit that can kill me, you know? im also being serious though, i know u think im a troll but i have turned a new book
  10. I wonder...

    I think about it. Like when I'm driving I think "what if i just go head on with this semi" Or when I'm somewhere really high "what if i just jump" Sometimes I look at bleach and salivate
  11. I wonder...

    I wonder why I always think about suicide
  12. Welcome Oliver Bozanic

    Not named Novillo Yawn Next
  13. Dean Bouzanis

    not his fault that a ) sydney are too good b ) we cant convert for shit c ) our defence line up changes every fuckin week
  14. The following is common knowledge: 1. NASA faked the moon landings. 2. There is no legitimate picture of Earth from space (that is not CGI/by NASA). 3. The horizon remains level from all and any heights -- only possible on a flat plane. 4. Eerily weird flight paths that only make sense on a flat plane. 5. NASA's videos of "Astronauts" in "space" are actually actors underwater with water bubbles visible. The Earth is flat and the heliocentric model is a NWO agenda to enslave humanity from an early age and imprint, within you, a sense of hopelessness in a vast universe. Why is Antarctica a military zone? Why have all countries signed a treaty to keep average people away? What will we find over the ice wall? What if the bible was right all along? What if there is divinity out there and society is bred to keep us enslaved and ungodly? We are under a dome on a flat plane. Job 37:18 Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass? My challenge to you is the DISPROVE the fact that we live on a flat plane. Question everything, believe nothing.
  15. Grass Roots - Do you play?

    i said the same 2 years ago, cant stay away. although i am close to transitioning into coaching i reckon
  16. Grass Roots - Do you play?

    do u play cuz
  17. Grass Roots - Do you play?

    state 4 north
  18. Grass Roots - Do you play?

    yeah some shit kicker club up norf cuz
  19. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    glad u picked that up fam huehehue salary is comparable, working conditions better
  20. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    ttdim: transferred to work in an islamic school. hopefully i get the all clear. dont have to deal with the tranny/gay/non-binary shit lol. all glory to the one true profit
  21. Thrillhouse's Tightarse Thread

    my aunty got a 780k~ loan from a broker (includes deposit) to build 2 houses in woopwoop she hasn't worked a day in her life and is on c-link gg ez life
  22. Marcin Budzinski

    who the fuck is calling him a failed marquee? he didnt fail city city failed him infidels
  23. Dean Bouzanis

    bouzanis is the best keeper city has ever had inb4 "sorenson" cost us the league
  24. Ross McCormack

    the best striker to ever put on the city jersey great eyebrows