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  2. wont make starting 11, can only run in a horizontal line
  3. ttdim: students at private schools respecting me like a dictator zieg heil ttim: poverty public schools lmao
  4. cos we're fkn shit
  5. The following is common knowledge: 1. NASA faked the moon landings. 2. There is no legitimate picture of Earth from space (that is not CGI/by NASA). 3. The horizon remains level from all and any heights -- only possible on a flat plane. 4. Eerily weird flight paths that only make sense on a flat plane. 5. NASA's videos of "Astronauts" in "space" are actually actors underwater with water bubbles visible. The Earth is flat and the heliocentric model is a NWO agenda to enslave humanity from an early age and imprint, within you, a sense of hopelessness in a vast universe. Why is Antarctica a military zone? Why have all countries signed a treaty to keep average people away? What will we find over the ice wall? What if the bible was right all along? What if there is divinity out there and society is bred to keep us enslaved and ungodly? We are under a dome on a flat plane. Job 37:18 Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass? My challenge to you is the DISPROVE the fact that we live on a flat plane. Question everything, believe nothing.
  6. That meme has to be the worst meme since Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife
  7. the trick is to be broke
  8. im very violent when speaking arabic (100% srs, no troll)
  9. Do u guys sit facing a corner during parties while everyone gets naked? Cos i do
  10. have it on good authority we are getting a Visa winger/front third bloke. Not sure if marquee but deffs FOB and immigrant as
  11. says the bloke whos name sounds like the noises my arse makes after mexican night
  12. lol at people that go out to clubs lmao i get fucked up at 5pm in my own house butt naked
  13. Best badge in the league
  14. lol @ misc, phags
  15. Lol at Joe Rogan becoming a shill. Advocated that the moon landing was a hoax and now retracts that statement and believes the earth is round. Can't wait for Dubay to get on the show and rip JOE ROGAINE a new one. Oh wait, he won't have him on cos Joe's a pussy bitch
  16. Depression, anxiety and resulting suicide is nature's way of eradicating inferior humans. ADHD is a by-product of the technology age. Ur mum is fat. Convince me otherwise
  17. disagree tbh. Chemtrails most likely
  18. This is why I live, sigged lmao post of 2017 what u on cuz? Test prop and tren a you muncher
  19. u fukn wot m8??
  20. FYI I have this theory that cancer is linked directly to the rise of technology. For example, all the telephone signals/WIFI signals etc etc etc. Radiation, etc. Hence the epidemic-like rise of cancer in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Also this. Only masonic, satanic, pedo (pizzagate-esque) and/or jew celebs have enough money/connections to cure cancer.
  21. People are woking up!
  22. Lmao add me on Steam I don't play CSGO cos I've been banned for speed hacking on about 7 accounts, but if you fuck with PUBG or other dumbshit games let a brother know
  23. Work life HJs (2010 - 2012) Safeway Deli (2012 - 2013) Market Research (2013 - current) Investor Relations & PR (2015) Uni life Bachelor of Psychology, co-Major Sociology (2011 - 2013) MBA (2015) Master of Teaching, Secondary (2016 - current, finish October 2017) I wanna teach for a bit before doing some management level shit and teach flat earth to the masses edit: If you need any online e-tutoring regarding Psychology, all humanities and sciences, hit me up, I'm on placement teaching that stuff right now.