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  1. It was taken to court in every single incident ever? You're reaching. The incident happened and it was definitely physical.
  2. Yes, because there's never been any relationship that's continued after instances of domestic abuse, regardless of levels of severity.
  3. Vidosic is more than capable of providing cover at CF. Sydney's CF cover was Simon last season (lol), Victory's was Atihu (again, lol), I don't think Newcastle even had one, they just shifted one of the wide guys into the centre. If you want to argue we should be getting another striker to play in a 4-4-2 that's one thing, but chucking the toys out of the pram because we don't have high level CF backup is stupid, it's not worth wasting one of your limited squad spots in this league
  4. I was told Harry was unrepentant over the whole event and didn't see why it was even a notable issue. Not only that but he was apparently constantly late to training and wanted a considerable pay-rise despite his behaviour. I don't have an issue with them letting him go, regardless of ability.
  5. Florin got 5 and 5 in all comps, and there have been numerous examples of players scoring fuck all overseas and then smashing then in down here, the greatest two strikers in league history for example. They all count, and even if you wanted to omit those three to suit your narrative that's still 3 in 9 games which is very respectable.
  6. Mcgree had something like 6 goals in 10 games for Newy last season.
  7. I've decided I'm glad we're not signing Ross now
  8. New Eps up! https://media.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/2134/episodes/200391-Full_show.mp3?id=271078
  9. No offense, but you've been here for all of 5 minutes and I doubt you've seen Ikonomidis play at all. Kid's an absolute jet, would love to have him here.
  10. I liked Killa but I don't think he's a walk-up start at all. Brattan and Griffiths are at least arguably as good as him if not better and I don't see him being a more dangerous CAM than McGree. Jakobsen for sure, Brandan's a hard one as I haven't seen enough of O'Halloran or Florin to comment on that.
  11. A good litmus test regarding the absurdity of any particular opinion as far as I'm concerned.
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