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  1. At this stage we can't afford to remove Griffiths from our midfield IMO. We're conceding enough goals as it is, teams will cut through us like butter.
  2. Not saying it's necessarily what's causing the issues, but asking too much of players in possession can lead to those errors too. Harrison and Curtis aren't particularly brilliant with the ball at their feet, although Curtis is decent enough at this level. To be fair, for the most part Bort was probably as close to a perfect centre back as you'll get in Australia. Good positioning and reading of the play, excellent recovery speed for the times he was caught out and was also a cut above with the ball at his feet as far as most other defenders in this league.
  3. He's definitely not been as good as he was last year but imo outside of maybe Galloway, pretty much our entire back 5 has been below average to poor. Our tactics are leaving our defenders quite exposed at times.
  4. Embee

    Dean Bouzanis

    This season is comfortably the worst he's looked for us as far as shot stopping/positioning. Unlike the last few years where we've generally had serviceable to great replacements in the wings (Tando, Sorensen, Eugene, Birra) we've got a really unknown quantity behind Dean this year. Who knows how Glover's looked in training.
  5. He's certainly a club legend from an on-field standpoint, but everything I've heard from people within the club is that his attitude changed considerably once he received his marquee deal, and not for the better. Clearly Joyce had priors for forcing players out, he seems to be an awful communicator which surely exacerbates the issues he has with players at times, but Bruno was no saint here. I won't boo him, but I won't applaud him either.
  6. The only way attractive football can be treated as an afterthought is if we are consistently winning.
  7. We're probably the only club in the league that can afford to turn down a stupidly good offer for a player in January. Can't see us selling our best player mid-season, especially if we have a chance at silverware.
  8. Who isn't? 😂 I used to work with a couple of his cousins, they're everywhere
  9. Unfortunately it's apparently very expensive. The current set-up is piss poor though. VAR in place of goal-line, but with camera angles which are effectively just broadcast angles and therefore give no real further analysis as to whether the ball has crossed the line or not. I do like the A-League, against my better judgement perhaps, but this amateur bullshit doesn't make it easy.
  10. To be honest, once they'd committed to it it I think there was no going back. I can't see CFG making such a public backflip. And to be honest, just like people were/still are attached to the red and white, who knows how many people have jumped on during the City era and would be displeased in the club changing that kit colour. Also, as far as comparisons to other clubs in the CFG group, Manchester, New York and Melbourne seem to be the main trio of clubs they promote/push. Personally, I'd like to see the club adopt white/sky blue stripes. I think that would be a sound compromise between the two eras, and it would also give us a nice point of difference from the other CFG clubs.
  11. Agree to disagree I guess. They've been much of the same this season as far as I'm concerned. I hope Good stays fit and continues to impress, I like the guy and he's a good player.
  12. Bit of a dubious call given the on field evidence of the last 18 months to be honest. You say yourself, Delbo has been better. I'm not really concerned as to why exactly that is (injuries etc), but I do know that until Good actually proves that he's currently a better player than Harrison, he's not.
  13. Embee


    Finally seems like they've managed to well and truly spud the VISA signings this year.
  14. I like Curtis Good just fine, but there's no way he's better than Delbridge IMO.
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