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  1. Sack the FFA and Sack Shaun Evans

    Inb4 lock
  2. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Fixed that for you
  3. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    I don't disagree, losing the ACL playoff would indeed be unacceptable, but that expectation falls into next season really. I think the expectations next season will be much higher and rightly so. Warren will have had this season to mould the club and playing group in his image and will then have another off-season to recruit and drill the players.
  4. Wazza’s Meat and 3 veg thread

    From memory (happy to be proven wrong) it wasn't really a question we asked of him and more of a conversation around the values of the club and the style that we've tried to play over our history. He actually acknowledged we'd been a bit 'safe' and defensive, especially early on,when talking about the fan surveys. He's definitely not going to bury the coach on air but I find you normally get a pretty candid answer when you ask Scott something, unless he doesn't want to give you one and in that case he normally just doesn't answer it rather than giving you a fluffy response, which I prefer tbh Before the season i think you could view lower than 2nd as a fail, but Newcastle have been a very formidable team and in any other A-League campaign would probably be a solid chance for silverware, it's just unfortunate that you've also got the greatest men's club team in the history of the league sitting on top atm. For me, Asia should have been the non-negotiable goal, and a piece of silverware the target. Now clearly we're unlikely to get silverware but I think that given the way Sydney and Newcastle have played this season it's slightly more understandable, not to mention that there's been a period of transition at the club that I think was acknowledged as being required when Warren was appointed. To be able to make those changes on the fly and still get us into Asia would be acceptable in my opinion.
  5. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    Wrong thread http://forum.melbournefootball.com/topic/4078-thrillhouses-tightarse-thread/
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    I considered putting Madaschi forward but felt he hadn't played enough games. Little is definitely a huge omission I agree, was trying to pick a 'functional' midfield of sorts though and thought that it'd be a bit lopsided if we put Kim in too.
  7. Tim Cahill

    My TC respect levels are plummeting every time he opens his mouth at the moment. The crap he's been spurting since he left is simply embarrassing and is only serving to make him look like a bitter, dishonest prick IMO.
  8. Tim Cahill

    #COYL #MillwallFamily #Legacy #RoadtotheWorldCup
  9. A-league expansion

    @thisphantomfortress No more Podcast for GreenSeater
  10. Lydia Williams

    Just like the rest of the team; was a little touch and go at times during the season but she really stepped it up in the finals.
  11. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    I hope they target Arzani, he's been able to handle increased attention so far and that approach would free up space for Bruno and Vidosic. If anything, we've been overly cautious with most of our injury issues during the City era, so if Bruno's back out there I'm sure he's ready to go.
  12. The 3peat Granny.

    Richard Hinds The cunt just HAS to drop the '$ity' jibe into every article he writes, like he's the person who coined it. Absolute flog
  13. Jess Fishlock

    Mentioning trophies narrows the field for sure, but has to be taken into account when you're looking at a player's impact in my opinion. She scored many crucial goals in those finals series and I honestly don't think we'd be celebrating a 3peat (or maybe even last season's title) without her. I love Bruno and Mooy but I think Jess has had a stronger and more meaningful contribution to Melbourne City than either of them at this point.