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  1. As @thisphantomfortress stated, you can articulate your pessimistic opinion and hold a reasonable debate/conversation with it, there are more than a few on here who just screech until most of the other posters seem to ignore them for the most part. Clean, plain kits are always the best IMO. There's nothing worse than an overly complex kit chock full of big sponsors for me. The shade of blue is really nice too, I really think they've done a great job this time.
  2. Can't see him staying for longer than this season, he's flighty as fuck and the fact he's even gone back this time is seemingly remarkable.
  3. I'm willing to see how he performs under a different manager and in a different system where the fullbacks are less exposed. Still feel that if we have the back four that Haz suggested then you can carry a weaker fullback in it without too much issue.
  4. hm, good point, probably not. I think he actually said it should be done by the weekend, but I'm not sure.
  5. Logo's the only thing I don't like, otherwise love the kits.
  6. He's a liar, was definitely at the club and then no showed the contract signing the next day for the tiniest of increases from Victory over what we offered.
  7. Really nice guy, was great to chat to
  8. See ya Anthony, have fun mate
  9. The point remains true though.
  10. TBF, Jamieson is a pretty good signing in my eyes, he's effectively the best Australian left back on the market. If Mauk hadn't behaved like he did after he left City I think there'd be a bit of a buzz around him too, he was pretty decent at Adelaide and the cult of #yoof would be all over it.
  11. 9/10 football fans in this country (and even that might be too low) couldn't give a toss about South Melbourne and probably couldn't even name more than 1 of their players, they're irrelevant. Other team's have won the NPL outside of South in the last few years, they don't have some kind of almighty strangle-hold that's never broken. Great, if the A-League didn't have a cap we'd probably be dominant too, but we it does and we aren't, so tough luck really.
  12. Couldn't even care less at this stage. They can claim they're as big as they want, but the simple fact of the matter is that in the current Australian football landscape they're pretty much irrelevant.
  13. I do what I can mate
  14. I don't need to work on it mate, it takes care of itself
  15. Not the worst numbers in a dogshit team, especially given they haven't had much around him in the final third. I'd like to think getting a guy of his quality and giving him options like Bruno, Brandan, Fitzy and Cahill would lead to us getting even more out of him than he displayed at WSW, which was still pretty good.