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  1. Fernando Brandán

    Not there yet but I feel like he's likely to be back before the new year. Either way, the season isn't over until May (if we go all the way) so he can still have a considerable influence on where we finish. If we didn't intend on keeping him I'd wager he'd have been gone earlier when we actually could have used his spot to bring another player in.
  2. Welcome Ross McCormack

    It's a stretch I know, but just based off of his body language and the way he comes across in interviews it wouldn't surprise me if there's something to this.
  3. Fernando Brandán

    Numerous people have said they've witnessed him in full training, he's clearly not going to be out until March 2018.
  4. Tim Cahill

  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    So many gullible people.
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    Did you miss us?! https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=156353
  7. Marcelo Carrusca

    @thisphantomfortress is gonna have to sift through so many reports next time @Inferno signs in
  8. Tim Cahill

  9. Timmy Trumpet (Freaks)

    I don't reckon the tune itself would be a bad goal chant, either way though, anything's better than Seven Nation Army (outside of derbies for the lol factor)
  10. Tbh I think you're struggling to separate 'performances' from 'results'. This is just going in circles now though. Agree to disagree.
  11. In those two negatives there you've DIRECTLY criticized the brand of football that generated our team the lion's share of the chances. Your assertion that the football was ugly and that we folded after we concede fly in the face of what of what was produced on the pitch. I don't actually disagree with the majority of the points you made in that last post to me, but numerous times in this match day thread you have been critical of the team's mentality and game style against Western Sydney which I find to be incredibly harsh given the actual events on the pitch.
  12. That's what I'm advocating, I simply don't get that impression from your posts on this forum, no performance or style of football seems to result in any positive feedback beyond vague compliments sandwiched by issues you have. Nobody's arguing that isn't the case. But whereas you seem to be blaming what was an effective offensive display for that, other posters (rightfully IMO) are blaming the the wasteful finishing of our Marquee striker who was served multiple chances on a platter.
  13. Marcin Budzinski

    Definitely. Just based on the little I've seen of him I'm leaning towards him being a disappointing marquee but our early form and the emergence of Malik as a key cog in the midfield 3 haven't helped his case at all tbh. I do, however, agree with JW's point that he doesn't quite seem to be the sort of player who fits well into what we're trying to do at the moment which makes his signing a little strange if Warren had indeed been watching him for a while as he claims. Still early days I guess.
  14. And we created enough chances to in turn smash WSW. Just because those sitters are missed does not mean that we responded poorly, we responded well and created the lion's share of goal-scoring opportunities and but for the profligacy of a player who's meant to be too good for this league we'd have won in a canter. I do find the will to improve a 'long way' from what more than just I have stated was our most fluent attacking performance this season to indeed be whinging. Your first post had 'ugly football' as a negative, I'm not going to repeat myself again and again but I'm sure you understand why I think that comment is incredibly negative and incorrect. Do I want to see some improvement from our current system? Sure, of course, we all do, but you're well overplaying the issues we currently have and are seemingly all too pleased to ignore any positives or view them in such a context that you can still spin them into a more negative light. If we put in the sort of performance we did last night in the majority of our games this season we'll be right in the fight for the premiers plate and toilet seat, probably the best of the bunch IMO, and that's without (as you mentioned) our best winger and a striker who's considerably better in open play than the one we've brought in to cover for him