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  1. I personally don't mind sky blue as a kit colour and feel that clubs like Coventry and Manchester City usually had some of the nicer kits in the league when I was growing up. I also really don't care that us and Sydney utilize that colour, if we intend to expand the league and introduce Promotion/Relegation over time there's going to be instances where colour schemes clash, welcome to football. As I've probably mentioned on here before though, I will be disappointed if our kit is an exact copy of the Manc's with no individual distinctions that make it feel like our own. I'm sure I'll get over it though.
  2. Eh, I wouldn't be making excuses for him. He's clearly improved, I also think the presence of Ross as assistant has been beneficial for him but let's not forget just how poor he was here. His tactics were god-awful and he didn't seem to be able to get through to the playing group at all.
  3. @Tesla more thorough forum screening process pls
  4. Pretty sure they're going to revert to the stripes. Agree with this statement. Not sure exactly who it is or isn't down to though. New York sports fans are pretty famously ferocious and aren't unknown to take their anger out loudly on their teams so perhaps that comes into the decision making process for the higher ups. Melburnians (and Australian sports fans in general) aren't really known for possessing the same kind open willingness to display their dissatisfaction.
  5. He's clearly trolling, stop biting.
  6. If the seats are changed to Sky Blue, will you be in or out?
  7. I'm not a Davidson fan at all but I feel like he'd be a pretty decent LB at this level.
  8. Add to Bullshit watch pls @Dylan
  9. Can't see that being the case. Unless there's a clause in his contract that determines that an offense such as that leads to termination without a payout we'd have to carry his costs under the salary cap, which seems like cutting our nose off to spite our face. I think that we'll be looking for a new keeper to push him to the bench though. Yep, pretty sure it's only there to prevent teams *cough* us *cough* bringing in loan players for next to no wages and using that wage space to stockpile high level players.
  10. Eh, I'm not saying it's definitely true, but those denials are pretty much obviously going to be made publicly, doesn't make it any less likely to be true than it was before those statements were made in my opinion.
  11. Apparently something to do with Wayne Carey having slept with her early into her marriage with Marc
  12. I don't see why not to be honest. I don't quite understand how it's become fashionable to think that Merrick is a useless coach at this level, he's had more good season's than bad and from all reports was extremely well liked by his Wellington players which would suggest to me he can build a cohesive culture. If I was a Newcastle fan I'd prefer to see someone like Ernie with a solid track record in this league rather than a rookie like Kewell or an unproven 'name' coach like Teddy Sheringham who they'd been linked with previously.