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  1. Agree. Hinds is an absolute stain, and he's nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.
  2. Well, he's guaranteed to get us into Asia and a Grand Final now.
  3. She's right @eric forman
  4. It might end up being neither of the two IMO. Luna's biggest contribution to the side is his tireless pressing when we're out of possession, Metcalfe and Genreau don't necessarily offer that. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wales deployed in that role.
  5. I think he's a very good footballer, but not quite a game changer or a player who generates numbers. He finds nice pockets of space and is very intelligent on and off the ball. With some more productive, direct players in the final third (ie. not Craig Noone) alongside him he could be quite damaging. If we can get an explosive, impact type on the other wing then I'd be very interested in keeping him as a non-marquee player.
  6. I am very much enjoying the late career renaissance of Griffiths the Centre-Half. Regardless of the performance of his replacement this week I'd be slotting him right back in.
  7. I think that's a deliberate approach tbh. It's something we would like to do in the future, but I'm not sure the club are particularly keen for Brad to be as public a mouthpiece as Scott was.
  8. In a league full of cringe, the RBB somehow always find a way to top the lot.
  9. Some quality posting in here lately
  10. Jamo should get a medal for standing on Kamsoba's ankle. Bloke's the most overrated player in the league.
  11. The hotdog stand is decent tbf
  12. 3 points a must here. Very interested to see how we line up, given the the selection issues @Harrison mentioned.
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