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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

  2. The FFA Management thread

    For @bt50
  3. The FFA Management thread

    I agree. I can see the FFA's position financially but personally I feel like you're compromising the fairness of the league (which should be paramount IMO) by holding it at the lower teams's ground, the higher finisher should be rewarded regardless.
  4. Luke Brattan

    Speaking to Bratts at one of the functions he did mention that Joyce enjoys getting in on the banter, in particular with Luke himself. Does indeed sound like there's a good bond there.
  5. lol, the pissants who were responsible for the flare are anything but what you've described there. More like self-interested little pricks who have been around 5 minutes, turn up whenever they like and are more concerned about their own reputation and image above the atmosphere of active or the enjoyment of others. Whether you like flares or not doesn't matter, the fact is they're illegal and terraces are being punished heavily for the use of them, a great example of that tonight was when the real hard working supporters who put effort into the leadership and maintenance of the terrace had most of their equipment removed because some little shit in the front two rows wanted his 30 seconds of fun dancing around around in the smoke. Times have changed, the governing bodies are coming down harder on these actions, again, whether people agree with that or not is immaterial, it's simply the reality of the matter. The fact is that these fans have two options; understand that these restrictions are there and that breaking them will only lead to punishment for their team and fellow fans and make the decision to cease the behaviour OR selfishly continue the behaviour and let everyone else wear the negative outcomes of an Active Area without flags, megaphones or capo stands...but hey, at least they get to rip their flares right?
  6. Western Sydney

    He forum read good
  7. Western Sydney

    Gombau's a project manager, he basically breaks the team down and builds it up again in his image. The Wanderers board clearly expected better results short term which is ridiculous given the nature of Gombau's management process. He'd likely need to start further down the leagues than he'd like which is a sacrifice he'd have to be willing to make. Regardless, his work in Barca's academy system is still a section on his resume that would see more than a few clubs show some interest I'd say.
  8. I'm pretty sure he was a Winger/CAM in his time at Central Coast, I would be tempted to give him a go out wide instead of Fitzy and chuck Malik back into CM. I don't think I'd be dropping Mauk though, his defensive efforts were a large part of the strong run we were on prior to the Wellington game.
  9. @bt50 and @mus-28 have basically covered most of the points I would make about Sydney, but yes, I find them very entertaining to watch and I quite enjoy seeing players like Adrian, Bobo and Ninko tear sides apart. The Jets have not been equally effective in any metric. Sydney have more points, more goals for and less goals against, all of which they lead by double figures outside of goals for which they lead by 7. As BT mentioned, Sydney fans are fickle and and this is consistent through the other codes in the state.
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I think we'll pick up Liam. Skapetis might not be a bad option for the bench considering Fitzy and Kamau will likely be gone
  11. Talking City Fan Channel

  12. Are you a bot that just posts the same responses from a database over and over? I ask because you don't seem to read the posts of others beyond maybe scanning for a few key words then responding with similar comments regardless of the content of their post. Nobody in this thread but you has brought up our poor runs after defeats but numerous people have pointed to Newcastle dealing with a dead rubber in a more acceptable way than us, completely glossing over the fact that Newcastle have had several dead rubbers before this and looked like a complete sack of shit in all of them, I was addressing those replies.
  13. lol, like watching the 3 best players in the country shred teams to pieces isn't enough excitement. Give me Sydney's season and I'd be over the moon. Some people will just never be pleased either way.