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  1. I reckon the Melbourne where my heart is free should get a run. I feel it's missing another line though gone to the effort of adding a final line. To me this is the best option. And they asked me where? Where will you be? Where will you beeeee? I said MELBOURNE where my heart is freeeeee Melbourne's the team for meee
  2. I'm of the opinion now that I am accepting of sky blue, i don't mind the colour in fact I like it on the kit and I'm okay with losing the white for a majority blue kit but I just want a token bit of red to keep my happy. Least they could do after the shit the served up to us this year on the pitch
  3. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of passion off the pitch
  4. Why can't s16 be like that 😍😍😍
  5. This thread has gone a little quiet but I'd be absolute shattered if the club don't do everything it possibly can to get ninkovic from sydney, believe he's open to leaving Sydney and should be one of our number 1 targets in my opinion
  6. Some say that if the two sides were to meet it would lead to the end of the world, let's hope it never happens
  7. Do you want it sent to you via email or fax?
  8. Apparently I've heard it was semi organised and there was always a risk but a cowards punch is a cowards punch regardless
  9. Anybody know anything about the assault that happened after the game resulted in two city supporters injured and one severely caused by a cowards punch. I assume it was a bunch of victory supporters but it's now made mainstream news. Hope he gets better soon
  10. I agree with you entirely here and as you pointed out there will be a few who will love him for what he said to Besart. I don't agree with it but in my honest opinion people will view him as a cult hero for it. But to be honest I suspect players on the pitch say alot worse just like sledging in cricket but this time he was caught out. I reckon besart won't be front and centre calling for suspension he seems the type who will say it's nothing personal it just what happens. Again not saying what he said was right because it wasn't
  11. As much as I can pick at his faults I just can't dislike him. He honestly bleeds for the shirt and I think his passion is up there with the best on the pitch. Unfortunately he had a brain fade and said what he said and will get a justifiable sanction but he will go down as a cult hero for it
  12. Could of had two more pints at the pub why did we leave so early?
  13. Slow the fuck down it's not a 100 metre sprint at the Olympics
  14. And so have I, but from the presser and the question asked by the journalists to me indicates that the playing group always felt unlucky to cop the goals we do but now it's a realisation that it's not luck it's a counter attack and we know that whatever team we play will set up that way and something proactive has finally be done. Ofcourse as you say and a part of me thinks shit all's gonna happen and we are still gonna cop goals on the counter but I feel optimistic about what happened at this weeks training. Or maybe I've completely lost the plot. Who knows until we find out this weekend