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  1. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Nah it’s Paddy’s bday today
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I would love for this club to have some long serving players that solely play for MCFC instead of picking up recycled players.
  3. The FFA Management thread

    I don't follow it but the NBL seems to be making all the right moves at the moment. It wont be long before they are competing with the BBL as the number 1 summer sport while the A-league is declining.
  4. David Squires Appreciation Thread

    Id say its the fact that most opposition fans are simply apathetic towards us is the reason we don't get many mentions.
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Young cant distribute, which is the only reason Deano is keeping Eugene on the pine in my opinion. I don't think we will look at Young.
  6. Why City/Heart?

    Never liked soccer, but I wanted to suck up to the missus brother, so I went along to a Victory game (the year before Heart same along) and loved the atmosphere and excitement. Decided id support Heart so we could have some rivalry & banter.
  7. Harrison Delbridge

    Would prefer Ruon tbh. He isn’t a RB that’s for sure
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Hopefully has the same impact Ross has had for us
  9. Ross McCormack

    Thanks Ross, you were great for us. Here's hoping we can sign you for next season.
  10. RD 19 V Brisbane 7pm Sunday 4th Feb Away

    We have Dario now so that will help
  11. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTfuckingIM: Dodgy airbnb host accusing me of causing damage to the property that was already damaged on arrival.
  12. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Gamerio and Okon go way back and have a good relationship from his Ollyroos days, so Id guess nothing bad would of been said.
  13. Neil Kilkenny

    UPOIH: Bratts > Malik > Killa
  14. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Great result. Happy for Bud and in particular Vidosic who scored a worldie but sat down and held the kids hand while he was getting looked at by the Ambo’s.
  15. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Ins: 13.Stefan MAUK (returns from international duty), 15.Denis GENREAU (promoted), 25.Iacopo LA ROCCA (promoted) Outs: 4.Harrison DELBRIDGE (suspended – 1 week) Unavailable: 23.Bruno FORNAROLI (ankle) Melbourne City FC Squad: 1.Dean BOUZANIS (Gk), 2.Manny MUSCAT, 3.Scott JAMIESON, 5.Bart SCHENKEVELD, 6.Osama MALIK, 7.Nick FITZGERALD, 10.Dario VIDOSIC, 13.Stefan MAUK, 14.Daniel ARZANI, 15.Denis GENREAU, 18.Eugene GALEKOVIC (Gk), 22.Michael JAKOBSEN, 25.Iacopo LA ROCCA, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 27.Marcin BUDZINSKI, 34.Connor METCALFE, 37.Nathaniel ATKINSON, 44.Ross MCCORMACK **two to be omitted**