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  1. For those worried about us being a feeder club for youth, Ajax do it quiet well and win championships.
  2. TTDIM: Moccona TTIM: Nescafé
  3. Hand like houses are the best thing to come out of Canberra for a while
  4. Loved saosin and emarosa but both of their newer albums haven't really hit the spot for me.
  5. Really digging these guys at the moment
  6. My mate puts his batteries in the fridge... apparently stops them from draining or some shit
  7. Its pretty solid. Had some interesting dreams after watching a few eps just before bed.
  8. Its so bloody frustrating watching Harry wander around aimlessly in the forward line. Its only when we are 20pts down does Scott move him to the backline where he looks 1000x better. I have no idea why we dont play fucken Black or Stanley as the 2nd tall
  9. I'd actually keep him provided he was well under the cap and played at LB
  10. Kiwi's are the loveliest people
  11. Jacob Tratt has been released by Pheonix for family reasons and has returned to Sydney. He can play CB and RB and has been pretty decent this season for the Nix. I reckon he is worth a look for next season.
  12. Bruce is destroying the Adelaide defense.
  13. That's good for us, we are chasing Brisbane not Perth... This week, worry about Perth next week if we both win
  14. Recently discovered this band, thanks spotify!