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  1. Not that I disagree but the problem is that Windbichler and Hendry are Visas. We can only have five so you would have to take five of those two, and Luna, Noone, Berenguer, and Susaeta. Who would you not keep? I think we'd probably have to remove one of the CBs, noting that Hendry, Berenguer, Susaeta only have contracts up to 31 May 2020
  2. Which presents a conundrum if they're both fit, since Hendry is Windbichler's injury replacement. And we have Delbridge and Griffiths who has done well as a CB as well on the right side and Good on the left
  3. And since over-population leads to climate change, it's really China's bit to reducing climate change.
  4. Punt Road end was packed put. I took 4 newcomers admittedly freebies of our membership and also ran into two guys from my club who don't normally attend. Active end was pretty thin though. With a bit of luck we might have had another 2-3 goals, Maclaren and Susaeta butchered good chances up our end, Griffs header got well saved by Young. Maclaren also had a couple of other chances, he's lost some form since early in the season
  5. Also think worth giving another season even though very frustrating at times. I keep coming back to us changing the team too much every season as one of the reasons we lack that mental strength from comradery that comes from a stable team
  6. Looks like Griff with the MOTM so that takes him up to equal second place. Is this an indictment on our season or just a good efgort by a guy many of us would have written off for the season
  7. Nostalgia is all good, but his last season with Montreal he played 11 games for 1 goal. He'd have been the whipping boy for the forum with that
  8. Agree, also because Griff will be a better match up on Toivonen, who's playing more as the link man for their wingers rather than as an up front striker, hence Griff at DM will be able to shadow him and get in his face. Probably the only guy with real steel in our team to do that
  9. Agree, like to see most of the players retained next year and see what happens with a stable squad and a good marquee midfielder. It's not like we're way off the pace.
  10. Looks like you're going to get your wish Dylan with Delbridge and Hendry out for what looks like multiple weeks.
  11. Not so sure Ramy will get a run. I think he's fallen behind a lot of the forwards, I'd say behind Colakovski now. I reckon Mombaerts isn't particularly enthused by his lack of industry off the ball and with his defensive duties. Also he hasn't been popping them in enough to carry his lack of work. But that's only my opinion
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if this is to thwart any interest from Macarthur for next year. Didn't they try it on with Atkinson?
  13. What about signing a tall centre forward, say Anchebe, and running two forwards up front. It would mean a change in formation, say to a 4 1 3 2 but would help out JMac when he's crowded by the CBs, and I could see Cabrera and Noone finding it easier to find his head with a cross.
  14. I think Rass means the top end imports; you take Le Fondre and Ninkovic out of Sydney's team on the weekend, it's not as toothy. Barbourouses is good but a little bit flat tracker, Baumjohan didn't last the distance and is probably at the same level as a good Aussie midfielder. It was pretty much Ninkovic and Le Fondre which sunk us. We don't have any import ay either of their standards.
  15. A-league team of the week, included a front three of all City; Cabrera, Luna, and Maclaren. And Tom Glover as keeper. Magic!
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