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  1. 11 mins and a well taken goal. Nice warm up for Sunday.
  2. Usually go to 3-4 games a season with my 15 year old son and occassionally the mrs and my other son. Decided this year to buy a membership for just me and my son, so got in contact with the club and they worked me into a 5 game, offered a deal for all 4 for an extra $50, so four new members this year. Probably sacrilegious the 5 game but that's all we can attend due to work commitments etc
  3. I thought Berenguer's best game we've seen, with a bit of luck that shot which bounced over the keeper and hit the bar would have gone in. But he tackled, tracked back and provided assists and some chances for othrrs which didnt go in, especially that chip over to was it Noone who fluffed it. All the midfielders played well. Thought Galloway and Good were the best of the defenders. Galloways cannon was very De Laet like. I'm getting a bit impatient with Najjarine, not a lot he did went right last night. In regards to Strikers, I really liked their striker, Pengelly. Put in a good shift and that goal was nice. I'd be inclined to pick him up if I was CFG, would be good back up for when Maclaren goes national. I doubt Najjar would last 90 mins
  4. As a Hull City fan, it's nice to see we've got both Jackson Irvine and Callum Elders in the provisional Australian squad
  5. We've got 20 on senior contracts, I think you can have up to 23? Can you replace your marquee in the January transfer window with another and have his wages outside the cap? That would be sensible strategic thinking if you can
  6. Le Hack

    Tom Glover

    Victory sniffing around for a second keeper after Acton injured. Any chance we give them Bouzanis and give this lad a go as No 1. Surely can't be any worse
  7. With Maclaren probably out for first game of season with national team, is it of concern that Najjar played only a half? He's another who really needs to get on the scoresheet.
  8. And if I'm not mistaken Florin's first goal for the club. That's at least that monkey off his back
  9. I suppose the concern with the CF position is that Maclaren will be called up for National teams and Najjar whose been given some chances albeit off the bench mainly hasn't yet scored. Could Nathan Burns do a job? Very similar player to Maclaren do wouldn't have to change the way the team plays
  10. I imagine Chappy will be playing DM for WU like he did in Korea, as they've signed around six CBs for some reason
  11. I find that hard to agree with that assertion, out of the following keepers who would you put behind Bouzanis; WU Kurto, MV Thomas, Syd Redmayne, WSW Lopar, Adel Izzo, Perth Reddy, Well Jones, CCM Kennedy, Bris Young, Newcastle Moss/Italiano. Id think he'd replace Welly only for sure and then you could argue CCM and Newcatle
  12. Adama Traore released by his Turkish club. Would he be a better left back than Jamieson?
  13. Apparently Kerala Blasters also making a play for Kai Heerings. With Krishna going to India must be some decent coin coming out of their league now
  14. So you want Bruce Djite, Darren Bent, and one of Mat Ryan, Matt Leckie, or Matt Jurman. We're gonna win the league
  15. Actually don't mind this, assume not on a huge salary considering Bolton weren't paying their players after going into administration. Played a season of Premier league with Cardiff. Wants to tackle and hard at it with a bit of mongrel, which is a different sort of winger and seems to be the antithesis to Berenguer. Reckon he just might emulate Le Fondre
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