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  1. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Every one hated how poor we were then so I don't get your comment about being ok with finishing last. Maybe you were. It was simply a symbolic win which was not supposed to happen. Now people keep pissing on club's short history, it's common here but lets move on
  2. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    We won the very first derby and shocked the tards in red & white. This will always mean more to me then winning micky mouse cup (while wearing hybrid-temporary white)
  3. It's going to be a big one. Emergency board meeting has been called. They all have to travel to Kamino have a long flight
  4. Concentrate on positives people. Great season in which we have won more trophies then ever before ps we also got yoshi its going to be hard to top it next year
  5. I was named "Goal keeper of the year" and I'm sitting on the fuken bench. Are these fuk sticks for real??? thank god this is over, get me out of here!! btw fuk you city
  6. It's a fluffy temporary fence just use your hand to pop/lift the top bracket holding 2 panels together..... open sesame. We did
  7. 2017/18 Home/Away Kits

    Nice kit, finally we've reached desired level.
  8. RD 27 Perth away Sunday 16th April

    Finishing 4th/5th in a bloody 10 team league is a f&$@n disgrace
  9. RD 27 Perth away Sunday 16th April

    Absolutely !!! if we got home final dickhead like myself would buy a ticket for the family. Pump myself up go to the game where we would get pumped and I would go back to hating my life and this fake club season end sooner the better purely for my fragile mental state
  10. We have had enough.

    I can translate it for you xXCiTyZeNXx little kiss, BIG KISS, CiTYZeN BIG KISS, little kiss
  11. Can't believe you guys are still here.........awesome commitment !!!!
  12. Friday 24th March. Melbourne City vs WSW. KO:7:50

    Obvious problem here is the possession. We not doing it right. We need it around 98% when we achieve it, we stand a chance to at least draw the game and pick up a point. "From cfg post game assessment"
  13. As long as Bruno gets the golden boot!!!!! not the gypsy
  14. Looks like you accepting the ordinary as our standard....if you are satisfied with 4th in a 10 team league Less then second place with team we have is a nothing but a giant flop.