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  1. The FFA Management thread

    The meeting is tonight
  2. The FFA Management thread

    ***MELBURNIANS STATEMENT*** What a brilliant win the boys delivered us last night, in the midst of all the controversy and frustration that is overwhelming active supporters league-wide, it was good to see the lads bring home 3 points! We would like to start this post by reiterating that the issues facing active supporters and fans league-wide at the moment go much deeper than the bans and appeals process. This is just one point of issue that supporters have with the FFA, we are not sticking up for the minority of supporters who do the wrong thing, but we are standing firm that people accused of a crime should have the right of appeal. On the back of the FFA press conference yesterday, the Melburnians leadership met with the club, as we do on a regular basis anyway. The point we want to stress is that the club and the players know that these protests aren’t against them, they know that this is about the FFA’s treatment of fans, and they know that this battle is fought in the hope that active support will have many unnecessary restrictions removed in order to help us create a better match-day atmosphere. The FFA's continued referral to a "zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour" is not the issue. What is an issue is implementing this process in a fair and transparent manner for those accused of wrongdoing. As well, we want to see standardised processes regarding tifos and displays. The FFA regularly have different answers and responses as to what is and isn’t allowed on match days, which makes planning displays difficult and in some cases impossible. Finally, what we really want is greater recognition of fans as stakeholders and increased communication between the FFA and fans. The FFA cannot say they are listening to supporters if they won’t speak to them. These concerns are shared by all active supporter groups, and waiting until February for the FFA to finalise their response to the lack of appeals and the absence of any commitment to deal with these urgent fan engagement issues is simply not good enough. Boycott action will continue indefinitely until we are satisfied that our concerns have been addressed by the governing body and the matter is resolved. https://www.facebook.com/melburnians1847/posts/481274458717493
  3. Fornaroli and Novillo Chants

    Playschool on ABC kids needs your voice
  4. Should be a good game between the two eventual grand finalists. I'll say 2 or 3-1 our way with new foreigners from both sides to dominate
  5. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    expected nothing less from you tbh
  6. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "happy grand final day" Lol
  7. Perth away FFA cup semi final

    road trip later in the year again maybe. Not going for a cup semi
  8. FFA Cup Heidelberg Pre-Game Details

    To book online: http://www.eventopia.co/event/Heidelberg-United-v-Melb-City/304802

    It looks so real!
  10. Whats the last movie you watched?

    the movie thisphantomfortress and Embee probably made after 'straight outta Compton'
  11. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM: jimmy's brain
  12. Memberships 2015-16

    Personalised memberships are the best thing the club has offered in a while