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  1. I purchased mine last week too but didnt have to type in my membership barcode. It gave me an option to buy multiple tickets in the melb city non active are. If you have a look now you dont need to put the barcode in for level 1 isle 15 - non active & level 1 isle 17- active.
  2. As of the last couple of weeks anybody can get tickets in the melb city active & melb city non active areas. It defeats the purpose really. There is a possibility that victory supporters will be in our designated city areas.
  3. My membership came yesterday. Last week i called the club to change seats one isle down. Was told by ryan at the membership dep that when the membership card comes to dispose of it straight away and wait for the new card to come with the updated new seat & isle number. I havent disposed of the card yet and have used the barcode to purchase derby tickets. Is it possible that the card will still be active once the new membership card arrives? I am surprised that its still active and allowed me to purchase derby tickets.
  4. I used my membership barcode to obtain my free ticket for this game. Shouldnt they have emailed it to me by now? Have u guys been emailed ur ticket yet?
  5. Any inside knowledge that we are going to do this? It would be the perfect scenario but i cant see it happening 🤦‍♂️. A man can still hope tho.
  6. Any news on Rostyn Griffiths? Likely to stay or leave?
  7. I have heard he is going to the scum and to be announced friday. Source - Greek oil magnate. Dont shoot me im just the messenger.
  8. Either sign someone to partner Brillante or use Metcalf/Genreau. Not sold on Griffiths and not sure if he is even staying.
  9. If Rostyn Griffiths stays does that mean the squad is complete with no further signings to be made?
  10. Decent amount of parking in the side streets close to the ground. U wont have an issue. Forecast is to rain late afternoon and evening so i doubt we will get much of a crowd.
  11. Assuming that Adrian Luna signs i still think we need one more midfielder. Especially someone that can partner Brillante. Im not sold on Griffiths and i know Metcalfe & Genreau will get minutes but a gun to partner Brillante and our squad will be complete.
  12. Soooo looks like both my Melb city scarf & Oakleigh cannons scarf will stay home for this one. Watching it as a neutral. Strange feeling 🤯 Yes i know its just a friendly.
  13. If Craig noone & Javier Cabrera are wingers then dont tell me we are going to use Florin as the AM and not use that position for a creative marquee?
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