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  1. Yet the bloke is known apparently as a youth coach.
  2. Dylan Pieras subbed on as forward for the gypsy Brenton Speed quote after coming on "didn't get much of a chance under Warren Joyce..... Where have we seen that before?" Pieras was subsequently through on goal moments later as the lead striker, beat the keeper via a chip one on one only to hit the bar Makes you wonder
  3. We've never been great away from home so keep that in mind Brisbane is alright since the ground is fairly central and there's a few drinking holes nearby Sydney we get a few fans, so decent atmosphere Helps when we win 5-0
  4. Helps that our first two A League games are in Melbourne too, meaning no travel recovery concerns going into the cup final.
  5. Discuss FWIW we play them in Melbourne 3 days earlier
  6. Which is really interesting as we play them at AAMI Park three days before the scheduled date for the final (we play Adelaide in round 2 on Oct 20th, FFA Cup final is October 23rd}
  7. Wait, no next...... Are you sure your account hasn't been hacked?
  8. for those of us who like having a physical fixture list around the house / on the fridge, a magnet is a magnet in my view - doesnt matter how you get the fixture list on the fridge you'll still need a magnet (be it from a club magnet or you needing to get one from elsewhere). so dont really see how its a waste. while it might put me in a minority, I love getting the fridge magnet as it (a) allows me to put a fixture list on the fridge without having to double handle myself and print lists out, and (b) allows me to use the magnet to keep other bits of paperwork on the fridge too (ie upcoming bills, flyers, invites, those free tickets we also received!!!).
  9. Berisha off to WU from reports https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/western-united-close-in-on-berisha-as-final-piece-of-jigsaw
  10. FTFY In all seriousness though, I completely agree - I'm actually so glad it's out early Fairly solid pack, just wish they would still include the season fixtures fridge magnetic in it
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