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  1. by far their worst ever season since the start of the a league. ** PpG = points per game ** This season of the a league they will finish 2nd last & have a PpG of 0.833, 14 losses and a -14 GD currently. Season 1 of the a league they finished 2nd last holding a total PpG of 1.238, 9 losses and a +2 GD (they only bettered New Zealand Knights) Season 7 of the a league they finished 3rd last holding a total PpG of 1.074, 10 losses and a -8 GD (it was our second season as Heart and finished 6th) They have Perth and Wanderers to come, meaning they probably wont get 1 PpG (they have to win both). FWIW, our season where we finished last, we had a PpG of 0.963, lost 13 (having played 27 games to Victory's 26 games this season) and a -6 GD (we actually drew 2 and lost 4 of our last 6 games, so we were on track to do much better until our usual end of season fade away). So funnily enough, one could argue through comparison that John Aloisi was actually unlucky to "win" the wooden spoon with us that season when Victory have been total rubbish this season. Then again, we did only get 4 points from games that season (for a 0.333 PpG). It also magnifies how much better we would have been if Engelaar had been fully fit at the start of the season. on an additional note, in season 2 of the a league, New Zealand Knights had a PpG of 0.9048 - Victory would need a win and draw from their last two games or else their current season would be worse than one of the New Zealand Knights' seasons
  2. if only the Mariners had picked up form earlier in the season - i can't see the scum picking up points (let alone a win) for the rest of the season.
  3. anyone else watching the Adelaide v Perth game?
  4. Agreed that it would be great to see them. i just find it interesting Assange has been hounded for years by a number of countries in an effort to extradit for releasing shit while the the Chinese are being made to look like arseholes for doing what the USA should have re wikileaks info. Could be me misinterpreting coverage tho
  5. UOTYH: After being booted from their Houston embassy, the Chinese are perfectly justified in burning their documents and should almost be commended for it. It also shows the West's (particularly the US) hypocrisy regarding wikileaks
  6. helps that Brisbane lost to Adelaide and Wellington play Perth tomorrow too; massive six pointer coming now that Brisbane are too far back. thoroughly agree. and that's the difference between the great and the good teams; the great teams find a way irrespective of the refereeing (although it certainly helps to get the rub of the green).
  7. We play Sydney August 1st, Adelaide August 11th, Geelong United August 19th (which is also the last league fixture before the finals). Great that we play all three games closer to the finals (particularly if we finish top two we don't have big breaks) but sucks that we have a two more weeks before we "restart"
  8. Don't get our hopes up. We will conceed just before half time and then in the last 10 to lose 4-3 😔
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