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  1. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    Some of these might have been around for a while but still makes me smile
  2. Michael Jakobsen

    Really sad to see him go. That goal against WSW in the Cup was pure gold. Wish him all the best. That said he was injury prone, and his absence during the finals due to injury certainly cost us against Newcastle
  3. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Corey Gameiro has signed by CCM.
  4. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    3-2 this game has been so up and down
  5. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    EAD Victree!!!!!!! 15 seconds left and wow
  6. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    No point with Larsson, Samaras is off contract himself. You heard it here first
  7. Tim Cahill

    Maybe people are taking this wrong since from the sounds of it he's got his eye in - Cahill's elbow hit the target after all
  8. Luke Brattan

    About to go on SEN radio (1116 am radio for those of you playing at home)
  9. Post your thoughts here. We have the form against them this season, and the 8-2 against the worst A League team this season has smoothed over the cracks in the Newcastle machine that's been poor for 4+ weeks. Then again, I don't trust us through past finals history, and finals football means you if mess up you are out - no second chances
  10. You do realise we're in Australia and not Europe or South America yeah..... Ripping flares being illegal and all aside, it's not, never has been and largely won't be (at least for a fair while) part of our community for the vast majority of us (either at football games or in the community). Getting booed, heckled, shit thrown on you and all is representative of the active bay seeing that behaviour (a.) as bullshit / wanting to cast it out, and (b.) something against the best interest and image of the game. The crowd are reacting to YOUR behaviour. YOUR actions. What the fuck do you expect when you act like that? And again this is Australia, where this ultra mentally has never really been part culture. Doesn't belong here in comparison to the models you see overseas, and only acts as a blemish on our game in an era where other big (if not bigger) Australian sports will do what they can (particularly in the media) to fuck our game over. Pull your fucking head in kids
  11. Western Sydney

    What I was getting at was more to do with if the two are definitely going, and if WSW can pull out should they appoint another coach
  12. Western Sydney

    IIRC those deals were never truly confirmed, more rumoured. So if that's the case I wonder where that puts the deals / the players, particularly if WSW don't go through with the deals...
  13. True, wet weather always turns people away. Auckland has been very wet the last few days, so it'll be interesting to see how the pitch handles so much water, particularly if we get much more before kickoff
  14. Game day (bitchessssss) in Auckland and can tell you the weather is shite, as it's been all week. I'm not expecting much from the pitch given all the rain. With 3rd locked up last night, I'm thinking Joyce could save / restrict game time for a few of the silkier players (ie Arzani) more than you'd expect normally due to the crappy conditions and higher injury risks FWIW Auckland had a massive storm Tuesday and about 5000 still don't have power (about 180,000 homes lost power when storm came through). Weathers been farked all week since, so again don't expect much weather wise
  15. Plus we will be flying over Thursday (Friday morning at latest). Our best team will need to be there "just in case", so no need to be completely pragmatic for the sake of resting them. 45 - 60 min appearances for some might work to manage workload tho