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  1. Got a mate like that too, goes by Mike Hunt
  2. Haha. What reaction do you get when the person knows what you have written (ie a Greek fella when you use malaka)
  3. Ha, given your avatar, I'm thinking you should take some of George's advice - say (and do) the opposite of what you're thinking. Always worked for the great man 😉
  4. TTDIM: ordering from a fast food joint online while using a stupid / inappropriate name (ie the name of oh so many Bond girls in the Connery / Moore era), only to turn up and see the manager (who is now in the shits because of it / the fact they feel the need to change it) in the process of altering it so that customers don't see shit on the in venue order screen (ie like the ones they have in Dominos) after the manager realises whats happened too late. And despite the fact that chances are that customers have already seen the stupidity, and whereby the customers have either seen the funny side or need to lighten the fuck up.
  5. Was thinking the same, and would love the change just see the reaction / meltdown
  6. Couldn't agree. Shits me to tears as a school teacher when you see some bullshit name on the roll; it really makes you wonder about the quality of the parent, and sends off alarm bells about the kid being a bit of a spud as a result.
  7. Somewhat, particularly when teams come here for one off games and the fact the tickets are over priced and poorly scheduled (something that could be said aboutthe most recent finals series). It just seems like a lost opportunity. Thinking back to the first time the International Champions Cup was played in Melbourne and the last time Liverpool toured, the market seems there. Just gotta get the teams right and pricing better.
  8. The A League All Stars should return with a 3-4 game fixture list every July/August to cover and promote the game across the major Australian capitals before AFL / NRL finals start, and the final series is one of the best things (if not the best thing) going for the A League. Convince me otherwise.
  9. After?!? Stickler for wording but isn't he the current coach so there by isn't "after" a bit premature ....... Back on topic, sport is sport; people love sports they grew up with (either as kids or as adults) predominantly thru the blood, sweat and tears invested thereby creating an continually draining emotional closed loop / endless cycle. Being a country boy growing up, I can understand the draw; mates play (thereby AFL is common talking point) and the / a local team goes hand in hand with what's going on in my community. At the national level it's similar but on a grander scale. To put things another way, who in their right mind (assuming people can be objective), would constantly sign up to City given how shite we've been at various stages - particularly if you don't get football? I know part of it for me is the blood, sweat and tears, as well as the many mates I can catch up with for a beer
  10. Nichols is worth more than just a look, and certainly has solid A League experience / perigee. Double winner at Brisbane, was runner up in both league / grand final last season with Western Sydney, the tards and Glory teams were solid teams too; all of which Nichols was a regular. Tards have released a few today, including Nic Ansell. Solid Melbourne based Central Defender maybe?
  11. Was about to say the same regarding his scuffle (now apparently assault change) at the GF. Eat shit ya muppet
  12. Surprised that Merrick was first choice, but hope he does alright. Newcastle can't afford to keep fucking the head coaching position up. Tbh, I don't think the recycling is that bad. Of the coaches this season just gone, Okon and Jones were first timers. Popovic and JvS were foundation managers for their respective clubs (iirc not many had a massive issue with JvS when he came back particularly given the circumstances when took his first break for family reasons), Muscat came through playing and then coaching at the tards, while Lowe and Amor came in from abroad. From whose left, Merrick and Arnold have proven pedigree through what they've won in the comp; only Aloisi was baffling, and even then he does have the positive marketing element from that penalty in 2005. Merrick did poorly at Wellington, but the so did Postecoglou whilst U20s and U23s coach with the Socceroos (after success with South Melbourne in the NSL).
  13. Definitely not Ryall, but certainly would Ryan Grant. Versatile at the back, gets forward well. Then again, he wears one hell of a shitty man bun - don't think we have a good history of solid performances from those Fabio types
  14. Vukovic!!!!
  15. People see what they want to see, particularly when they wanna rag on City because City is prepared to invest in its operations, training, etc. Fairly standard grand final tbh; tight, few too aggro many moments outta nerves, etc