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  1. I can’t see it happening. I also don’t think it’s a good idea. He’s an Australian player at his peak and while he has his deficiencies (I’ve been consistent on that point), I don’t think we could do much better in terms of replacing him with another Australian on the same salary. If Windbichler is fit then I’m guessing Hendry is gone but at this point it’s just a wild guess. The contracts will be extended soon and we will find out. Edit: looks like @jw1739 beat me to it!
  2. Thanks for posting the Berenguer interview. Good read. I'd like to keep him for another season depending on his wage. He's been one of our best over the past few months and looks at home in the midfield. As for the rumours, it would be really frustrating to lose those guys, especially Atkinson. Wasn't he linked with Perth before the start of this season? Might be something in that rumour.
  3. From what I've read it seems to be safe enough but it's obviously not completely safe. If the government put the Biosecurity Act determination into legislation then that would fix the biggest issue for me. Compared to other countries who have used this kind of technology, ours is fairly non-intrusive and secure. Probably the best we could hope for except for the issue above. Whether it's effective or not, I'm not really sure, but it's another useful tool to have.
  4. More than 3 million positive cases worldwide now. US has almost 1 million of them. Death toll at more than 205,000. We’ve done very well. Only 6,727 cases and sadly 84 deaths.
  5. So is the SARS-COV-2 virus not a real virus? Is COVID-19 not a real disease? Are people not dying? Did China and America not shut down huge swathes of their economy at a massive cost to themselves? Or are they just doing it for some other reason? I hope for your sake you’re just trolling. It’s a good effort if you are.
  6. What kind of medical scientist are you? You could become rich and famous if you blew the lid on this global conspiracy. How cool would that be? To start with, you’ll need to infiltrate the secret scientific community of thousands of experts who work in microbiology and other medical fields, who are being bought off by the Illuminati to peddle fake science. That should be easy because they are silly people who work in labs all day. As a medical scientist you would undoubtedly know many gullible fools who work in science. It’ll be even easier to infiltrate the global community of millions of healthcare workers who are also being paid to help propagate this fake pandemic. I’m confident you can find one though, the therapist/doctor from the video above is a good start but he’s probably been whacked by Bill Gates already so you’ll need to find someone else. Just show them a few of those videos you’ve posted on this forum whilst winking and bribe them with money...one will crack. Don’t even bother with the media, they’re idiots and don’t even have souls or consciences, so they can’t be bribed with money or fame. The WHO, UN and the 192 odd countries with their federal, state and local governments and all of the medical, scientific and economic advisory bodies could be tricky to infiltrate because people who work for governments are not even human, they’re drugged/mind-controlled lizards or maybe even AI bots who are programmed only to lie about the work they do. Good luck with them. Maybe one has malfunctioned and will let you in on the conspiracy but I doubt it. I wouldn’t even trust those politicians who don’t believe the conspiracy because a conspiracy would always make sure there’s some doubt right? It’s like when dictators rig their own elections and win 99.98 per cent of the vote. 100 per cent would just look suspicious and is a dumb move. Maybe the weakest link in this global conspiracy chain are the grave diggers. Their business is booming right now, but sooner or later one of them will make a mistake and not properly bury one of the mannequins they’ve been using as ‘real bodies’ and you’ve got your proof.
  7. Wonder how this works with the contracts expiring at the end of May. Also wonder what happens with Fox.
  8. Kewell was one of the best strikers of the ball. Rewatching some of his best goals just now, his ability was world-class. Our best football talent and nobody has really come close since. And as for the game, I’d forgotten that Jeffers scored the England goal. So much talent on the field for England and Francis was the only one to score.
  9. What kind of medical scientist are you? At least we can agree on your third point. Truer and more applicable words have never been spoken.
  10. Well if this isn’t proof that the whole thing is a hoax, I don’t know what is. A masked guy standing in an equipment room of a hospital somewhere in a southern US state talking about a fake virus that’s ‘killed’ only 177,000 people. Wake the fuck up people. The smoking gun comes at 11:40 in the video. This brave doctor/therapist says ‘this is a deep state, Illuminati stuff.’ True courage. Watch him go missing now. Probably already happened. The video cuts off right before he is about to blow the lid off the ‘vaccination’ hoax too. Suspicious. I’m betting all of my money on him turning up dead on the shore of one of Bill Gates’ islands.
  11. Fox are refusing to pay the final quarterly instalment, worth about $12 million. FFA are getting in a lawyer.
  12. Indeed. We need to be pragmatic and kind. These kinds of calculations make many people uncomfortable but it’s a necessary part of managing an economy and it happens all the time. It just comes to the fore in emergencies when the trade-off is stark. Here’s a good article about this discussion. Written by an economist and looks at NZ’s approach, but still relevant to us. https://theconversation.com/protecting-lives-and-livelihoods-the-data-on-why-new-zealand-should-relax-its-coronavirus-lockdown-from-thursday-136242
  13. How in the hell did the 18/19 third kit not go further? That was my favourite.
  14. Harrison


    Took over the Club’s Twitter page on Tuesday. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/takeovertuesday-josh-brillante
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