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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Quite predictable really. The bloke has played for a different club every season. Seems to get bored pretty quickly and is a mercenary. If we lose him we’re definitely light on for midfielders. Maybe we could keep Brattan after all?
  2. Squad 2019/2020

    Cabrera is wearing 8 and Genreau is his old 17. Also, Atkinson is 13, Najjarine is 21, Najjar is 30, Metcalfe 34, Iannucci 37. At a guess, Galloway 2, Windbichler 5, Brillante 6, Noone 12 and Bouzanis his old 20.
  3. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Obligatory 'unpopular opinion' intro but I really like it. Initially the all blue looked a bit odd but I've come around. Might even be my favourite in the City era.
  4. I think we will schedule more friendlies, depending on the outcome of the FFA Cup match. So if we somehow lose to Campbelltown, we will schedule a few more friendlies. Otherwise we use the Cup matches as the pre-season friendlies.
  5. Denis Genreau

    I couldn't find a thread for Denis so I'm making this one. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/video/denis-genreau-his-return-city Interesting interview. He says his best position is as the box to box number 8 but he can play deeper or further forward.
  6. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Didn't see much but from what I did see, Perth were forced to play deep, so he was trying to hold the ball up around the half-way line. Lost it twice, drew a foul once. Looks rusty.
  7. Salford are owned by the ex-United blokes but wasn’t he linked with the United job? Big drop.
  8. Javier Cabrera

    Someone’s having a shocker in the media department.
  9. Javier Cabrera

    Confirmed by the club in this update. Welcome Javier! https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/melbourne-city-fc-signs-uruguayan-javier-cabrera
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I think Najjar will fill that role.
  11. Luke Brattan

    Damn. Happy for him though. Always thought he should go overseas for a final crack. Hoping it’s Europe.
  12. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Think so. Seems like Metcalfe played as a 10 on the weekend, but I think he can develop as a 6 or 8. Genreau the same. Regardless, if he goes with a 4-2-3-1, which I think is likely, then the two 6s don't need to worry about scoring goals...they just break up attacks and are the link between the defenders and attacking midfielders. If they can score a few then that's just a bonus. Brattan was handy in that department and we might miss that but really, the attacking midfielders should be shouldering that load.
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Both on two-year deals. I think if either has a really good season, we will 'cash' in if a decent offer comes in. Great news though. Just need to finalise the two Uruguayans and Brattan and we're done.