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  1. Good move this one. Much better league for him and his style. Hope he goes well.
  2. Was you in the other thread that said something about not believing crap by MSM. Or were you joking? There are 120K club members. Not sure why you’re then ignoring that part of my post.
  3. Maybe the 120K club members. Or is that a conspiracy too?
  4. So basically what I said? Haha. Don’t think we have one officially but it’s usually Griffiths. Think I remember seeing Curt wearing it when Jamieson and Griffiths weren’t playing though.
  5. Would have to quarantine for two weeks. If he stays in Melbourne for a few days then flies to Sydney he’d be available for the entire Finals Series.
  6. It would be Good or Maclaren. Good has worn it before from memory. In terms of changes, I want to see Atkinson. He looked sharp when he came on. So if we persist with Delbridge and this 4-3-3/3-5-2 shape then shift him over to the left and put Atkinson on the right.
  7. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/jamieson-returns-melbourne-birth-first-child
  8. A very good player at this level, though not surprising for a guy who was in the K League TOTS in 2018. If he keeps fit we’re looking golden down back.
  9. Starting to look good now. Been a slow burn but worth it with every additional game played. Winter will help.
  10. He’s quick, direct and works hard up and back. It’s a good combination in a winger. His crossing looked better and should get improve a little bit more. Gets into the right spots. Lack of goals will hold him back.
  11. I went Windbichler. All class. Reads it beautifully.
  12. Brilliant win all things considered. One or two nervous moments but a clean sheet is a great result, as are the two goals. Pretty even performance across the pitch. Maybe Windbichler down back, Berenguer in midfield and Noone up front were the standouts but impressed with the cohesion and stability everywhere.
  13. Was worked well by our young brigade. Definitely deserved a better shot.
  14. Concerning stuff there. Delbridge just doesn’t look comfortable but Windbichler is a class above.
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