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  1. I completely agree. It’s no surprise but I’m a big fan of this league and a big believer in Australian football. I will always defend and even try to promote the A-League to other football fans but this kind of shit makes it difficult. It’s Mickey Mouse type stuff. Not observing the window is just not what a professional league should be doing. And I’m sure they wanted to, maybe they even tried, and Fox said no or something like that. But the sooner we put integrity above the whims of the broadcaster/governing body/whoever it was the better. How can we be proud of our league when we get the basics wrong? Very frustrating.
  2. Well I respectfully disagree. It’s not how I saw his game last night and it’s not what I see most weeks. I think he does his fair share of defensive work but maybe this is down on last season. He does go missing and isn’t the gritty type, that’s fair. But I don’t think he hides much. I see him in good spots calling for it and in tight areas where he draws in more than one defender. He was also involved in a few of our better chances, either by playing the second last ball or the final ball. One was a long ball to Nabbout who just over hit the cross to Colakovski. Another was a beautiful cross to Luna, he then squared it to Tilio who couldn’t get on the end of it (maybe a lack of predatory instinct) and another late where he crossed to Atkinson who almost scored. If any of those come off then maybe the perception is different. All in all he was good last night. Is he a very good player? No. Should we be aiming higher? Yes. Happy for us to go after someone with a lot more output next season and I really hope we do. I think we agree on that!
  3. Starting him was odd but is there much of a difference between starting a player and bringing them on for half an hour at the end? Maybe. The pace of the game is slower but it's more transitional. At the start we're trying to set the tempo with our press, which takes a lot of effort. I can see both sides here, and if the doctor/physio thought he was at no extra risk, and Nabbout himself felt comfortable, then fair enough. We can sit here now and say it was dumb but he could've done that motion at 90 minutes or in the first minute.
  4. The constant criticism of Berenguer amuses me. He was far from our worst last night but I guess he's the only whipping boy now so people have to take their frustration out on someone. In truth the midfield worked ok, at times pretty well, but they've found that the front three isn't what it used to be. We've gone from a front three that couldn't not score to one that threatens but lacks that cutting edge and the midfield has never been (especially without Metcalfe) a huge source of goals. Some nice combinations were made and the link between midfield and the forwards was there most of the night, however it's the final ball or shot that ultimately matters. Unfortunately we've almost run out of time trying to find a solution. Noone helps, but he'll be rusty by the time we actually play and Nabbout is still a big question mark. Tilio is struggling under the weight of expectation now and Colakovski lacks experience. Tsubaki is...somewhere? I'm less confident now than I've ever been but I've come to accept that this Finals Series is going have an asterisk on it anyway. We've been robbed of three of our best players (and three players that could easily make the team of the season), one from each line on the pitch, and didn't really prepare for it too well. Or should I say we tried but couldn't come up with a robust solution. It seemed like we tried one thing, it didn't work, so we tried another thing, which didn't work that well either, and then we tried a third but it wasn't much better. On top of that injuries have meant that we couldn't trial the three that we needed to trial. Our preparation has been a mess but in large part it's been out of our control. One last thing for me is that this team desperately needs a spark, and it should get one when they finally get to play in front of a home crowd. I still don't think we win the GF but who knows in front of a decent crowd at AAMI.
  5. Great news! Nabbout has been a revelation this season. I’ve said it before but his effect was enormous. He was the catalyst for our upswing in results. He gave us exactly what we needed and have lacked for quite a while: power, pace, directness and a bit of trickery. A Melbourne-born player too, can’t ask for much more.
  6. It sounds like he’ll make it back for the finals. In that recent interview he talked about potentially playing in the Jets match. Maybe he thought that would be next week though. The other thing is it sounds like he’s staying. He talked about being excited to play alongside Leckie. If we can keep Maclaren, we’d have the best Australian front three in the history of the league.
  7. That second paragraph is coming into sharp focus now. He’s got to figure out a way to get us scoring. Defence and midfield is fine. No issues there. Noone in the front three alongside Tilio is strong, but Noone improved when Nabbout came into the team and took the pressure off him. Tilio draws a lot of attention so Noone should still be able to do some damage but no Maclaren means he’s got to be the prime mover. Is a false 9 the solution? Looks like Kisnorbo’s leaning that way but maybe we’d be better going our usual system. Colakovski is my preferred choice as the striker but Tsubaki is an option. Prefer Colakovski because of his direct style and finishing. Play him as an out and out striker. Tilio and Noone out wide. Trial that against Newcastle. In front of Berenguer and Luna. Plenty of attacking firepower.
  8. Reckon people should calm down. Victory are useless and we just conceded a goal two minutes past the end of added time to draw 1-1. With five of our best players missing. The problem is obviously that we’ve got one more match to figure out how we can score before it starts to matter. Noone and Colakovski will need to come back. Where are they? Is Nabbout done for the season? He’d be handy.
  9. The rules might change too. They might increase the cap (don’t think they scrap it but it’s possible), scrap the allowances like the homegrown and loyalty ones (or increase or decrease them), change the foreign player limit, change the marquee limit etc. There’s a lot of uncertainty given that next season the shackles are off for the APL. It’s a new era and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some changes to the squad rules. Plus the pandemic will still be having an effect here and abroad. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.
  10. The problem is the cap. If we brought in three foreigners who are better than our XI then we’ve probably got a problem with fitting them under it. Leckie and Nabbout would command decent salaries although one could join Maclaren as a marquee. But then paying for all the others would be tricky given some of their performances. A few of them would still be on their existing contracts I think, so might be relatively cheap for another season. But only a few of our younger players would qualify as homegrown and not many will reach the loyalty criterion for another season at least. Curtis qualifies next season but it’s not like his whole salary is excluded, it’s just a portion of it.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see how we go about this. Four of the five foreign players are out of contract and two are on the older side even though Noone is in good form. Luna will be 30 next year but looks like he’s still got a lot left. Tsubaki is almost a certainty to not come back at this point. Potentially we’ve got Leckie coming in and Najjarine is still on our books. We might be content with an almost entirely domestic squad plus Reis and Luna. Retention is important though and if we lose any strong Australian players we might need to go foreign. This is a seriously good team with a lot of competition for spots: Glover Atkinson Reis Good Jamieson Luna O’Neill Metcalfe Leckie Maclaren Nabbout Sutton, Griffiths, Tilio, Najjarine, Colakovski, Galloway, Garrucio
  12. You’re right. Even if things got out of hand, it’s nice to know that we’ve sealed it. All that hard work has been rewarded with the purest trophy in football. Nobody can take it from us, unless we get it stripped retrospectively for doping or salary cap breaches or something.
  13. They’re actually very intuitive these days and there aren’t too many cables (just one cable going to the aerial outlet and one power cable) for a simple set up which might be all you need. I have a Samsung smart TV and the remote is very simple. It’s mostly just using the arrow buttons and the ‘OK’ and ‘back’ buttons to navigate around and the apps are easy to download and access (they’re big, visible tiles). I’ve got Kayo and Optus Sport (soon to add Paramount+) as well as ones like Netflix and YouTube. The setup guides on the TV are very simple to follow for connecting to WIFI. They basically hold your hand through it. Even an old timer like you could get it sorted!
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