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  1. That image made me laugh. Pretty convincing at first glance. But gravity doesn't pull things 'down' (the concept of 'down' doesn't really exist in space), it pulls everything to the centre of Earth, which answers Strider's point above about the strangeness of the oceans sticking to the Earth.
  2. Always listed as Out: Jacob Melling (back - indefinite). Not a great sign.
  3. Good for a laugh. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/andrew-redmayne-wins-third-aleague-title-after-playing-just-three-games/news-story/45abd65bbbcc3182704ac9b9ba3edb61
  4. Next season will be Retre's sixth continuous season for us (signed as a youth player before the 2012/13 season) and so a portion of his contract (30 per cent I think) is excluded from the cap, provided they keep the Loyalty Player concession and his seasons as a youth player qualify as 'service to the club'. Not the only reason we should keep him but a good one to keep in mind. Edit: GreenSeater beat me to it in another thread, but only 30 per cent of his contract sits outside the cap, up to a collective $200k.
  5. For those who missed it, Jamie Young cut himself pretty badly on a broken net hook when Roar played Muangthong United in the ACL on Wednesday night. He required 26 stitches in his arm and may miss the Victory final. Disgraceful that this has even happened. Roar might have to sign another keeper under the emergency rules because Theo is out too.
  6. Bang on the money. We were stocked with decent wingers, precisely to play the 4-3-3, with Fitzgerald, Kamau, Colazo, Brandan and Kuzmanovski. Since three of those are unlikely to play next season we are down to Fitzgerald and Kamau. You'd think that we would be going after another one or even two in that case.
  7. Answers from Studs Up with David Davutovic: 'Hi Matthew, I'm not sure what the go is with the City team but that was unacceptable on Sunday. As for Valkanis, he was contracted until the end of the season and City I imagine will wait a few weeks before making an announcement. It would be surprising if he was kept on as head coach, but there is no doubt he will stay on in the coaching staff.' 'Hi Alex, no specific timelines. I think they'll take their time, it is a long off-season and if they are going to bring a coach from overseas then that wouldn't happen for another month at least I wouldn't have thought.' 'Hi Peter, I don't think City will appoint Harry Kewell for next season. Possibly down the track, but I don't think they are looking at him right now. I think Harry does have a future in coaching.' 'Hi Ryan, if CFG decides to go local, they may as well aim for the top - Ange Postecoglou or Tony Popovic. Failing that, Ante Milicic has done the best apprenticeship any coach could ask for and having been at Melbourne Heart for 2 years, he knows the club well and would be welcomed back by the fans I suspect. Overseas, the world's your oyster. If they do go abroad, I'd love to see an ambitious young coach (ie. Patrick Vieira, who they sent to New York City).' 'I think they need someone with conviction, a strong personality who can manage the change-room because with so many 'star' players it wouldn't be easy. That's why of the local products I said Ange, Popa or Milicic. Sorensen and Colazo have played their last games, Valkanis confirmed. Colazo is a curious case. He's actually an outstanding player, but apart from showing glimpses early, he rarely fired. Why? I would've liked to see him play in a more central role, certainly on Sunday, because their midfield lacked dynamism, which is what he offers.' 'I don't think they will loan Maclaren to City. I hope City don't go down that path, as they did with Caceres and Brattan. I think it affects their culture adversely. The Caceres loophole has been closed, but Maclaren is a free agent at the end of the season, so it could technically happen.' 'Hodgson was here advising City's coaching staff, but correct we were not allowed to interview him.'
  8. Perhaps this has never happened before but what happens in the event of a tie for one match?
  9. JW, I was under the impression that Bouzanis had signed an extension a while ago but then I read this earlier today? 'Inconsistent goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis is also out of contract, with Adelaide United captain Eugene Galekovic a rumoured arrival to take his place. A question mark hangs over Manchester City loanees Luke Brattan and Anthony Caceres, who didn’t start in Sunday’s defeat, while Josh Rose is likely to be moved on.' http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/teams/melbourne-city/tim-cahill-slams-melbourne-city-aleague-finals-performance-against-perth-glory/news-story/1d1ec43cbad9207ffd8df8512736473e
  10. To have a squad capable of challenging you need (relative to A-league standard): 1 good GK, 1 solid GK 3 solid FBs 2 good CBs, 2 solid CBs 2 good CMs/CDMs, 2 solid CM/CDMs 3 good LWs/RWs, 1 solid LW/RW 2 good CAMs/CFs, 1 solid CAM/CF That's a total of 20, then add a few youth players. It's good practice to have some utility players, but they should almost be good enough to compete for spots in their main positions. Sydney have the perfect mix. I'm not saying it is easy to do, especially in a salary capped league, but it is certainly possible. The problem, as everyone knows, is our defense. We had one good CB (who was injured a while), a solid CB (who we sold in January), a youth CB and three utility CBs. We had one good FB and two average FBs. And even then, Franjic has been more solid than good. I don't think Rose and Muscat are solid, probably average. Then you add one good GK (who gets dropped) and replace him with one average GK and you have a recipe for disaster. We never had the right mix. It was obvious early on.
  11. Fucking rat shit. Diabolical passing and defending. Nobody closes down the player with the ball in the box. What the fuck are we doing all week at training?
  12. Interesting season from this bloke. No doubt he has been disappointing in terms of a marquee player, but I think he will be a weapon in the finals. His last two matches have actually been quite solid. Scored and assisted against Perth and assisted against Adelaide but also set up Kamau in both matches with great opportunities, only for Bruce to miss them both. He isn't the kind of player to rip games/opponents apart, more of a toiler who will create chances and naturally find himself in good positions. He's created 41 chances from 21 matches (average of about 70 minutes per match), which is a solid return. He had that disallowed goal, and has hit the woodwork a few times, and his goal return has been poor (shooting accuracy of 48 per cent is testament to this.) Should be the penalty-taker, which would've boosted the tally, but it is what it is. Sometimes he is at the mercy of his teammates. Technically he is superior to most A-league players but as a winger he needs players to get in the right positions and finish chances for his performance to be recognised. He has been played out of position at times (when used centrally) and had the ear(?) injury mid-season which killed his momentum. As I said above, I've got faith in him to have a good finals series. This is where he can change a lot of minds.
  13. Great show so far, well done lads, although the Caceres chant part at the end was brutal.
  14. Reminded me of a keeper run on FIFA, though he clearly doesn't play. Not a bad feint first up but he should've run diagonally and taken on a defender one at a time. You never try to beat three at a time. Amateur hour.
  15. I thought our fight-back was worthy of praise. It looked for all money that we were going to lose by four but we found something and scored three. As awful as it was, we did get out of the hole. That was positive.