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  1. FFA and other clubs have serious doubts around the legitimacy of the LFE. I wonder if they will even approve it. I know it’s wrong to base my opinion on this, but that Aylward bloke just looks like a shark and his interview with the Perth radio station was terrible, he couldn’t even explain how it all works.
  2. Melbourne City FC squad: 1.Tom GLOVER (gk), 2.Scott GALLOWAY, 3.Scott JAMIESON, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 7.Rostyn GRIFFITHS, 9.Jamie MACLAREN, 10.Florin BERENGUER 11.Craig NOONE, 13.Nathaniel ATKINSON, 14.Markel SUSAETA, 17.Denis GENREAU, 19.Lachlan WALES, 20.Adrian LUNA, 21.Ramy NAJJARINE, 22.Curtis GOOD, 23.Dean BOUZANIS (gk), 30.Moudi NAJJAR, 36.Kerrin STOKES, 34.Connor METCALFE, 49.Stefan COLAKOVSKI **2-4 to be omitted** Ins: 23.Dean BOUZANIS (returns to squad), 30.Moudi NAJJAR (promoted), 34.Connor METCALFE (returns from injury) Outs: 46.Joe GAUCI (omitted) Unavailable: 4.Harrison DELBRIDGE (suspended - 1 week), 5.Jack HENDRY (knee), 40.Richard WINDBICHLER (hamstring)
  3. Harrison

    Tom Glover

    https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/video/tom-glover-ahead-wellington-v-city Press conference with Tom but he talks a bit about his career journey so far.
  4. @jw1739 Not sure if you saw this but Brisbane are trying to solve their stadium issue. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/brisbane-roar-ramp-up-plans-for-60-million-new-home
  5. Well done to this kid, 50 senior appearances and still just 20 years old. Has played really well since the Olyroos ban and it’s always good to see him in the XI. I really like the way he plays, he’s a modern fullback who is a playmaker from out wide. I can’t help but see some similarities to Trent Alexander Arnold, not just in the way he plays that position but also that he’s come through the Academy and become a proper senior player before he was 20. Hope he plays out the season and we re-sign him because his contract is up soon.
  6. Really, really need to win this. We simply cannot lose, which would be the most Melbourne City thing to do after a tough win. This is pretty much a six pointer. Perth just put four goals past Wellington, sitting back as they normally do. Might see something similar from us, after we did the same to Victory. Some dangerous players to be wary of so our defence will have to be on. Unchanged XI you’d think.
  7. Don’t think it’ll go, but it’ll probably be expanded to such an extent that richer clubs can spend a fair bit more and build noticeably stronger squads. So maybe the payment to clubs will be $3.5 million (which will also be the Floor) but the Cap will be $4.5 million.
  8. He’s talking about the FTBL forum. I don’t mind some of the discussions around the management of the game, but there are some miserable sods on there, that’s for sure. There’s one poster in particular that literally wants the A-League to fold and only really comments on bad news and always blames it on the ‘new FFA’.
  9. What I love about him is he goes in hard, especially in derbies. There was a moment on Friday when he had a 50-50 and went in as hard as he could. That kind of thing is exactly what you want from a leader, and he was in the wars all game, so he didn’t back down. Edit: I think the tackle was probably a red. Had that been on a City player I would be calling for a red, just because it was dangerous and he’d already got the ball away.
  10. Three of ours in the TOTW. Jamieson, Berenguer and Brillante. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/hyundai-a-league-team-week-round-18-3
  11. A derby is a big game. Form goes out the window because both teams try to lift for it. So ladder positions don’t matter as much.
  12. I thought the atmosphere was good too. And it seemed to me to be an even split amongst the fans, which was even better.
  13. Yeah he flies the flag. Good to see.
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