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  1. Talking City Fan Channel

    From memory, when Caceres was on the podcast he intimated that he wanted to go overseas. I suspect he meant Europe not the Middle East but he clearly had ambitions to move onto bigger things.
  2. Talking City Fan Channel

    They talk about the Elsey tackle in the pod and Beath's bizarre non-decision.
  3. Talking City Fan Channel

    I'm very sceptical of that 'new rule' actually existing. The laws of the game clearly state that if a foul in the box is committed and it was a genuine attempt to play the ball, then it is a cautionable offence i.e. a yellow card.
  4. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    BT, do you think we will actually win three though? Haven't won in four now whereas Victory are three in a row. Edit: Already answered!
  5. Agree with this. I'm not seeing much improvement over the last few weeks. Our ball use isn't great and we still seem overly reliant on Arzani. Bruno looks miles off too. Our best chances came on the back of seriously poor turnovers in our front third. At the moment we struggle to create things from scratch.
  6. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Our next match against WSW is another big one. A loss narrows the gap to one point between us, meanwhile Victory play Perth and Adelaide play Newcastle. Hard to see Adelaide beating Newcastle even on their home deck and Perth could do us a big favour by taking at least a point. None of that matters if we bottle it on Saturday though. Simply must win.
  7. Also being 4 from 4 raised everyone's hopes. We built such a solid foundation and gave ourselves a pretty good head start. If we quarantine those results then our returns from round 5 onwards have been pretty poor - 6 wins and 3 draws from 18 matches.
  8. 3rd v 5th. A loss here all but closes the gap between us and the rest of the top six. A win here gives us a six-point lead over WSW (we play them next round). A draw gives Victory a chance to overtake us.
  9. Customary thread to discuss the remaining fixtures and our probable finishing position. WSW (H), Jets (A), CCM (H), Wellington (A). --- Hyundai A-League 2017/18 Sydney FC 23 16 4 3 52 Newcastle 23 14 5 4 47 Melb Victory 23 10 5 8 35 Melb City 23 10 4 9 34 Adelaide Utd 23 8 6 9 30 WS Wanderers 23 7 9 7 30 Brisbane Roar 23 8 4 11 28 Perth Glory 23 8 2 13 26 CC Mariners 23 4 8 11 20 Well Phoenix 23 4 5 14 17 --- The next two fixtures will probably determine where we finish. Two losses and we could drop down to 5th depending on other results. Going on our form, I'd say that 4th/5th is most likely. I think 3rd is too much for us, unless we find some serious form next week.
  10. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Curt will probably leave Newcastle soon. Too far down the order and I know he is looking elsewhere. His contract expires at the end of this season. Hopefully he can stay in the PL now that he is fully fit. The question is what club will take him? Maybe a promoted club could roll the dice on him.
  11. Ruon Tongyik

    I think I remember reading somewhere (no idea where) that Tongyik was a natural holding mid who converted to a defender when he signed professionally. That always made sense to me as he is composed on the ball and has pretty good distribution when he passes forward. The issue is his concentration and lack of hunger. Holding mids have to be brick walls who track everyone and everything, and Tongyik doesn't strike me as desperate/quick enough.
  12. I’d be worried about playing the Jets at the moment. We aren’t scoring goals very easily at all and we are shipping them at the same time. Two goals (one penalty and one goal from individual skill) scored and eight goals conceded in the last three matches. No fluidity, no movement, no ideas. The Jets would demolish us now.
  13. I'm just about in the Joyce Out camp. We are as brittle, mentally weak and impotent as we've ever been. It seems like we've regressed as a team under his watch. We are getting worse as the season goes on.
  14. A-League News Thread

    Absolutely. Personally, I'm not fully convinced by Hill's arguments on that point. It's obviously a lot more than just 10 people (never having been involved in active I wouldn't really know), but thankfully the majority of A-league supporters are sensible people who want active support without the hooligan elements. Exactly. The FFA deserve a lot of criticism but I struggle to sympathise with any of those idiots.
  15. A-League News Thread

    Well I think his point was that the number of people in active who are responsible for the idiotic behaviour is relatively small i.e. 10 or so people. So that, as a percentage, even of all of active support, is still quite small. Then when you take that as a percentage of all people who attend the sport, it is minuscule (just as it is for AFL).