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  1. I don't like the combination of Kilkenny and Brattan. One or the other (Kilkenny on last season's form) but not together. The midfield is too one-paced and static when they both play. Mauk and Kilkenny looks like a better and more dynamic combination.
  2. Yes, the bloke who has scored 21 goals and has 9 assists from 61 matches in the A-league, has 28 caps for the Socceroos and has won an Asian Cup is a hack.
  3. Interesting choice if true. Last season he almost had a fight on-field with Bouzanis so he'll need to find a way to keep his emotions in check. I've always thought Kilkenny would be a good choice, but Jakobsen could be perfect if he 1. stays fit and 2. keeps his head.
  4. Haven't you been reading this forum? They're all garbage.
  5. We are at 16 not including Brattan, Sorenson or the scholarship players (as they sit outside the senior roster). I think Crowley is eligible for another NYL season but upgrading him would make sense if we need to get to the minimum 20.
  6. True. I wish he had stayed one more season and established himself as one of the better midfielders in the comp, which he could have done. Time will tell whether he has made the right call but he certainly has the goods to be a good European-level footballer. In any case CB is a good club so I hope he makes the most of it.
  7. Not a fan?
  8. Riley McGree to Club Brugge on a four-year deal. This kid is a serious player.
  9. Number Name Contract Goalkeepers 20 Dean Bouzanis 31/5/20 -- James Delianov (S) 31/5/19 18 Eugene Galekovic 31/5/19 Defenders 5 Ivan Franjic 31/5/18 6 Osama Malik 31/5/18 2 Manny Muscat 31/5/18 21 Ruon Tongyik 31/5/18 22 Michael Jakobsen (V) 31/5/18 -- Dylan Pieiras (S) 31/5/19 3 Scott Jamieson 31/5/21 25 Iacopo La Rocca 31/5/19 -- Connor Metcalfe (S) 31/5/18 Midfielders 14 Daniel Arzani 31/5/18 27 Fernando Brandan (V) 31/5/18 8 Neil Kilkenny 31/5/18 -- Denis Genreau (S) 31/5/20 -- Ramy Naajarine (S) 31/5/20 Forwards 23 Bruno Fornaroli (V, M) 31/5/19 12 Nick Fitzgerald 31/5/18 17 Tim Cahill 31/5/18 10 Anthony Caceres (L) 31/5/18 -- John Roberts (S) 31/5/19 V: Visa S: Scholarship M: Marquee L: Loan player
  10. The mechanics of the salary cap are interesting but it is nigh on impossible to work out the true state of a team's salary cap. We know that we spent more than $9 million last season, and we know some individual figures, but that's it. Moving $400k out of the cap probably allows for us to sign two average players. It's been reported that the average A-league player earns about $180k. Whether this includes marquees or youth players I'm not sure (so it could actually be more or less), but you're dead right in saying that we couldn't add 2-3 quality players. JW said that it restricts our ability to, which in some sense is correct, but even so, with the guest rules and other deductions there is no way of knowing whether it is a full $400k going straight into the cap. As BT said above, CFG will have done their homework and likely know the most effective way of fitting players in.
  11. Maybe wait until Sydney have actually signed one of them before claiming victory. Also, the discussion has always been about who we could sign. Sydney seem to have a better salary cap position and are playing in Asia, which makes it a bit easier for them. The last I read of that rule was mid-last year, where Davutovic reported that CFG had written to FFA asking for it to be repealed, but he never followed up on it unfortunately.
  12. Look I think predicting goal tallies is a lottery. There are players who couldn't score much in other leagues but scored plenty here (e.g. Berisha, Fornaroli, Keogh), then you have players that scored a lot in other leagues but struggled here (e.g. Mifsud and Noordstrand) and finally there are players who have good strike rates here and abroad (e.g. Bobo, Janko). I suppose there is another category of those who struggled abroad in respectable leagues and struggled here too (e.g. Sergi Guardiola). Supporters will always query new signings but it is so hard to predict.
  13. Oh absolutely. I wasn't suggesting that we keep him for this reason, just that from his end he has a reason to stay. He seemed a certainty to leave only a few months ago.
  14. Interesting, I remember him giving away plenty of fouls. He seems to have a bit of mongrel about him, which is exactly what we need down back. Rose, Tongyik and Franjic are all pretty passive blokes. With Jakobsen and Jamieson we have a tougher backline with a bit of aggression, which should count for something. He is an upgrade on Rose and can cross quite well. Couldn't be happier with this signing.