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  1. I think the fans needed that more than the players did. Plenty of people worrying that we’d be smashed and we end up comfortably beating them. I see that Berenguer is still copping his share. He was solid, as was Metcalfe. I liked Najjarine’s game and Noone was terrific. Maclaren could score 20 this season. Brillante was best on for me. This guy is a proper defensive midfielder and is now creating chances. Having a playmaker from deep gives us another avenue to goal and either forces our opponent to press us or stretches the defence as they sit off. Good teams have many avenues to goal and that’s what we’re developing. Defensively we were good. Bouzanis was excellent and the back 4 were very good.
  2. It’ll be Metcalfe or Berenguer in the midfield alongside Brillante and Luna. Or Luna plays out wide and Cabrera drops to the bench.
  3. My thoughts too. I remember we played a friendly against a Chinese team earlier this year and a few of us were annoyed that they didn’t promote it. At least they’re being upfront with these friendlies.
  4. Bouzanis should be doing better than that but did Delbridge really bounce the ball back from a simple pass? Looked like it. Better to happen now than next week I suppose.
  5. If we want to win the Cup, then we have to beat the best teams. No use relying on other teams to knock them out. We finally get to test ourselves against a good opponent on a proper pitch. Should be interesting.
  6. Because it’s a system of play with complex requirements of different individuals who together must create and adhere to the system. Noone has scored a few goals, including a wonder goal that happens once or twice in a player’s career, against semi-professional goalkeepers. The system, especially the high press, takes a bit of time to understand and execute properly. The attacking phases are clearly a work in progress. We controlled the first half and opened their defence up quite often, but the final balls and runs weren’t connecting. That’s a problem that training and experience fixes. Simply saying that we need five Craig Noones is reductive. Of course, quality goes a long way, but all five foreigners have quality. It’s combining them into a system which is difficult, and it’s what separates good coaches from the best.
  7. Five wins from five matches. Think we’re going well. Yes we have conceded goals and look rusty at times but these players are learning a style of play, some for the first time. We’ve also got almost a new XI from last year. I think people are expecting a bit too much. I’m confident we’ll be a force this season. A few kinks to iron out but some of the football has been beautiful and we can only improve.
  8. That midfield in the second half doesn’t work. Don’t think we can rely on that combination. Otherwise we were very good in the first half, we controlled the game with ease. I liked Berenguer’s performance but he can’t impact consistently. He drifts in and out and can look sublime in one sequence and ordinary the next. Luna was dangerous, so much skill but needs help from the players around him. Seems to be a level above. Noone looks like the best signing so far. He will be very hard to stop.
  9. Because Rudan plays three at the back. The general rule for squad building is roughly two players per position, so he needs six central defenders.
  10. Galloway could play on the left and Atkinson on the right. Atkinson looked very good against Bentleigh and Galloway can play both sides. But I think Jamieson has the spot at the moment.
  11. And don’t need one. Why block the path of Najjar, Wales, Najjarine and Iannucci? They’ve all got talent, they just need opportunities. The Jedinak signing is also unnecessary. Brillante is a very good player and we signed him specifically for that role.
  12. Worth mentioning that it’s on the My Football app by Telstra, which is free for most Telstra customers.
  13. True but would you prefer to call our home ground by its actual name? Melbourne Rectangular Stadium doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.
  14. Very winnable match. They’re currently 4th in the NSWNPL but a long way off the top teams.
  15. No doubt. They’ve been transparent regarding the squad which has been nice, but a little slack when it comes to some of the younger players and their contract situations. I was hoping to see some news in that space but the best we’ve got are those squad announcements. But they’re basically confirmation anyway.
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