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  1. I had one a couple of days ago, talk about Furphys and how they can expand to other states for an hour for $100. They usually wont let you do more than a few every 6 months though.
  2. Has anybody used a P2P loan lender before eg. MoneyPlace?
  3. Archival photos of Melbourne’s push for the 1956 Olympics
  4. My Samsung S6 battery is terrible after a couple of years barely lasts 4 hours. Is it worth getting a battery replacement, has anybody done this?
  5. We only started last season so had to start at the bottom. Played most of the prem teams in friendlies or cups and usually held our own. I'll keep an eye out for cup fixtures mate
  6. Div 1 mornings. Top of the league at the moment so hopefully will be joining you next year
  7. Think we played you in the pre season cup. Drew 1-1
  8. Which Vicsoccer league are you in?
  9. TTDIM: Selling a camera on Gumtree and being offered the choice of either a dirt bike or a quad bike
  10. TTIM: Cyclists that bring their bikes on public transport, especially during peak times TTIM: People that bring fried fast food on public transport and stink out the whole carriage of grease even after they've left
  12. Or missed and killed more civilians with all the weapons training they have... I love this idea that general members of the public will become expert gunmen in moments of crisis Also who decides out of the hundreds in the crowd who gets to take the heroic shot?
  13. TTIM: TTDIM:
  14. TTDIM: The Mike Nolan Show